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The Ton Trader Software is a piece of software that according to creator, Matthew Shaw, is capable of identifying simple Forex trades that will bag you £100 at a time. The service is currently being marketed by Streetwise Publications.

Introduction to The Ton Trader Software

It’s definitely been a hot minute since I last looked at something that pertains to Forex. There are a lot of reasons for this, but the long and short of it is that I just don’t really see it as being particularly accessible. Especially in terms of the money that is involved. If you aren’t trading £5 or £10 per pip, there just isn’t a lot of point. And of course, these kinds of stakes eat your money if your trading goes wrong.

Now, when I receive an email from John Harrison of Streetwise Publications, claiming to offer a new piece of software that provides you with a “signal to collect £100”, I thought to myself, that sounds like Forex. And interestingly, the numbers claimed aren’t really that outlandish. Something that you just don’t see in this sector of making a second income.

So, I was eager to see what exactly The Ton Trader Software was, and what it entailed. And according to the products creator, Matthew Shaw, it is a piece of cake. In fact, we are told that so long as you can stand making only £100 per trade, making money with this is all but a dead cert. Naturally, I was keen to see whether or not this has the potential to actually deliver on this, so let’s see if it does or not.  

What Does The Ton Trader Software Offer?

There is a fair old amount to process when it comes to The Ton Trader Software. With that said, and being entirely fair to Matthew Shaw, I do think that he has put together about as decent a package as you could expect from something of this ilk. With so much to cover, it is actually rather difficult to know where to begin. But I feel the best place is the concept behind the product.

Now I know that I’ve touched on this a little already, but actually, what Matthew Shaw claims to be putting out in The Ton Trader Software is a pretty interesting idea. As I have mentioned, this is a Forex trading product, and more specifically, it is a piece of software that is able to provide you with simple notifications about when to trade in order to lock in a profit.

Now, this is a product that is being marketed by Streetwise Publications, which of course means lots of strange ways of selling the service. For example, the sales material for The Ton Trader Software claims very confidently that if you can tell the difference between two different coloured squares, then you are able to take advantage of the software. Because apparently, it is that simple (a point that I will return to later).

All of this sounds incredibly impressive when you read through the sales material, but ultimately, what you are getting here is a set of signals. For those who aren’t familiar with this term, signals are something that Forex traders can use to tell you when to trade or when certain positions move in certain directions. This does make them ideal for use if somebody doesn’t know what they are doing trading on their own.

On top of all of this, it does mean that in theory, you don’t really have to spend your time pouring over charts. Because the pattern that The Ton Trader Software is built around supposedly follows such a strict cycle, the best options are conveniently available in the early morning, late lunch (around 2pm) and in the evening up until midnight.

With that out of the way, I want to talk about the software that comes with The Ton Trader Software. We are told by Matthew Shaw that this has all been created by a programming whizz named Tom. Supposedly, he has “worked for some big companies in his time so he wasn’t cheap”. This undoubtedly sounds impressive from a marketing perspective. But the reality (from what I’ve seen) is that this is just a functional piece of software.

That isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I have seen pieces of software that aren’t just Forex based, that like to look impressive. If they don’t work though, what is the point in spending your time on it? At least The Ton Trader Software fundamentally does what is claimed. On top of this, using the software does seem to be a relatively straight forward affair. So that is another relatively positive thing.

As well as the software, there is a comprehensive support system which is backed up by Matthew Shaw himself. This includes an initial email which talks you through a few things. You also get links to the actual The Ton Trader Software, a guide showing you what you need to do, as well as a video in which Matthew Shaw himself shows you him loading up the software, step by step.

A few days later, you can expect to receive an email inviting you to a live webinar. In this, Matthew Shaw says that he will talk “through the basics” as well as loading up the software and showing you “where the £100s are lurking”.

And finally, you also get a private email address for Matthew Shaw. This means that if you have any problems with The Ton Trader Software and need assistance, you can get advice from the man behind the service. To be completely fair, this is a welcome addition and does score some points for the overall package.

How Does The Ton Trader Software Work?

In terms of specifics, it is perhaps not surprising that Matthew Shaw doesn’t go into detail. The reasoning for why this is however, seems to be a very interesting one. You see, by all accounts, he doesn’t really seem to know exactly how The Ton Trader Software works either. Not so much the software, so much as why the trades supposedly follow this consistent pattern.

The whole thing was ultimately born out of Matthew Shaw wanting to automate elements of his primary trading. And as a result of his programmer (the aforementioned Tom) running all currencies through “the system” instead of just the currency pairs that were usually traded, this claimed pattern began to emerge.

Now, you really have to keep in mind here that Matthew Shaw says about the currency pairs that first highlighted the profit potential to him. He says “You see there were 2 currency pairs that were doing something very unusual indeed. These were currencies I’d never traded in my life. In fact I don’t know anyone that trades them.”

And so, you have a product in the form of The Ton Trader Software whereby these currency pairs are supposedly following this same pattern of gaining and falling. So much so that we are all but guaranteed that you can make money (the sales material makes reference to December being the only “quiet month”).

What is the Initial Investment?

If you want to sign up to The Ton Trader Software, there is just one option that is available and honestly, it is one that stings a little in my opinion. Matthew Shaw and Streetwise Publications are offering an upfront one time cost of £197 which is inclusive of VAT. Well, I say a one time cost. This actually buys you access to the software for a year.  

In theory, that works out relatively inexpensive. In fact, if you break it down, you are paying a shade under £16.50 per month for access to The Ton Trader Software. However, I feel like it’s pretty hard to ignore that initial outlay.

It is however worth keeping in mind that Matthew Shaw and Streetwise Publications do offer a full 30 day money back guarantee on the software. They say that “even if you don’t like the font [Matthew Shaw] used”, you can claim a full refund.

What is the Rate of Return?

Now we come to the part of The Ton Trader Software that actually stood out the most to me, because the claimed income potential is a little bit all over the pace and is actually very interesting. So, first and foremost, I want to talk about the £100 figure that I have mentioned before now. Ultimately, this is what Matthew Shaw claims you can make here.

This is based off the fact that the currency pairs used will move 100 pips at a time, and the advice that you will be trading at £1 per pip. So far, so good. This is all very straight forward, manageable, and I kind of wish I could end it there.

However, as always seems to be the case when it comes to products involving Streetwise Publications, there is an implication that you can make so much more than this. First of all, Matthew Shaw talks about how you could easily scale these numbers up claiming a profit of £32,000 for the year if you are staking £5 per pip (a number which is based on the claim that The Ton Trader Software is up £6,400 using £1 pips for the year).

We are also told that you can make “an extra £200 or £300 or £500 per week”. And rather interestingly to me, there is a somewhat throwaway line about how the 100 pip movements can be “up to 200, 400, 500 pips”. Again, whilst we are told multiple times that it isn’t recommended to aim for these numbers, the fact that they are mentioned is clearly to plant a seed in my opinion that there is even more money to be made from this.  

Conclusion for The Ton Trader Software

Whenever it comes to anything from Streetwise Publications, I can’t help but find myself questioning their claims. The marketing approach that is taken is undeniably very good. If you didn’t know any better, I can see why you would be quite keen to sign up to The Ton Trader Software. As Matthew Shaw himself says, all that he is asking for is your first 2 £100 wins. Doesn’t sound like a lot to ask, right?

Now here’s the thing. All of this is ultimately dependent on whether or not you are actually able to get those £100 successful trades on a regular basis. Matthew Shaw claims that he has made £6,400 so far this year. Which means that at the time of writing, there have supposedly been 64 successful claims.

For my money, it is important to factor in a few things here. First of all, this is likely a best case scenario. And frankly, there are no real guarantees that these kinds of results can necessarily be replicated moving forward. Especially when you consider the fact that Matthew Shaw doesn’t ever really provide any evidence as to how these have been spread etc.

In and of itself, this may not necessarily be a dealbreaker. After all, when dealing with something like Forex, there are simply no guarantees. With that said though, it remains concerning to me that Matthew Shaw doesn’t present any insight into why the currency pairs move the way that they do.

Combining that with my previous point, what I see is a position whereby there are just no real guarantees. The fact of the matter is that you could well sign up for this, only to find that this unexplained pattern was simply a coincidence. Don’t forget that Matthew Shaw also says that The Ton Trader Software has had one quiet month which happens to be this one. This could be nothing, but it could also be an indicator of future performance.

Here’s the thing. I am ultimately not necessarily averse to The Ton Trader Software. Forex trading products which have a simple approach that anybody can follow are great. So long as they actually work. In this case, I don’t believe that there is adequate demonstration that this is the case.

There simply isn’t any evidence to back the claims up, or information that allows you to make an informed decision. And that is very off putting for me. Combine this with the fact that honestly, The Ton Trader Software isn’t even cheap, and I can’t help but feel like you are being asked to pay quite a lot of money for something so unproven.

With that in mind, I don’t think that I would necessarily recommend The Ton Trader Software. I just have a number of concerns that I don’t think are at all unreasonable. And these aren’t exactly covered by Matthew Shaw. In fact, if anything, the issues that I have are rather flippantly glossed over, and that is problematic in my opinion.

I have said many times now that as a consumer, you should be in a position to make an informed purchase. Honestly, I would challenge anybody to look at what Matthew Shaw and Streetwise Publications are offering and say that you can make that informed decision. And that to me just doesn’t warrant spending £200 on something that even the creator can’t tell you how it works.  


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