The Treble King Review

The Treble King is a newly launched sports betting tipster service which is entirely based around football. Selections come courtesy of an unnamed tipster.

Introduction to The Treble King

There is little that is better than a service which has everything it offers right there in the title. The Treble King provides treble bets and supposedly, the tipster behind the service is the king of them. Job done! In fact, the headline for the service claims that The Treble King is “Smashing Trebles Daily”. Brilliant, sit back and start claiming an income through sports betting, right?

The sales material also claims that you can build your balance “steadily and regularly”, something which I am always sceptical about when it comes to a service which is based around accumulators. In my experience, steady and regular are not adjectives that apply. This makes the claim that following The Treble King means that you “never need to worry about where your next win is coming from”. This is however all rather interesting and I am always keen to find new services. With this in mind, let’s take a look at The Treble King and see if it can realistically deliver.

What Does The Treble King Offer?

There is a rather interesting structure to The Treble King which puts in the position where logistically, it doesn’t have a lot in common with most services. At the core of the service are daily bets. These are referred to as Daily “Double you Money” Trebles. These appear to be made up of entirely straight forward bets which for my money, do little to highlight the supposed method behind The Treble King (something I will get to later).

These can be seen as the bread and butter o the service. On top of this, there are also weekly “Higher Odds” trebles as well as trebles in various goal markets.

One way in which The Treble King does function as you would expect is in terms of actual operation. Selections are issued to subscribers directly via email. There isn’t a lot of information provided in these emails which is massively disappointing. Don’t misconstrue me, there is enough information to get your bets placed and whatnot, however compared to some services I have looked at, this is one area where The Treble King feels a little bare bones.

In terms of the staking plan, there aren’t really any specifics provided. This doesn’t mean that The Treble King don’t provide some (what I will loosely call) inspiration. They say that by staking cleverly “you can build your balance in an assured way” and that once you are familiar with the service, you can start raising your stakes. There is a strong connotation as well that you should be staking £25 per bet based off a number of comments but this isn’t anything that I have ever seen committed to.

One of the main selling points for The Treble King is the strike rate. This is claimed to be 83% which for any accumulator based service is exceptional. It is much more in line with what I would expect from a lay betting service.

One of the key problems that I have with these claims is that they are not just hard to believe, but there isn’t any real evidence to back this claim up aside from a few, apparently select, screenshots. There certainly isn’t any proofing provided for The Treble King and without this, and also factoring in the nature of the service, I can’t help but be cynical.

How Does The Treble King Work?

According to the sales material for The Treble King, they are able to identify selections based off “detailed statistical analysis over 2 models”. This sounds great and I would be inclined to say that if I weren’t as sceptical and tenacious I would be quite happy with this. Unfortunately, we are never really told what this means.

Despite this, the sales material for The Treble King does continue  saying that they analyse “over 140 games each week, looking at over 700 games of past history”. Also factored in are things like form, trends and more. This does provide a better insight into the service and for my money, paints a much better picture of the inner workings.

What is the Initial Investment?

There are two options if you want to sign up to The Treble King. The first of these is a £5 (plus VAT) per month recurring subscription cost. Alternatively, you can pay a one time £49.95 (plus VAT) in order to receive selections for the full year. Whichever option you choose, there is a full 60 day money back guarantee in place as The Treble King is sold through Clickbank.

What is the Rate of Return?

In terms of the income potential for The Treble King, there is only one solid claim which is that the ROI stands at “over 70%”. There aren’t any points based claims however. Whilst the few bets that are prominently displayed show frequent profit of between 1 and 2 points, without wider context it is rather difficult to know how much weight to put behind these. Personally, I think that if you are going to buy into The Treble King, it should be with very tempered expectations in terms of results.

Conclusion on The Treble King

More than anything else, I can see one reason to buy into The Treble King as a service, however what works well for it also ends up counting against it somewhat too. Put bluntly, the tips that I have seen are mostly pretty straight forward. There are some exceptions in some lower and more obscure leagues, but these do not make up the majority of bets.

Where this becomes important is that honestly, I can see The Treble King winning often. I still consider 83% to be a bit of a stretch without any proofing, but it does have the potential to be one of the more consistent accumulator based services I have looked at.

I was also rather surprised to discover that The Treble King hasn’t been put out through the usual channels which makes me believe that this may actually be genuine. Of course there are no guarantees when it comes to Clickbank, however this is the first product that the vendor has offered.

This bodes well in my book. Combine this with a very low sale price and I believe that it is fair to say that there represents a lot of potential here.

It is not very often that I will consider recommending a service on price alone, but a fiver a month is peanuts. With this in mind, I am going to say that whilst The Treble King probably constitutes something of a risk as an investment, the costs involved do keep his to a minimum. I have used the word before and I will use it again.

I can see some potential here. Giving The Treble King the benefit of the doubt, this appears to be a new service and whilst I don’t see it working for any large scale bettors if I am honest, those who are looking for a cheap entry into football betting could probably do worse.


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From: Simon Roberts