The Twitter Tipper Review

The Twitter Tipper is a free horse racing tipster service offered by Gary Priestly. It specialises in offering tips on long priced horses.

What does the product offer?

The Twitter Tipper is (as is suggested by the name) a tipster service that makes use of Twitter. The creator of The Twitter Tipper, Gary Priestly puts a focus on long priced horses with most of his tips appearing to be 10/1 or above. Tips are sent out on the day on Twitter with the main website offering information on why a selection was made. Gary Priestly has been providing tips online for 4 years.

How does the product work?

Selections for The Twitter Tipper are made based off statistical and form analysis. Gary Priestly appears to also draw heavily on his own experience which started from a young age working in and owning bookies for a lot of his life. Although there is no strike rate because of the long odds involved it seems reasonable to say that wins will not be required often.

What is the initial investment?

The Twitter Tipper is a free to use service although Gary Priestly does ask for donations on his website.

What is the rate of return?

Since its inception a year ago The Twitter Tipper has managed to turn a profit of 586.28 points profit. Using £10 stakes this would mean profits of £5862.80.


The Twitter Tipper is not a perfect service. What it does do though is provides a very accessible tipster service that also has the advantage that because it users outsiders, makes this a service that is fun for casual punters whilst helping them make a profit. Gary Priestly seems to know his stuff and this is backed up by the nature of his tipping service, the fact is that you couldn’t offer tips on high odds runners without understanding horse racing.

This is a service that clearly is not for anybody but for those who are interested there is nothing to lose in signing up, nor continuing the service which makes it well worth a look in my book.



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From: Simon Roberts