The Ultimate Loophole Review

The Ultimate Loophole is allegedly a brand new betting system that comes courtesy of Streetwise Publications. The author of the service, Nick Bailey claims that his system is an entirely risk free affair.

What does the product offer?

According to the sales material for The Ultimate Loophole from Streetwise Publications, Nick Bailey (seemingly known as the “Betting Professor”) has devised a betting strategy that means that he never loses bets. This is a huge claim and as such you would expect The Ultimate Loophole to have plenty in place to back this up however, as this is a Streetwise Publications product you can expect to be left sorely disappointed.

Allegedly, by using The Ultimate Loophole you are only ever going to win or at the very worst, break even. This is all handled by exploiting a claimed loophole that the bookies own rules stop them from closing.

Again, all of this sounds very interesting however there is little evidence to back any of this up as I shall explore below.

How does the product work?

The exact methods that The Ultimate Loophole uses aren’t something that are covered on the sales page however Nick Bailey makes plenty of inferences about what is actually involved.

Allegedly using The Ultimate Loophole requires you to simply follow a basic mathematical formula. Interestingly the copy from Streetwise Publications then goes on to talk about how The Ultimate Loophole wins because sometimes bookmakers price things incorrectly because they’re “tied up knots in their own web of rules and regulations”.

What all of this suggests to me is an arbitrage type situation as it is also worth noting that in order to use The Ultimate Loophole, Nick Bailey says that you have to have an internet connection. This also fits the “can’t lose” set up as well as the low numbers of opportunities.

What is the initial investment?

The pricing for The Ultimate Loophole is very far from cheap with Streetwise Publications charging an eye watering £297 for the system. This is somehow being advertised as a bargain.

There is a 60 day money back guarantee in place of sorts however you have to demonstrate that you have tried The Ultimate Loophole for this period and have made a loss in order to get it.

What is the rate of return?

Surprisingly there is very little information on how much money The Ultimate Loophole can earn you. Nick Bailey spends a lot of time talking about £600-£850 per week but there is no information on the staking needed for this, nor is there really any evidence to back the claim up.


There is an awful lot left to the imagination with The Ultimate Loophole and given the claims that are made, this simply isn’t good enough.

There may well be a nugget of truth buried in there somewhere but in my experience with Streetwise Publications the best thing about them is the copy writing.

As it stands, asking somebody to spend £297 on a supposed miracle system that comes with nothing to substantiate its claims simply doesn’t present a good business opportunity in my book.


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Thanks for that. As usual we get a lot of unconfirmed claims from streetwise.

I have purchased this Its total rubbish

bookies don’t let people bet with them for long if they are beating sp. if it is arbitrage it will work for a while, till you have had all your bookies accounts closed, or limited to peanuts.

Why are these C*n men allowed to keep conning people for so many years.

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