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The Video Induction System Review

The Video Induction System is a guide created by Joey Xoto to making and using marketing videos in online sales pages etc.

What does the product offer?

The Video Induction System provides users with a rather comprehensive tutorial that is spread over 24 videos. Each video teaches you a different aspect of using videos for marketing including tips that Joey Xoto says he has taken advantage of whilst working as a video creator for others. The Video Induction System is split into two different modules, the first is built around the four pillars of a profitable business whilst the second module covers the technical side of things. As well as the core product, The Video Induction System comes with a number of various bonuses that will help you to get the most out of The Video Induction System.

How does the product work?

Joey Xoto says that he has made videos for other online marketers for a considerable amount of time, a service that would allegedly cost $3,000 per video. The Video Induction System is allegedly an attempt by Joey Xoto to bring his expertise to everybody in an affordable package. This suggests that the majority of the content in The Video Induction System is based on his experiences

What is the initial investment?

The Video Induction System is being sold by Joey Xoto at a discounted rate of $47, a saving on the claimed usual rate of $97. There is also a vendor backed 30 day money back guarantee.

What is the rate of return?

There are a number of references to how implementing what The Video Induction System teaches you can improve your profits but there is only one real figure provided. This is in Joey Xoto’s claim that you will see a conversion increase of 30% by using a video.


If you have never tried using video marketing but are considering it, The Video Induction System is a must have. Even if you are currently using video marketing I can’t help but feel that there may still be something in The Video Induction System. This is a comprehensive course and the inclusion of a number of free resources only helps to increase the value. Whilst I am not sold on the 30% increase in conversion, this isn’t enough to negate the general sense of quality you get with The Video Induction System.



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