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The Video Induction System Review

The Video Induction System is a training course on how to make and implement videos into your online marketing. The system is created by Joey Xoto.

What does the product offer?

The Video Induction System comes over 24 training videos that are designed to teach you about different aspects of video marketing. These include additional tips that creator Joey Xoto says that he has picked up in his time making videos for others. The first part of The Video Induction System covers the marketing aspect of videos and covers things such as “The Four Pillars of a Profitable Video” and scripting your new video. The second part of the course covers the technical aspects and how to go about actually making your video. There are also a few bonus products that tie into the main part of The Video Induction System.

How does the product work?

Joey Xoto claims to have been making videos for online marketers for some time and that The Video Induction System reflects his desire to introduce a way to make this affordable (as he allegedly usually charges $3,000 per video). This suggests that The Video Induction System will draw greatly on Joey Xoto’s previous experience in this field.

What is the initial investment?

The Video Induction System is available for $47 at the time of writing. This represents a $50 reduction on the usual rate of $97. There is a 30 day money back guarantee in place but this is provided directly by the vendor.

What is the rate of return?

Joey Xoto makes numerous claims about how The Video Induction System can increase your profits but the ost important figure in all of this is that you can expect to see a 30% increase in conversion and therefore revenue.


The Video Induction System looks to be a pretty solid product by all accounts. If you don’t currently use video marketing and have no knowledge of the subject there are much worse places that you can start. Joey Xoto shows you free resources for making your video so there are no additional costs which is very welcome.

The figures are perhaps a little exaggerated but that is to be expected. All things considered I think that you could do a lot worse than The Video Induction System if you are new to video marketing.



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