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The Wealth Report is a product from Charles Brayford that has previously operated under the name “The One Percent Newsletter”. It is marketed through Streetwise Publications.

What does the product offer?

Despite a rather fanciful sounding name, The Wealth Report is a simple newsletter operated through Streetwise Publications. It highlights for users potential trades and investment opportunities that have been researched by the The Wealth Report team that allegedly have the ability to produce some seemingly rather significant profits.

The main selling point of The Wealth Report is that as interest rates are so low, those investors who have liquid assets or access to funds should be looking to invest in order make their cash work for them.

After going on to disparage professional traders by citing 2 examples where they were out performed by random selections as well as brick and mortar investments, Charles Brayford turns his talk to The Wealth Report with fantastical claims of making significant gains in very little time.

As well as the newsletter, The Wealth Report also has frequent meetings in London for all its followers.

How does the product work?

The key selling point behind The Wealth Report is that Charles Brayford and his colleagues are involved in “insider trading…but legal”.

These are an eclectic mix of products, services and other “things which are tangible”. This includes things like funding a West End theatrical production, books and even a music festival.

Most of these opportunities allegedly come about through contacts that the people behind The Wealth Report have in place. As well as introducing you to different investment opportunities,

The Wealth Report also shows you what you should look for in order to become a savvy investor in your own rights as well as showing you how to trade on the financial markets if you so desire.

What is the initial investment?

Streetwise Publications are selling The Wealth Report for a “reduced” rate of £37.50 per quarter as opposed to the “usual” value of £500 per year. There is also a money back guarantee in place with Charles Brayford saying that if after receiving your first issue you don’t believe that The Wealth Report is for you, you can claim a refund.

What is the rate of return?

This will ultimately depend on which investments you choose to back but the headline for The Wealth Report claims returns of between 12% and 37% “without breaking a sweat or risking a penny”.


The Wealth Report is an interesting proposition and it is something that would be remiss to dismiss it out of hand.

The biggest problem that I can see with The Wealth Report however is that whilst the investment opportunities are undeniably interesting however they are rather limited and something that isn’t going to appeal to everybody.

In terms of the more technical side of things that show you what to look for in trades and investments, it is decent enough however I wouldn’t go as far as to say it is anything new or special. Realistically, if you have money to play with then The Wealth Report will open up some doors for you but these are investments with very restricted terms and outcomes because of their nature.

That having been said, if you have the money to invest, £37.50 isn’t a lot to get these opportunities landing on your doorstep.


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From: Simon Roberts