The Weekender Special Review Betfan

The Weekender Special is a combination sports betting and horse racing tipster service from Betfan that specialises in weekend bets only.

What does the product offer?

The Weekender Special is a reasonably long standing tipster service from Betfan that offers weekend only tips to its subscribers with selections uploaded to a special members area each weekend. The number of sports covered and the types of bets that The Weekender Special will recommend are massively varied but are predominantly based around horse racing and football with a minimum of 8 bets per week. Bets are win and each way on horse racing with Betfan recommending a much wider variety of football bets with both sports having their fair share of accumulator bets as well.

It is also worth noting that The Weekender Special will occasionally advise of lay bets so if you wish to take full advantage of all the selections then an account with a betting exchange will be required. The Weekender Specials staking follows a simple level staking plan with 1 point per bet (split in the event of an each way bet). Unfortunately there is no published strike rate for the service however a quick peruse through the proofing shows wins around 40% of the time at a rough estimate.

How does the product work?

The selection process is something that unfortunately, Betfan do not discuss which is rather disappointing. They do however say that “The Weekender Special has to be the most exciting horse racing & sports betting syndicate on the internet”. Whilst this use of the word syndicate could simply be a marketing ploy, this does however suggest that there is perhaps more than one tipster at the helm of The Weekender Special.

What is the initial investment?

Subscription to The Weekender Special is only available on a monthly basis however for this, the cost is just £25 per month which is a significant reduction on most Betfan products. In terms of a money back guarantee, there isn’t really anything in place as such with Betfan stating that they do not typically offer refunds however they will review any requests.

What is the rate of return?

Since starting in later 2012, The Weekender Special has grown relatively consistently with just 6 losing months in nearly 3 years. The current profit stands at 268.34 points since day one with The Weekender Special making around 50 points so far this year.


The Weekender Special is clearly not a service that will appeal to everybody due to the restricted nature of it however I also don’t feel that it is something that should be dismissed. The fact is that The Weekender Special is clearly aimed at the more casual punter who doesn’t want to be burdened down betting every day, but still wants to have an edge on the weekend for “spends”, and it is this that I think that The Weekender Special really nails down. The service is consistently profitable and is inexpensive making it even more attractive to this market.

All things considered, The Weekender Special is one of the more appealing tipster services I have looked at under the Betfan umbrella and it is certainly worth a look.

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From: Simon Roberts