The Win Multiplier Review

The Win Multiplier is an apparently new horse racing betting system which is supposedly operated by a gent referred to simply as “Ryan M”. It is supposed able to turn relatively small stakes into substantial profits.

What does the product offer?

I am generally more than happy to sift through anything if it means getting to the guts of what a product entails. Sometimes this is harder than others though. This may be the case for a number of reasons. Some tipsters refuse to give away information on their process. Some publishers love pulling out big numbers and selling you a narrative with no evidence. Sometimes though, you come across something which almost seems to muddy the waters on purpose. The Win Multiplier is a pretty good example of this in action.

There is no denying that the headlines (of which there are many) are pretty clear cut. I also believe that they are quite ridiculous and come with nothing to really back them up. None the less, it is here that I want to start. Specifically, with the following statement from Ryan M “Pull in over £600.00 every six day’s [sic] by simply copying my personal bet slip”. I can’t speak for everybody but this suggests that Ryan M will be sending you his bets each day, much as you would expect from a tipster (in fact, this is what I came into The Win Multiplier expecting). As I will explore, you would be wrong.

So what do you actually get when you purchase The Win Multiplier then?

Ryan M claims that you are getting one of just “2 or 3 betting “systems” that actually do what they say on the tin”. What this means for you as a purchase is that you are actually getting a self selection betting system. For those who aren’t familiar, these will tell you the section process that supposedly top bettors utilise in order to make their betting profits. I am however not generally a fan of betting systems, especially those that come from nowhere like The Win Multiplier.

In terms of what you are getting with The Win Multiplier, there are a number of different components that ultimately make up the system. The first of these is a staking plan. This goes into some detail although there appears to be some overlap with the main product itself which rather unfortunately does produce some conflicting opinions. There is also a summary of what The Win Multiplier entails. This is rather brief however and seems like a questionable addition.

The core of The Win Multiplier is a rather lengthy document however I find it to be questionable whether or not this is a good thing or not. In no small part, this is due to the fact that there is a lot of padding and arguably unnecessary information. On the plus side, this does mean that what initially appears to be a very intimidating document is much easier digested, especially on your second read through.

Finally, I want to talk a little bit about the claims that are made surrounding The Win Multiplier. There is no real strike rate for the service and the fact of the matter is that because the system is ultimately self selection. What this means is that different people will encounter slightly different results. This in and of itself is standard for a betting system however and I am not concerned. What I do find to be massively off putting however is the claims in the sales material that using The Win Multiplier makes it “almost mathematically impossible to lose”. This is an impossible statement in and of itself and bluntly, it doesn’t sit well with me. Nor does the one reference to a win rate of 94%.

How does The Win Multiplier work?

There is a lot of information to cover on the betting system included with The Win Multiplier however I also feel that I have to qualify this by saying that I will not be giving out the precise details of what the service entails here. Whether or not it is good or bad, it is not my place to give away another mans secrets. I will mostly be talking rather vaguely and referring back to material that is available freely (read the marketing materials) in order to explore things.

First of all, there is the story of how Ryan M ended up with the system behind The Win Multiplier. Supposedly he worked on software for some of the top bettors in the world. They helped him to develop The Win Multiplier following a lawsuit with a “scammy” tipster and apparently we are where we are now. What is interesting is that the two bettors who are supposedly involved with The Win Multiplier (Griff Salmond and Jeff Daniels) are apparently entirely none existent online.

With that out of the way, I want to talk about the service itself. Put bluntly, The Win Multiplier is not very good. The system is actually somewhat crude and will be fundamentally familiar to anybody who has taken a form based approach to betting before now. The selection process itself is very basic and honestly, seems to be somewhat outdated with various references doing a good job of dating the manual.

What is the initial investment?

You could probably be forgiven for thinking that The Win Multiplier is going to be available or a relatively low price. In actuality, The Win Multiplier is currently being advertised at the rather eyewatering cost of £46.80 when you factor in VAT (£39 without it). One thing that is interesting to note is that it is sold on the back of having a 60 day free trial. This isn’t strictly speaking correct however. The Win Multiplier is actually sold through Clickbank which means that there is a 60 day money back guarantee in place, a very different beast in my book.

What is the rate of return?

The amounts of money that you can supposedly earn with The Win Multiplier are all over the place. The lowest example that I could find cited was a claim from Ryan M that you can turn £10 into £69 in a day. The highest figures place The Win Multiplier much close to making a thousand pounds per day, presumably with the same starting stake. Ryan M even claims that one of the pro bettors who supposedly helped hum with the system behind The Win Multiplier has become a millionaire within a year. None of these claims are backed up however outside of some questionable screenshots.

Conclusion on The Win Multiplier

It has been a long time since I have looked at a betting system in the same vein as The Win Multiplier. I am somewhat disappointed and yet not surprised to find that not a lot has changed. The problem with betting systems as a purchase online is that the onus for performance is very easily shifted onto the purchaser. It isn’t that the system is wrong, you’re just not using it properly. This can become frustrating but I have known of some very unscrupulous internet marketers who have used this angle unrelentingly. By the same token, some of the best products I have ever looked at have been betting systems. Ultimately, that is a question of taste.

Coming back to The Win Multiplier again though, I want to return to the fact that the service appears outdated. Some digging around has revealed that this isn’t strictly the first iteration of the product. In fact, looking at some of the evidence it would appear that The Win Multiplier isn’t even the second iteration which is definitely a problem. This is somewhat backed up when you start to look into the back end of things as well.

I mentioned at the start of this that The Win Multiplier appears to try and obfuscate information (although I believe muddy the waters was what I actually said). I stand by this. There is a lot of conflicting information throughout the product and this is definitely a problem. The fact of the matter is this. Ryan M is selling The Win Multiplier as a one stop betting system and the end result is nothing like this. Those who are new to betting and are looking for an entry are only likely to end up confused and most importantly, losing money. This isn’t really good enough.

On top of this, I believe that The Win Multiplier is actually very expensive for what it does. £40 is not the most expensive of products on the market. It is also by no means an inconsequential amount of money. This means that it is almost impossible to look at The Win Multiplier and see any value for money, even with the money back guarantee in place.

With all of this in mind, I don’t really believe that I can recommend The Win Multiplier. Whilst there could possibly be some value to newbies if it were cheap enough and clearer (the guide is far from advanced), in its current format it just doesn’t work. In part this is because this doesn’t seem to be the most modern thing on the market, but more importantly is the lack of clarity. It feels like somebody trying to justify the high cost of their product by providing more “book” for your money, but when this contains no real information it simply isn’t worth your time.


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Hi Guys, re win multiplayer I joined in April this year and it cost me a lot more than £ 40, I have tried to contact Ryan marshal many times with no reply, the last bet I received was 20th August and I have not received any more I’m still trying to contact him but I don’t think he will never mind conned again.

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