The Winners List Daily Pro Tip Review

The Winners List Daily Pro Tip is the newest release from within the Betfan group of tipsters. It is a very straight forward horse racing tipster service which is being offered under the Bet Kudos branding.

What does the product offer?

The Betfan group have put out a lot of different tipster services in the time I have been doing this. More than I care to count is definitely a phrase that comes to mind. Despite this numbers game, there are very few services that I have looked at which I would categorise as exciting. Sure, there is always plenty of talk of 6 figure incomes and hundreds of points in just a few months, but a large number of these services almost inevitably end up being discreetly removed 18 months later for failing.

It is important to create this context for The Winners List Daily Pro Tip because I can genuinely say that I am quite excited by the potential that The Winners List Daily Pro Tip has. This has nothing to do with the marketing which refers to me as a “Frustrated Racing Fan” or the claim that it’s “[my] chance to be backing the hottest bet of the day!”.

The reason that I am interested in The Winners List Daily Pro Tip is put simply down to the fact that the results that I have seen show a well managed tipster service which has a lot of potential to make a consistent income. With this in mind, let’s get down to business.

The premise behind The Winners List Daily Pro Tip is a very straight forward one.

Every day you will receive a tip for a horse race somewhere in the UK or Ireland. This is sent out via email as well as being uploaded to a member’s area of the Bet Kudos website. You place your bet, you win or lose and you move on to the next day.

This isn’t revolutionary by any stretch of the imagination, but it is a long way removed from some of the services I have looked at which involved 10 plus bets per day.

In terms of the bets, the majority of what you receive from The Winners List Daily Pro Tip will be straight forward win bets.

There are however the occasional each way bet as well. This is all down to the disparity between odds. In the main, The Winners List Daily Pro Tip focuses on shorter odds (although also a far cry from favourites) however there are occasionally big bets. These often go into double figures in terms of the odds and so are backed each way.

Keeping with the straight forward approach, the staking plan for The Winners List Daily Pro Tip is a simple level stakes affair. It is recommended that each bet is backed to 1 point stakes (half a point each way).

This is a far cry from the usual Betfan staking plan which often involves betting 5 points on each bet.

Finally, I want to talk about the strike rate. For me, this is by far and away one of the most exciting elements of The Winners List Daily Pro Tip. Since proofing began with Bet Kudos, the strike rate has been maintained at a massively impressive 48.41% average. Given that this is over an almost 7 month period, it indicates to me that this kind of result can be carried forward in the future.

How does The Winners List Daily Pro Tip work?

If there is one area where The Winners List Daily Pro Tip does fall flat for me it is in terms of information on how the service works. We are told that the service is operated by an experienced racing fan. We are also told that he has bene working with a “network of other racing professionals” to create the “ULTIMATE wining strategy”. This is all well and good on paper however I do have one huge problem with it.

The fact of the matter is this. Bet Kudos don’t actually say anything about what the selection process entails. If I have said it once, I have said it a hundred times. I do believe that you should be privy to some information on what the selection process entails. Even if it is just a brief explanation.

Unfortunately, even something this brief is a huge omission in my opinion and it does count a little against The Winners List Daily Pro Tip.

What is the initial investment?

If there is one area that I do feel that Betfan often over extend on their products it is in terms of pricing. With The Winners List Daily Pro Tip, the team are offering a monthly (which it is important to highlight is actually every 28 days), quarterly and six monthly option. These are priced at £45, £85 and £99 respectively.

Obviously the best value t be had is in the 6 month subscription however this valuation does rather cast doubt on the pricing of the shorter subscriptions (I will get to this in detail later).

On top of all this, it is important to keep in mind that as with all products from the wider Betfan group, The Winners List Daily Pro Tip comes with no real money back guarantee. The Betfan team say that they do not typically offer refunds on their products however they also say that they will review requests

What is the rate of return?

Proofing for The Winners List Daily Pro Tip began in August 2017. Since then it has produced an overall points profit of 85.54 points. Now I am the first to admit that this doesn’t sound like a massively impressive figure in and of itself, however it is important to create some context. So far, a month has yet to end without generating some profit.

Truthfully though, the points profit isn’t what does justice with The Winners List Daily Pro Tip, rather the ROI.

The return on investment currently stands at 53.29% which is a fantastic result. This means that had you bet £10 on 150 bets over this time (which is actually slightly below the actual number of bets you would have placed), you would have made a profit of just shy of £800. This is a very respectable number in my book.

Conclusion on The Winners List Daily Pro Tip?

My opinions when it comes to the Betfan group are probably best described as mixed, and I am generally less than impressed by the bravado they show in their marketing.

It is probably because of this that The Winners List Daily Pro Tip speaks to me on so many levels. It is an almost muted service. Sure, Bet Kudos could have used 5 point stakes and claimed 427.7 points profit, but this ignores what appears to be the point of The Winners List Daily Pro Tip.

There aren’t many services that spring to mind that I believe have genuine long term capability however The Winners List Daily Pro Tip is one of them. Everything about it seems to be wrapped in sensibility (some may call it conservatism, but I like to look for long term profitability in my investments) and this is a massive positive in my opinion.

Of course there are a few things that I find to be rather irksome about The Winners List Daily Pro Tip. The lack of information about the selection process is a definite negative, as is the pricing. It is the latter that I really want to focus on though here.

What is apparent to me is that Bet Kudos actively want to push the 6 month option. They even mention in their marketing that “The crazy 6 month deal may change at anytime so act fast”. My issue however stems from the fact that if Bet Kudos can effectively charge £16.50 per month, they could easily bring the monthly costs more in line with this.

I also feel that in the name of fairness, I should address the profit potential of The Winners List Daily Pro Tip. The ROI on the service is phenomenal to date however the points profit is a little less so. What this means is that if you really want to make The Winners List Daily Pro Tip pay for you, you do have to invest a fair amount of capital.

Using the example that I discussed earlier, some people would be happy with £800 over 7 months. Others would look at this and say that it isn’t worth the effort.

It is a cop out to say that whether or not a service is ultimately for you is subjective however that is about all that I can conclude for The Winners List Daily Pro Tip.

There is a lot here that I like and I have been quite open about this. I also genuinely believe that if you are looking for a consistent and long term profit, then this is a good way to go. It is however only realistically suited if you are looking for a second income. Even this is tied to being able to get the 6 monthly deal though.

With all of this in mind, I am going to say that if you can afford to bet reasonable stakes and you can get the better offering, then The Winners List Daily Pro Tip is seriously worth considering. It isn’t going to make you rich by any stretch of the imagination, but from everything that I have seen to date, it will do a fine job of providing you with a little bit of extra money each month.

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