The Winning Tipsters Review

The Winning Tipsters is an email based independent horse racing tipster service offered by tipsters Gavin and Ben. They claim that the service has proven very profitable since its launch.

What does the product offer?

The Winning Tipsters is a horse racing tipster service offered by “Gavin and Ben”, a pair of independent tipsters from the North East of England. Their service is based around limiting liabilities whilst offering the best possible value bets with The Winning Tipsters claiming to have picked out 40/1 winners, 100/1 doubles and “other big priced winners. The pair say that The Winning Tipsters will very rarely recommend more than a 12 point liability in a day (this is usually around 9/10 points). The bets that Gavin and Ben recommend to The Winning Tipsters subscribers is varied covering things like winners, doubles and each way. This should help them to achieve their claimed average odds of 4/1.

How does the product work?

The selection process for The Winning Tipsters isn’t really discussed outside of saying that selections are chosen after hours of research. On top of this, Gavin and Ben claim to have a combined twenty years of experience. No doubt The Winning Tipsters draws heavily on this alleged experience. They also claim that some of The Winning Tipsters tips come directly from some yards, presumably through contacts that they have made through owning their own racing horse, Mister Hendre (although interestingly according to the Racing Post neither Gavin nor Ben are listed as the owner, nor is Susan Corbett listed as the trainer).

What is the initial investment?

One of the stronger points of The Winning Tipsters is the price point with Gavin and Ben charging a very reasonable £9 per month. There is no money back guarantee mentioned but this is common place with tipster services and so doesn’t really count against The Winning Tipsters. On top of the costs of the service a betting bank will be required which should be 100 points.

What is the rate of return?

The Winning Tipsters has allegedly made a points profit of 1788.6 points since September 2013 with the lion’s share of this profit coming from Ben’s tips. Unfortunately there is no proofing to back this up with the only “evidence” being a spreadsheet that shows how much each tipster allegedly made each month. This works out at an average 105.2 points per month or £1052 to £10 stakes.


The Winning Tipsters is a very mixed bag with two distinctive ways of looking at it. The cynical viewpoint is that there is a distinctive lack of evidence to back up many of the claims that are made. This is particularly problematic when you look at the results. Alternatively you can view The Winning Tipsters as a cheap and cheerful tipster service that should be able to generally turn a decent product if the results are correct. One of the things that I find curious is the claimed ownership of a horse that The Racing Post says is owned by H Jones and trained by Peter Bowen. Whilst there may be an explanation for this discrepancy, given the lack of proofing it does cast something of a shadow over The Winning Tipsters in my opinion.



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Mister Hendre – Im assuming you would know how the racing industry works before reviewing a tipster site. Mister Hendre is currently injured and has therefore not been able to run. The owner and trainer cant be updated on Racing Post or Attheraces until the horse has ran. We also own Bobs Legend which you can verify as he has ran.

We have a detailed spreadsheet tracking all selections and advised bets

The above is correct along with another horse not mentioned

Spreadsheet is a load of nonsense, member for a few months winnings certainly impossible to get within 30% of what they say, you need loads of accounts and not just the 100 points they say you should have with hundred point bank went bust twice in 5 months…….but when they hit a good double they ask everyone to put there slips up on twitter and facebook and a load more members join, they bet off the registration fees and there horse in training Bobs Legend was a joke cost everyone a packet tipping there horse that was quite frankly terrible every ride ……

I would say these guys are not too bad. Was a member and produced a good profit in the first few months. What I would say is that a great deal of commitment is needed to get the prices on the horses. Every month I did not make any where near what was claimed as I could not for the life of me find the odds. I think this can inflate the figures. I know two members who have been with them since the beginning and they are still going so I suppose it’s a good service.

As always never bet what you can’t afford. If they can be down over 2-3 months what’s to say that it won’t last for a year. Treat it as fun, but don’t put your mortgage on this scheme

Following them the last few days and down 40 points all ready sick to the Pit of my stomach that I joined thinking of pulling the rest of my money out every horse is coming last!!!

Joined second week of July.
Out of 76 bets, 4 have won and 1 horse was placed.
As of today (26/7/17) I am 50 points down and after the 3 losers yesterday I am out of it.
What a farce.
Any one thinking of signing up for this needs their head examining, including myself.

i have been with these guys fo 3 yearsnow and ive never had to topmy bank up.yes there blips as with all tipsters but if you stick to wat they tell you with staking and suchlike you will be okay .my last 3 holidays have come from profits from there tips,but its not for for the kneejerk brigade who expect to become millionares overnight.i stared with 100 pounds bank and ive been way above that in profits and drew winnings out for holidays and suchlike and started again with lower stakes.ime currently standing at 3 times the amount of 100 pounds after having a good time with my profits so watever happens the bookies cant take the profits i have spent and ime still 220% more than the day i joined.

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