The Wizard of Big Odds Review

The Wizard of Big Odds (named for the eponymous “Wizard”) is a new horse racing tipster service which is being sold through Tipsters Empire. It aims to utilise backing horses with longer odds in order to generate a profit.

Introduction to The Wizard of Big Odds

The Wizard of Big Odds has one hell of a name, and in explaining so much of what it does within that name, it creates some pretty big shoes to fill. Big odds horse racing tipster services are something that I have seen something of an increase in over the last year or so and the results are very much a mixed bag.

I think that it is probably reasonable to say that for every service which is able to maintain a profit, there are 2 that simply burn through a betting bank whilst they are waiting for that win to come in. Now, The Wizard of Big Odds is backed by Tipsters Empire, and they do tend to be pretty good when it comes to managing their services.

the-wizard-of-big-odds-review There are some interesting result that I want to discuss (with a little bit of optimism, shockingly), so with that in mind let’s dive straight into The Wizard of Big Odds.

What Does The Wizard of Big Odds Offer?

There is a lot of ground to cover with The Wizard of Big Odds so I won’t be skirting around topics today. The service is a near daily affair with a glance at proofing shows that there are the occasional days which are missed.

By and large though, Tipsters Empire will have selections most day. These are issued each morning around 9am and are sent out via SMS. This has initial details about the tips and provide enough information that you should be able to act on the advice quickly. Also included is a link to a member’s area for The Wizard of Big Odds subscribers where much more detail is provided.

In terms of the bets themselves, well, there is a strong focus on longer odds. What this means is that The Wizard of Big Odds subscribers can realistically expect to back horses as high as 50/1, even going to 100/1 on one occasion. As you would possibly expect from a service dealing with these kinds of long odds, The Wizard of Big Odds isn’t just based around win bets.

In fact, there is a healthy number of each way bets as well. The proofing from Tipsters Empire shows that historically,  this isn’t a particularly high volume service with even the busiest days appearing to have no more than 5 bets.

Moving on to the staking plan, I can say that I am pleasantly surprised by The Wizard of Big Odds. “The Wizard” advises stakes that range from 0.25 points each way, all the way up to 2 points on the win. What stands out about this to me is that the 2 point wins aren’t just on the lower odd bets.

There seems to be some very genuine conviction on horses as high as 18/1. Tipsters Empire say that a betting bank of 150 points is recommended for the service and there is also advice on compounding, however the tipster behind The Wizard of Big Odds goes into all this if you sign up.

Naturally all of this does have an impact on the strike rate for The Wizard of Big Odds, however “The Wizard” is quick to acknowledge that fact. Truth be told, the strike rate according to Tipsters Empire stands at 15.56% which I accept doesn’t look great.

Honestly though, I believe that when you start to factor in the bigger picture – especially in terms of the average odds that you will be backing – this number is not necessarily terrible. I can certainly say that I have seen tipsters that operate on similar principles produce worse results.

How Does The Wizard of Big Odds Work?

In terms of how The Wizard of Big Odds works, it is rather different to the majority of tipster services on the market and I believe Tipsters Empire have identified this well. The short answer to this question though is that there isn’t necessarily a specific method of finding selections. This is evident when you look at the daily posts which are a long way from just “Time, Race, Horse” which you may expect from other tipsters.

I have only really skimmed over this, but I can genuinely say that it is one of the things that I truly appreciate about The Wizard of Big Odds. When you go to the member’s area in order to look at the tips, “The Wizard” provides a full and detailed write up on why a horse has been chosen. All of these show a very firm understanding of horse racing.

This demonstrates that there is clear consideration for a number of factors, without ever letting one or another become a defining approach. This should allow The Wizard of Big Odds to be flexible moving forward and “The Wizard” to continue to fine tune his selections (as opposed to relying on just one element).

What is the Initial Investment?

There are a huge number of subscription offerings from Tipsters Empire if you are interested in signing up for The Wizard of Big Odds. The first of these is a 28 day trial which is priced at just £2.99. Once this has elapsed there is a monthly subscription at a cost of £34.99, a quarterly subscription which is priced at £87.50, a six monthly subscription which will cost you £157.50 and finally, you can just sign up for the full year at a cost of £279.99.

Payment for all of the offerings from Tipsters Empire are handled via a proprietary payment system. I should point out off the back of this, that there is no money back guarantee in place.

What is the Rate of Return?

The Wizard of Big Odds launched in mid July and since then, it has gone on to perform rather admirably. According to the proofing from Tipsters Empire, the service has produced a points profit of 126.9.

Profits stated on the website:

the-wizard-og-big-odds-profitsGiven that we are talking about just 4 months of betting, this would put The Wizard of Big Odds on par to compete well with a lot of very accomplished tipster services. If this result in and of itself isn’t enough for you, the ROI stands at a very impressive 44%.

Conclusion to The Wizard of Big Odds –  by Tipster Empire

I said at the start of this that The Wizard of Big Odds has some pretty big shoes to fill. Does it deliver? Put bluntly, I think that The Wizard of Big Odds does a phenomenal job of delivering on its promise. That’s that then right? Review over? Not entirely. Whilst I cannot ignore strong results (and I would be foolish to do so), there are still some considerations that need to be made before you jump in with both feet.

First of all, I would refer anybody back to that strike rate.

The Wizard of Big Odds is not a tipster service for anybody who is looking for an immediate turn around on their money. The fact of the matter is that whilst the ROI stands at 44%, as is so often the case with products like The Wizard of Big Odds, the bulk of the profits come of certain bets.

Even in the sales material, Tipsters Empire make reference to a 20/1 2 point winner. Using that purely as an example, in theory, that one bet accounts for 33% of the profit The Wizard of Big Odds has made.

Usually, I find tipsters that have this approach to be some what tedious. I see them talking a lot about how the next big winner is just around the corner, that we were unlucky that their 33/1 outsider finished dead last and so on.

All of this of course happens after the event and honestly, I genuinely wonder how many of them simply throw a dart at a copy of the Racing Post. In the case of The Wizard of Big Odds however, you know why you are betting before you put any money down.

This means 2 things. One, you can make an informed decision about whether or not to back that bet (if you so desired), but as I have always said when a tipster service describes their reasoning, you can improve your own betting.

Package all of this at a cost that honestly, I think is quite reasonable, and The Wizard of Big Odds looks like a very strong option indeed. It isn’t going to suit everybody, don’t get me wrong. But if you can be patient, I can think of much worse.


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