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The World Cup Smash & Grab System is a brand new product which has been released by Streetwise Publications and John Harrison. It is a combination product which claims to provide a lot of money through betting on the World Cup.

Introduction to The World Cup Smash & Grab System

Streetwise Publications put out a lot of different products and so I am not entirely sure why I am slightly surprised that they are already offering an option for the upcoming World Cup.

The headline for the service is pretty straight in terms of what we can supposedly expect with John Harrison asking “Who Else Wants To Make A Killing In Russia?”. Of course it goes without saying that the World Cup will be one of the biggest betting events of 2018 and I don’t doubt that there will be people making a lot of money. The question here is will The World Cup Smash & Grab System really help you to do this?

What Does The World Cup Smash & Grab System Offer?

There are two sides to The World Cup Smash & Grab System which seem to be rather conflicting in my opinion.

None the less, I will cover both as ultimately, they will be key to getting the most out of the service. The first thing that I want to look at is the manual betting guide. This provides you with all of the information that is required to make your own selections during the World Cup. As you would expect from Streetwise Publications, the quality here is very good. It is well written etc. and in that regard I cannot fault it.

In terms of the content, it goes without saying that it would not be fair to publish the details of somebody else’s betting system. The system itself appears to be rather interesting though and looks at results from the “league” stage of the tournament in order to predict results for the rest.

The World Cup Smash & Grab System  is also based on the best and worst teams in the system. There is a fair amount of work involved with this however and whilst John Harrison says that you don’t really need to know about football, it will help.

world-cup-smash-and-grab-system-reviewOne thing that I do want to discuss is the fact that The World Cup Smash & Grab System is not necessarily going to tie you down to the World Cup. It could conceivably be used for any tournament in which the first round has a league structure.

This ties in with a claim from John Harrison that he and the developer of the system will be looking to implement a similar structure for the Champions League next season.

The other aspect of The World Cup Smash & Grab System is to receive selections directly from Streetwise Publications’s contact (who ultimately, is behind the service).

These are sent out in June and are supposedly the exact same bets that the tipster is placing himself. Obviously this side of things is yet to go live and so there is not a lot to go off although I believe that we can extrapolate some ideas from what I have seen.

First of all, it seems unlikely to me that The World Cup Smash & Grab System will be issuing bets for every game. I also think that it is fair to say that this tipster service isn’t really the meat and veg of the service.

In fact, looking at the system, it seems fairer to say that this is more of a bonus than anything else. This mean that those who are looking for very specific betting advice are going to be left disappointed.

How Does The World Cup Smash & Grab System Work?

The system that The World Cup Smash & Grab System is ultimately based around has supposedly been developed by an ex odds setter for Ladbrokes. Looking at the system that is in place and how it works I can actually believe this.

Obviously I can’t go into detail here but I can say that it is very much a mathematically driven system with a strong focus on probability. This is about all that I can say which is a shame as there is a lot to consider.

What is the Initial Investment?

Typically I expect Streetwise Publications to ask a lot of their services and profits and as such, I was pleasantly surprised to find that they are asking a one off payment of £49 for The World Cup Smash & Grab System.

Now, fundamentally this does just cover the one tournament and so this is arguably quite a lot to ask within that context. Truthfully though, I feel that it is a pretty reasonable price.

Slightly less reasonable is the money back guarantee that is in place. Streetwise Publications say that if you don’t make a “substantial profit” on your bets you can simply send in your betting records before the end of June for a refund.

This is good to know, however the question here lies around what constitutes substantial.

What is the Rate of Return?

The headline for The World Cup Smash & Grab System says that you could make £2,000 or more within your third week in June. This doesn’t tell us a lot given that there are no stakes mentioned however some of the other information does.

The person who developed the system supposedly made £4,764 from the last European Championship and £5,653 from Brazil 2014. These numbers are however supposedly based on “quite high stakes” leading me to believe that the £2,000 figure is the same.

Conclusion on The World Cup Smash & Grab System

World Cup season is upon us and I have no doubt that there will be a lot of crap coming the way of most punters over the next few weeks. I certainly remember it during the European Championship.

I am bringing this up because I don’t believe that The World Cup Smash & Grab System really falls into this category. This doesn’t make it flawless by any stretch of the imagination, but I will get to this later. The main takeaway however is that this isn’t a bad product either.

The key problems that surround The World Cup Smash & Grab System in my book are unfortunately the kind of things that you see with almost every Streetwise Publications product.

Namely that it over promises and in my opinion, doesn’t really deliver on this. The claimed results may well have been managed by the creator of the system but based on stakes that most people won’t really be able to afford. This makes the results a little more debatable and with no concrete proofing, it becomes a further problem.

For my money, there are two key components to The World Cup Smash & Grab System. The system is the main one and if you think that you will get use of it outside of the World Cup, then there may be value to be had.

I would even go as far as to say that if you are buying the system for the system and as a long term investment, then it is probably worth the money. The tips that are issued are slightly less likely to represent value in my book.

Don’t get me wrong, they are a part of the package and are worth having, but I don’t see how they will be worth explicitly buying The World Cup Smash & Grab System for.


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