Thoroughbred Betting Review

Thoroughbred Betting is a horse racing tipster service that is operated by an anonymous tipster and their team. It aims to provide long term profits for subscribers.

What does the product offer?

Thoroughbred Betting is very pleasant in so much as there are no brash headlines to dissect. There are no ridiculous pictures of “genuine” bank accounts with hundreds of thousands of pounds deposited. It is a no nonsense website for a no nonsense tipster service. Whilst some may consider this to be something of a disappointment, after a fair amount of time looking at rubbish, I am rather excited to get my teeth into something genuine.

With this in mind, I have no choice with Thoroughbred Betting but to jump straight into things. This is a longer running tipster service with proofing going all the way back to 2015. What stands out about this for me isn’t just how long the service has been proofed for. I have looked at enough crap that claims to have results going back to THOROUGHBRED BETTING with 20 pages of spreadsheets. What is important with Thoroughbred Betting is that the website was registered a few months after proofing started. This means that whoever is behind the service is more likely than not genuine.

All of this is rather exciting however it doesn’t tell you what you are actually getting into with Thoroughbred Betting. The short answer to this is nothing that you haven’t seen before. The service aims to provide selections on a daily basis (occasionally missing the odd one) with a relatively low volume of tips. These are issued via email, typically the night before a race, and there are rarely more than a couple on a given day. The bets that Thoroughbred Betting issues are a combination of win and each way meaning that the service is nice and simple too.

In terms of the numbers, Thoroughbred Betting uses a very simple staking plan. This is by no means a bad thing however. Each bet uses a level staking plan of one point per bet (with half being staked each way on those bets). I should point out that the proofing for Thoroughbred Betting works in units of 100 in terms of staking, however I believe this to be £100 stakes. This easily converts to a point based system. In terms of the strike rate, there is unfortunately nothing published for Thoroughbred Betting. Having poured over the results for 2017 however, I feel that an estimate of around 25-35% is reasonable. This is also in the ball park in terms of what I

How does the product work?

The team behind Thoroughbred Betting have supposedly been banned from placing bets with “almost every major UK bookmaker”. Whether or not this is true is very reasonably up for debate, however they do provide enough information about what the selection process entails to make an informed decision. Whilst you would expect this to be industry standard, it isn’t actually all that common for tipsters to give anything away.

The Thoroughbred Betting team say that they use their “expert knowledge” of horse racing as a starting point when looking for selections. This is then combined with racing experience as well as “a wealth of industry contacts”. Rather unfortunately there is nothing that backs any of these claims up outside of the results, however I wasn’t expecting any more than this. As such, I don’t hold it against Thoroughbred Betting as a product. Furthermore, there is little else within the sales page which suggests that this may be a less than ethical tipster service.

What is the initial investment?

When it comes to Thoroughbred Betting, there is only one long term subscription available which is a monthly one. This is charged at a cost of £37 per period (with VAT on top of this). It is worth pointing out however that there is a 1 week trial which costs just £1. This provides you with a full service, albeit for the shortened time. It is also of note that because Thoroughbred Betting is sold through Clickbank, there is a full 60 day money back guarantee in place.

What is the rate of return?

Since the 1st of June 2015, Thoroughbred Betting has made a profit of a little over £40,000. Using the £100 stakes in the proofing, this means that the profit currently stands at around 400 points. Whilst this isn’t necessarily as much as some tipster services make, there is a very consistent growth in the betting bank historically. This is a strong positive, as is the ROI. In fact, according to the results published by Thoroughbred Betting, this stands at an outstanding 130%.


It has been some time since I have looked at a tipster service that I would in any way consider to be worth serious consideration. Thoroughbred Betting just may have broken this however. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that this is a flawless service. Whilst the ROI is decent, I have seen some more profitable services in terms of pounds and pence. Personally, I don’t see it as a problem however I know that a lot of people are only interested in the bottom line.

With that having been said, as far as I’m concerned, this is one of the more consistent horse racing tipster services I’ve looked at. As well as being one of the better examples that I have looked at, Thoroughbred Betting is also very reasonably priced as far as I’m concerned. I’ve been reviewing this kind of service for some time and the costs have been creeping up for some time. In fact, I recently saw a tipster service at almost £100 per month.

All things considered, Thoroughbred Betting is a solid tipster service. Profits are consistent which is arguably the most important thing when reviewing something like this. The reasonable costing also means that there is plenty of value to be had as well. This makes for a very attractive package that will more likely than not suit both experienced bettors and perhaps more so, those who are looking for a decent inroad to horse racing tipsters.




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