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Thousand Dollar Days Review

Thousand Dollar Days is a piece of binary options trading product by David Sampson that claims to be able to produce large and consistent profits for subscribers.

What does the product offer?

Thousand Dollar Days is binary options trading programme that claims to be a little different to the norm. Whereas this kind of product typically makes the promise of a piece of miracle software, David Sampson says that Thousand Dollar Days is entirely manned by a team of professional regulated traders. Thousand Dollar Days trades on various currency pairs and timeframes with trades all seemingly a $25 value (I shall explore this later). It is worth noting that (not surprisingly) in order to use Thousand Dollar Days, you have to create an account with the broker that David Sampson recommends. At the time of writing this is Big Option however it has also been AA Option in the immediate past.

How does the product work?

David Sampson says that the Thousand Dollar Days is manned by a team of over 25 different traders all of whom are trading in real time. The senior team (including David Sampson) have allegedly been together since 2008. Thousand Dollar Days links its master account to your account which will trade based on what the trading team do with the master account.

What is the initial investment?

Thousand Dollar Days is advertised as being an entirely free product however there are several things that make this not the case. First of all is that as I have mentioned, in order to get access to Thousand Dollar Days you have to make an account with David Sampson’s chosen broker. This is typically a minimum of $250. You then have to donate the value of your least profitable day in a month in order to continue having Thousand Dollar Days trade on your behalf.

 What is the rate of return?

As it says in the name, David Sampson claims that Thousand Dollar Days will give you just that. The system is claimed to guarantee $1,000 in profit day in, day out. On top of this, he also says that the team behind Thousand Dollar Days aim to turn this into $2,000 per day within a year.


I find it rather ironic that Thousand Dollar Days is touted as being fully regulated as they do not say who they are regulated by. It certainly isn’t the FCA who have neither the firm, nor David Sampson registered with them. This is because binary options traders do not need to be FCA registered as the service is considered more akin to gambling. In terms of who “regulates” Thousand Dollar Days, my guess would be one of the many self-appointed organisations online, none of who have any real authority. The fact is that I have looked at a number of products of this nature and they invariably are built around the same promises. Really though, they serve to allow a marketer to profit, usually in the form of commission for referring you to their favoured broker. The only evidence offered by Thousand Dollar Days is a series of previous trades that appear to be all at $25. Personally, I am not convinced that these are the live updates claimed. The fact is that I am yet to see any real evidence that binary options product work as advertised and as such, I recommend avoiding them, including Thousand Dollar Days.



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I have personally used Thousand Dollar Days before. But unfortunately, I had lost both of my precious time and hard-earned money trading on this program. (edit by admin – the rest of the comment was removed due to advertising a product!)

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