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Three Two Win is a new to market horse racing tipster service which is operated by one Eddie Howard. It is a bit of a multi-faceted affair that is potentially quite an interesting (albeit also potentially costly) idea.

Introduction to Three Two Win

Before I say anything else about Three Two Win as a service, I want to credit Eddie Howard with coming up with a punchy name. One of the things that I find most interesting about doing this is looking at different marketing approaches, what angles different people lean on, and a host of other things. Probably against my better judgement, I also love me a good pun. And if that were a core basis for my reviews, well, you know that this would be a winner. But I’m not a child, so I can put that to one side.

The fact is that this is actually a pretty unique set up. Because whilst Three Two Win is technically its own independent (and free) thing, it is only a single part of a wider service in my opinion. That is something that isn’t new in and of itself, but the way that Eddie Howard has set it up is. And if I’m honest, when you combine all of that with some very good looking profits, it becomes hard not to pay some attention to this without relying on an amusing name to pull me in.

Of course, as is so often the way, there is much more to the bigger picture than an interesting approach and some apparently attractive profits. If that were the bottom line, every other tipster service that I looked at would warrant a recommendation. But the truth is there are some things here that I find to be quite off putting.  They are even potentially quite concerning. So, let’s dive straight in and see if this warrants the possible risk.

What Does Three Two Win Offer?

In order to talk about Three Two Win, I feel like it is very important to note that ultimately, there are two tipster services at play here. There is Three Two Win, and there is “Place Betting For More Profits”. Now for my money, there is so much overlap between the two, and they are bundled together somewhat by Eddie Howard to such an extent, it is hard to separate them.

In fact, the only reason that there seems to be the separation is so that your email address can be captured (a point I will be returning to). Otherwise, I fully believe that these two products would be the same service. With that said, I will be looking at them independently to some extent, just to compare and contrast what you are getting.

So, first things first, there is Three Two Win. A service that according to Eddie Howard “ensures that if we have a winning bet we are guaranteed profit on the day”. There is no doubting that is an interesting statement, but what exactly does it mean? Well, the short answer here is that you are getting access to a seemingly very selective horse racing tipster service.

Six out of seven days a week (Monday through Saturday), Eddie Howard says that he will advise 3 bets every day. These are a single bet, a double, and a treble. And as you may have surmised from the statement of only one bet being needed to be in profit, there will be minimal odds of 3/1 involved (although they can get much higher).  

This means that if you are implementing the level staking plan that is recommended, even if it is only that single that ends up landing, you’re going to have a profit of 1 point. Meanwhile, it also means that at the very most, you are risking just 3 points per day or 18 points per week. Numbers that don’t necessarily sound a lot. Especially when Eddie Howard claims that Three Two Win will have accas landing at more than 18/1.

Meanwhile, you have Place Betting For More Profits. And, as Eddie Howard says, this follows the same principles as Three Two Win whereby one win should ensure some profit for the day. There are however a few differences that are actually quite important. Firstly, there are only two bets advised rather than three. These are a double and a treble.

Staking wise, everything is pretty much the same which means that you’re adding an extra 2 points per day and 12 points per week. That does bring up the overall totals quite a lot for Three Two Win as a wider service, but in theory, I would say that this is all still pretty manageable.

The key difference, as the name of Place Betting For More Profits strongly suggests, the accumulators are based around backing horses to place rather than win. This of course involves shorter odds which is why there are no single bets. And I’ll be completely honest, both the core idea of this and Three Two Win make a certain type of sense.

Now, with those differences established, let’s talk about the overlap that exists between Three Two Win and Place Betting For More Profits. As you’d probably expect, with both services, Eddie Howard sends his selections out directly via email, typically landing in the morning. All that you have to do is place the bets as they are advised.

This isn’t inherently problematic although I would definitely recommend using an odds comparison website. The fact is that you don’t really seem to get any advice for either Three Two Win or Place Betting For More Profits (which is a whole point in and of itself), and I’m not convinced you will be winning all that often. As such, it’s quite important to ensure that you’re getting the best odds possible, especially if they’ve drifted below 3/1 (effectively ruining the idea of the service).

With that out of the way, I want to turn to the staking plan. Because this is an area where there is very little information for Three Two Win, despite it being hugely important in my eyes. Because without even considering Place Betting For More Profits, you’re staking 72 points per month. That is quite a lot. With those additional place bets, that’s 120 points. In my mind, that means that you’d need at least 150 points to stay the course.

Now I will admit that number may seem a bit prudent, but it is noteworthy to me that ultimately, you don’t really get a strike rate for Three Two Win. Eddie Howard shows plenty of winning bets across both elements, all suggesting that this is the norm. But it is not comprehensive proofing, and it doesn’t really provide insight. As such, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to fully prepare for the worst.

How Does Three Two Win Work?

As is frustratingly often the case, talking about how something like Three Two Win works is a very difficult affair. That is in no small part down to the fact that Eddie Howard tells you nothing about what the selection process entails. I’m not necessarily looking for a huge step by step breakdown, but I do feel like some information would be nice.

Where this is particularly frustrating is when you consider the inclusion of Place Betting For More Profits. Three Two Win in and of itself is free for 30 days. As such, there is an argument there that you could give it the old college try on paper, see how it does, and you can make an informed decision there. There is an argument that you can also use this insight to understand Place Betting For More Profits, but I’m not sold on this.

Moving away from this, and a big part of why I see Three Two Win and Place Betting For More Profits as a whole is the synergy between the two services. In theory, by increasing the number of “minimum risk bets” that you back (the single in the case of the former, and the double in the case of the latter), you are increasing your chances of scoring a profit for the day. And because Eddie Howard really does portray them as minimum risk, you are simply increasing your profit potential.

What would undeniably be nice here is to see some proofing. And to a degree, you get this. However, what Eddie Howard actually provides in both cases is a massive list of questionable betting slips. All of which are coincidentally from before the launch of Three Two Win as a service. Because of that, I am loathe to put too much weight behind this as evidence.  

What is the Initial Investment?

Now we come to the pricing. If you are solely interested in signing up for Three Two Win, it is of course free for 30 days. Signing up to this allows Eddie Howard to put your name on his mailing list. That seems like a fair trade off, but in my experience with this kind of thing, fully expect that email to start getting bombarded from various sources. However, ultimately, it is important to note this is cost free.

If you want to include Place Betting For More Profits when you sign up for Three Two Win, there are two options available. The first option is a 30 day trial period which is priced at £9 (plus VAT). Alternatively, you can sign up for a 90 day period at a cost of just £19 (again, plus VAT).  Both of which seem to offer decent value.

What is noteworthy however is the fact that there is a 30 day money back guarantee in place. Unfortunately and somewhat concerningly, this isn’t mentioned anywhere in the sales material, despite the fact that it is backed up by Clickbank. Generally speaking this is typically offered without too much issue, However if you find that you frequently return their products you may struggle to claim this.

What is the Rate of Return?

Interestingly, there isn’t a whole lot of information made available about what the income potential for Three Two Win actually is. Eddie Howard makes reference to the actual Three Two Win free service as producing a 46.8 point profit (£468 to £10 stakes) over an unspecified period of time, but running from at least the 14th of October to the 22nd of October.

We are then shown an additional 27.3 points (or £173) between the 2th of October and the 30th of October. Meanwhile, the Place Betting For More Profits element of Three Two Win shows a 53.57 point profit between the 12th of October and 26th of October.  

What is important about all of these claimed winning periods for Three Two Win is that ultimately, they only show the winning bets. As such, you can probably subtract a fair old amount of money from them whereby the other losing bets simply haven’t been factored in. Furthermore, you’re still ultimately dealing with pretty small sample sizes that aren’t likely to be indicative of the broader picture.  

Conclusion for Three Two Win

Where do you start with Three Two Win? Because on the surface of things, there surely isn’t anything not to recommend, right? It’s free, it’s profitable, it appears to be built on a solid foundation. But all of that is based entirely on what Eddie Howard has to say about the service. A man who ultimately, is the only one who actually definitively stands to benefit from the sale. I want you to keep this point at the back of your mind.

So, the selection process. How exactly is Eddie Howard finding these consistent high odds winners? He Has a selection process that he trusts, we are told. That’s great to hear! It’s just a shame that he doesn’t actually tell us anything beyond that. Now in a world where evidence is king, that really doesn’t bode well. And don’t give me that “it’s free” rubbish, because let’s not forget that ultimately, Three Two Win is being used as a lead in to convince you to sign up to Place Betting For More Profits (a poignant point as I will discuss shortly).

And whilst we’re on the topic of Three Two Win being free, let’s not forget that in many respects, arguably the most valuable thing that exists in the world these days is data. Where do you think giants like Google and Facebook make their money? The fact is that whilst those 30 days of free tips seem like a bargain, I can speak from experience when I say that you’ll be bombarded about questionable tipsters for the rest of your life (at the time of writing this my work related email has over 140,000 unread emails).

Now does that mean that Three Two Win isn’t worth a look? Well, it’s honestly rather questionable if you will actually get a chance to look in. Because since signing up for this free service, I haven’t actually received any tips at all. Would I receive tips had I signed up to Place Betting For More Profits? Almost definitely, because at that point, I’ve paid for it. And make no mistake, I believe that Eddie Howard has set all of this up with a view to trying to a quick income for himself.

This brings me to the Place Betting For More Profits element of Three Two Win and whether that is worth the small investment that is required. And the short answer to this is a very resounding no. Once again, you face the same problems of having very little evidence to back the up the claimed profits. A statement that I appreciate seems contradictory given all of the betting slips that Eddie Howard shares. But there are a number of problems with that.

First things first, it is noteworthy to me that this “proofing” as well as being inherently limited, only runs up to the launch of Three Two Win and Place Betting For More Profits. There is absolutely nothing at all that demonstrates any recent and verifiable results have been attained. Something that I find to be quite telling.

Another thing that stands out to me as being quite telling that all may not be as it seems is the fact that the money back guarantee isn’t mentioned at all. There could be a valid reason for this, but if there is, I can’t really find it and Eddie Howard doesn’t talk about it. It all really is quite questionable in my mind.

So, would I recommend Three Two Win and Place Betting For More Profits? The short answer to this is no. Because I don’t believe that any of it really warrants the investment of your time or money. I think it speaks volumes that Eddie Howard can’t even get right simply sending out some selections.

Even if you were to just pick some names out of a hat, that wouldn’t be difficult. So, the fact that even this basic amount of effort isn’t put into the service is then combined with the complete lack of tangible evidence. It really is one of the biggest no go tipster services I have seen for some time.


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