Tic Tac Tips Review

Tic Tac Tips is a long standing tipster service which specialises in providing tips for both Golf and Horse Racing. Over the years, it has generated a pretty respectable level of profit.

Introduction to the Tic Tac Tips  service

I am always on the lookout for services which may warrant some attention. Whilst there is never any shortage of products and services out there, sometimes I admit that you have to look pretty hard if you are looking for something that is more than just another cookie cutter Clickbank marketer claiming 6 figures per year.

Fortunately for me, our readership has been on the up and up, and it is through a reader, I was notified of the existence of Tic Tac Tips.

The standout feature for me here is how long Tic Tac Tips has been running. I have seen some tipster services which I have referred to as long standing before now, but the team behind Tic Tac Tips have results going all the way back to January 2006!

That kind of longevity is very rare in the competitive tipster market, and as such, there is no denying the fact that Tic Tac Tips has earned my attention. The question for me is whether or not it deserves your hard earned cash.

What Does Tic Tac Tips Offer?

As far as you can get variation in horse racing tipster services, there are a few things about Tic Tac Tips that immediately jump out at me as being a bit different. First of all, there is the fact that this is a pretty long way from a daily tipster.

That doesn’t mean that you won’t get tips most days, but there are some clear gaps which stand out to me as a good thing. It suggests that there is a tipster (or are tipsters) behind the service who are willing to wait for a good opportunity. In terms of the logistics, Tic Tac Tips is much more straight forward with bets advised via email, usually before 11am.

The bets themselves are a mixed bag and that is down to the fact that there is an option to subscribe to receive golf tips, as well as horse racing through Tic Tac Tips. Interestingly though, both sporting disciplines appear to favour backing bets on each way.

I can see why this approach is in place across both sports as there is a strong emphasis on value, especially with golf where there are much longer odds available (without looking too hard, I can see a winner from Tic Tac Tips at 100/1).

In terms of the staking plan that is in place, this depends on what sport you are betting on. On Golf, it seems to be that stakes are advised at anywhere from £25 to £75 on the proofing, which I will take to mean 1 point to 3 points. The horse racing is proofed to £50 and £100 bets which roughly translate to 1 or 2 points. As such, Tic Tac Tips doesn’t ever wander into the realms of excess and these numbers should be reasonably well managed.

Finally, I want to talk about the strike rate for Tic Tac Tips. Fortunately for me, this is a number that is very neatly wrapped up by the team behind the service. For horse racing, the historic strike rate of 36.75% is a pretty strong result. Especially when you think that this number has been operational.

The golf tips for Tic Tac Tips do fall a little shorter with an average strike rate of some 16.5%. Again, this is a very respectable number in my book. Especially given the duration of the service.

How Does Tic Tac Tips Work?

Rather disappointingly, there is no information made available in terms of what the team behind Tic Tac Tips do in order to find their selections. We are simply told that they have over 20 years of experience in the racing industry, with the main tipster having worked for “over 10 years” in the same industry. Whilst this is somewhat reassuring to some degree, it doesn’t however tell us anything about what we can expect from Tic Tac Tips in the longer term.

Fortunately, the proofing more than makes up for this going all the way back got 2006. That is an immense feat, especially when you factor in that it is full proofing meaning details of the horse, the stakes, the odds, the outcome. With this in mind, you can get a very good idea of what you can expect from Tic Tac Tips moving forward.

Yes, it is a lot of data from which to extrapolate (personally, I would only look at more recent years), but it does give you a strong indicator of whether or not the way that Tic Tac Tips works is right for you (something I want to pick up later in terms of the profit and loss).  

What is the Initial Investment?

There are different subscription options which are available for Tic Tac Tips. The first of these is an option to sign up solely to receive their horse racing tips. This is priced at £40 per month, £100 per quarter, £180 every 6 months and finally, £300 for 12 months.

The Golf tips follow a similar price structure, however these are cheaper at just £20 per month, £50 every 3 months, £90 for 6 months and £150 for the year.

If you are keen on both services, there is value to be had in signing up for them in one package. Here the monthly subscription is priced at £50, the 3 monthly subscription is £125, the 6 monthly subscription is £220 and finally, the annual subscription is £375.  Payment for all of these options is handled directly through Paypal.

It is worth noting that all of these subscriptions are “strictly non-refundable” and that cancellation of a subscription is the responsibility of the client.

What is the Rate of Return?

So, with so much experience in place, you could be forgiven for thinking that Tic Tac Tips is going to be massively profitable. The results claimed of £38,536.44 from horse racing and £36,242.65 from golf also sound reasonable (a combined profit of £74,779.09).  It is worth keeping in mind however that these numbers are based off £100 stakes and cover the full lifespan of Tic Tac Tips. This is a massive length of time however for what effectively amounts to 750 points.

Conclusion on Tic Tac Tips 

Longevity can indicate a lot of things. Some people may see it as character. A resolute nature. Steadfastness in the face of adversity. Sometimes though, it can also be indicative of just not knowing when to quit, and based off the long term performance of Tic Tac Tips, I am inclined to think that it is perhaps more of the latter than the former. There rare a number of reasons for this that I want to cover.

First of all, there are the results.

750 points over 2 or even 3 years would be passable. Hell, it could even be considered good if it were particularly consistent. The reality here though is that you are looking at around 50 points per year.

But this is dependent on you having signed up for both services at the not inconsiderable cost of £50 per month. Using a more realistic staking plan of £10 per point, you would actually be operating at an average loss here. That simply isn’t good enough.

One of the problems that I have when it comes to services like Tic Tac Tips is that you can make anything seem profitable if you want. For example, £100 stakes would mean £5,000 per year. Not to shabby really, right? But these kind of stakes simply aren’t attainable for most people, and honestly, even if you could afford them, other services could produce much better profits for you and that is the bottom line.

It is a shame that Tic Tac Tips just doesn’t seem to be performing as I came into all of this really wanting to see it succeed. Nothing would have made me happier than to see a tipster service with that kind of history do well.

As it happens though, it hasn’t particularly performed in my opinion and as such, is unlikely to be worth the money.  


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From: Simon Roberts