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TIG Trading (The Inside Guy Trading) Review Dwayne Dowman

TIG Trading (The Inside Guy Trading) is a Forex trading product which is operated by Dwayne Dowman. He claims that he will be able to show anybody how to drastically increase their bank within 12 months.

Introduction to TIG Trading (The Inside Guy Trading) 

I know that I usually look at betting here, but every now and then I see something related to Forex which stands out to me. I believe in a diverse portfolio and there is no denying that Forex can prove more profitable than betting as there is no risk of accounts being restricted etc.

Dwayne Downman is claiming that with TIG Trading, he can show anybody a number of insider secrets that they need to know in order to become a successful trader. These are big claims, however there is some evidence to support these claims, so with that and a healthy dose of cynicism in mind, let’s have a look at TIG Trading, and see if Dwayne Downman is the real deal.

the-inside-guy-trading-reviewWhat Does TIG Trading Offer?

At its core, TIG Trading is a training course. It is a comprehensive beast which has a lot to cover and I will do my best to look at everything. So, Dwayne Downman claims that his service provides  easy to learn training that is easy to copy, irrespective of your previous experience or knowledge.

This is a pretty good start for TIG Trading, however I don’t believe that this really starts to scrape the service of what you are getting here. Cutting through the marketing BS that inevitably surrounds any product like this, you are getting access to an online training suite with a focus on Forex trading.

Now, that doesn’t mean that TIG Trading can be dismissed as a less than quality product. I will give a lot of credit to Dwayne Downman in so much as his service is based around interactive learning.

This means that unlike some Forex trading training courses I have looked at before now where there are simply a number of videos and somebody talking over their trading, TIG Trading has a number of “integrated interactive aspects” of your learning process. Dwayne Downman says that all of these help you to learn the strategies quickly and easily.

There are a large number of topics which are covered over the course of your training through TIG Trading. This includes obvious things like looking at a number of different trading strategies to improving your Forex trading knowledge.

This includes Dwayne Downman’s own unique system as well as a number of strategies that are based on those of some of “the world’s most successful Forex traders”. There are also things like how to be able to generate profit in a short space of time and how to manage your trading bank etc.

As well as the core training, Dwayne Downman has a team onboard for TIG Trading users. This means that you get a lifetime of support for the service. There are also live coaching sessions throughout the program as well as access to webinars and trade ideas.

The fact that this is an online service means that you can go through everything in your own time and at your own pace. Dwayne Downman does suggest that you can probably get through TIG Trading in just a few days. On top of all this, there is an option to copy Dwayne Downman’s own trades for a month (which does come with an additional premium).

How Does TIG Trading Work?

As is the case with any trading product, key to everything is Dwayne Downman himself. He refers to himself in the sales material for TIG Trading that “for 5 years [he was] head of some of the UK’s leading Forex Broker Trading desks”. There is a lot of evidence to support this claim (at least to some degree), and whilst I may take some of the grandeur of this statement with a pinch of salt (this is the internet after all), I do believe that the claim is based in reality.

In terms of the trading approaches that are involved with TIG Trading, from what I have seen so far, there does seem to be a no nonsense approach to trading and that is something that is pretty pleasant to see.

There doesn’t seem to be a reliance on gimmicks and “if x then y” approaches which can easily fail. What Dwayne Downman is doing is broadly teaching people how to trade Forex successfully and that should be commended. Naturally, there is an element of pushing you towards certain methodologies, but I don’t believe this is quite as apparent in TIG Trading as some services I have looked at in the past.

What is the Initial Investment?

Signing up to TIG Trading is a very dear affair and there is only one option which is available. This is a one time cost of £2,997 which is a hell of a lot to ask. The additional premium which Dwayne Downman asks to copy his bets for the month is an additional £99 which is also a substantial asking.

There is no getting around that this is a lot of money. Payment is handled directly through Paypal and it is very important to note that there is no money back guarantee or anything in place for TIG Trading. This means that you have to be very certain that you want to follow Dwayne Downman’s training if you are going to sign up.  

What is the Rate of Return?

In terms of the income potential for the service, Dwayne Downman says that he is making around 10% per month as profit. This isn’t a bad average at all and it is worth noting that for 2019, the gains for TIG Trading are actually more impressive coming out closer to 15% than the 6-7% average for October through December last year.

What is very important to take away from this in my opinion is that there are only 6 months of results that you can actually draw on.

Conclusion on TIG Trading (The Inside Guy Trading) 

There is no way of getting around the fact that TIG Trading is very expensive. There is an argument to be made that Forex trading courses are typically a high ticket item, but even so, I don’t recall the last time that I saw something that was so close to three grand.

On top of that, it is advised that you have £3,000 as a minimum in order to start trading. It is no surprise that Dwayne Downman says that his service is “for serious players only”.

With that said, from what I have seen, TIG Trading is a pretty decent example of a Forex trading product. There are a lot on the market that have massively varying quality and everything I have seen suggests that this is probably one of the better examples.

So, in some respects, you are actually getting something pretty decent for your money, in the grand scheme of things. On top of this, there are some solid sounding returns which goes a long way to justifying those initial costs. I mean, if you could get 10-15% per month on £3,000, and you compounded, you would be looking at a handsome profit within 12 months.

It is always difficult to know how to summarise things like TIG Trading.

It can be hard to take yourself out of an initial investment of £6,000 as a minimum. Here is the long and short of it though. If you are serious about wanting to learn how to trade on Forex markets, then you have to be very committed to the cause.

You also need to invest a decent amount of money in order to start making a liveable profit. If you fall into that category, then TIG Trading may be worth putting some consideration into, although I would again cement the need for certainty before investing as you are committed once you buy.

For most people though, you are looking at investing far more than they would be comfortable spending on a service, and so, for the majority of people, I don’t believe that TIG Trading is a good option for them. It isn’t that it is a bad product, it is just only attainable for a niche number of people.  


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Although you say that there is no specific ‘money back guarantee’ mentioned on the sales pages, purchasers would still be covered by a 14 day cancellation period as set out in the Consumer Contract Regulations (2013).

It’s also a good idea to pay for it with a Credit Card directly (ie not via you PayPal account) which gives even more protection.

MakeMoneyForum Admin

Hi Peter,

Thanks for your comment,

Although refunds for intangible products are a grey area, because there are stipulations the seller can put in place to negate such refunds, like passwords to content, and agreeable tick boxes, etc.

“The customer agrees that once the password has been used to access the content, then the money back guarantee becomes nil and void”

Many such content providers know their way around the laws this way.


The laws relating to distance / online selling have recently had quite a lot of exposure in the media and on the consumer forums.

In this case the product being offered would be considered a ‘digital product’ given that it is entirely delivered online – this means that it would easily be covered by the Consumer Contract Regulations (CCR) as there is a new specific section within the regs which covers the sale and supply of digital content.

The rules for the removal of the consumers cancellation rights are somewhat convoluted in nature – the most important thing is that (as a seller) you cannot in fact simply place a line of text in a set of general T&Cs which remove a client’s right to the 14 day ‘cooling off period’ and any attempt to do that would simply be seen as an effort to get around the CCR.

In order to conform to the legislation (and remove a clients cancellation rights) you actually have to obtain the client’s ‘express permission’ to waive the cancellation rights at the time of forming the contract (ie during the sales processes). There then needs to be a further acknowledgement from the clients that they understand that the seller wishes to remove their cancellation rights if they go ahead and access the digital content – again this ‘acknowledgement’ has to be specifically obtained during the sales processes since the ‘express agreement’ and subsequent ‘acknowledgement’ both have to be confirmed in the ‘durable confirmation of contract’ document which the seller has to give to the client on conclusion of the contract.

The fact is that most online sales (over 60% apparently) of this nature still fall well short of the legal requirements and as a result clients retain their right to cancel.

MakeMoneyForum Admin

Hi Peter,

Your reference of:

“In order to conform to the legislation (and remove a clients cancellation rights) you actually have to obtain the client’s ‘express permission’ to waive the cancellation rights at the time of forming the contract (ie during the sales processes). There then needs to be a further acknowledgement from the clients that they understand that the seller wishes to remove their cancellation rights if they go ahead and access the digital content – again this ‘acknowledgement’ has to be specifically obtained during the sales processes since the ‘express agreement’ and subsequent ‘acknowledgement’ both have to be confirmed in the ‘durable confirmation of contract’ document which the seller has to give to the client on conclusion of the contract.”

Is easily implemented before the sale is commenced, via an agreement box, and the terms and conditions which is their responsibility to read and agree with, which most buyers do not ever read. On ‘business opportunity’ products, purchasers miss this all the time in their ‘excitement’ to gain access to the ‘goods’.

We see it all the time during reviewing, and from some large operators as well.

Global businesses that also operate in the UK, like iTunes for example, also have this stance, and sales are final, as buyers are agreeing to waiver their 14 day cooling off period at the point of download/access.

The grey area is that information that buyers have gained access to cannot be returned, and therefore the terms and conditions will stipulate this.

It is definitely not as black and white as your post suggests. We see this daily.



I appreciate you comments on the subject but I think we are, to some extent at least, talking at cross purposes.

I have personally have pretty extensive experience in dealing with CCR and the DSR before that.

I think we are singing from similar hymn sheets.

My point was that it is a requirement of contract law for the seller to obtain these ‘express’ permissions from the clients during the sales processes. Note specifically that the requirement is one of ‘express permission’ from the client – this means that the term cannot be satisfied (by the seller) purely by the client agreeing to a generic set of T&Cs which might contain a term which removes a clients cancellation rights – the specific term requiring ‘express permission’ must have its own exclusive checkbox which the clients must check during the sales process – note that no other term can be attached to such a checkbox otherwise is ceases to be ‘express permission’ for that particular term. Ditto for the acknowledgement which the seller is also required to collect from the client at the time of sale.

I agree entirely with what you say regarding the collecting of the various permissions / acknowledgements using a series of carefully worded check-boxes at the sales stage. It is however worth noting that the buyer still retains his right to cancel at this stage and that the right to cancel and receive a refund will still exist for 14 days provided that he does not access the digital content. With that in mind a buyer will ALWAYS have a 14 day cancellation period (provided he does not access content) and that the seller can never remove this right.

If however, the seller DOES NOT obtain the correct permissions and acknowledgements at the sales stage then the buyer retains his right to cancel REGARDLESS of whether he accesses the digital content or not. It is also essential to understand that the seller cannot retrospectively collect the clients permission / acknowledgement at a point in time AFTER the contract is agreed and confirmed by the seller.

This Trading Standards document explains the matter;

It is also a requirement of the seller to correctly and clearly inform the buyer of their cancellation rights – if the seller fails to do this then the sellers cancellation period is extended to 379 days!!

As an aside, I’m guessing that as a reviewer you might be provided with access to these various systems without having to actually pass through the sales process?

s*ammers nothing but s*ammers don’t trust any of them complete waste of money im sure you can complete the training anyone can its easy what they wont tell you is that’s its built to fail unless you have excess of 30,000 in a account DWAYNE DOWMEN BIG S*AMMER OF ALL

He is a c*n man. Ask him about fx foundations!
He was there with michael powers and they sc*mmed everyone. Promises of a funded account…haven’t heard from them in over a year and the website has closed down.

Stay away

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