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Tim Russell’s Private Service Tipster Review

Tim Russell’s Private Service is a horse racing tipster service operated by the eponymous Tim Russell. It is offered under the Sports World Publishing umbrella.

What does the product offer?

Tim Russell’s Private Service offers users horse racing selections with up to 3 being offered per day. If creator Tim Russell feels “confident” about his selections then they may also be recommended as a double or treble bet. Tim Russell’s Private Service selections range in terms of odds from obvious choices (one example came in at 8/11 odds) maxing out around 3/1. This allows for a reasonable (although not mentioned) strike rate but does require big stakes to remain profitable.

How does the product work?

Tim Russell is advertised as being a “man off the street” when compared to the rest of Sports World Publishing’s stable. Despite that they push Tim Russell’s Private Service as a huge success story. Unfortunately there is nothing divulged about how Tim Russell makes his selections which I personally find frustrating.

What is the initial investment?

Tim Russell’s Private Service has been made available at the “accessible” price of £40 per month. Compared to the rest of Sports World Publishing’s products this is definitely the case but I would still say it is slightly higher than market average. There is no mention of any money back guarantee on this so I wouldn’t anticipate this being in place.

What is the rate of return?

According to Tim Russell, Tim Russell’s Private Service has made over £10,000 in ten weeks. This averages out at £1000 per week although it is worth noting that the results posted to show this are almost a year old and are also based on £100 stakes. This means an actual profit of 10 points per week.


Tim Russell’s Private Service is a very average looking tipster service. The cost is a little high and the profits are about in the ball park. The inclusion of doubles and trebles is interesting and this undoubtedly boosted the profit by a significant margin.

The problem with Tim Russell’s Private Service for me lies in the fact that tipster services are a competitive market and you need to do something exceptional to stand out and Tim Russell’s Private Service just doesn’t do that for me.



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From: Simon Roberts