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Tim’s Minions Digital Academy Programme Tim Lowe

Tim’s Minions Digital Academy Programme

If you are looking for interesting reading material related to what can bring you benefits when using the internet, then Tim Lowe’s new Digital Academy maybe of interest to you.

Brought to you by Tim’s Minions – the workers behind the scenes of Tim’s business empire – the idea is that valuable content has already been researched, refined and published, and customers will pay a nominal fee to gain access to the content provided in a members area.

Is the Minions Digital Academy membership worth paying for?

It really depends on what you are looking for; what your aims and goals are when looking to use the Internet for personal gain. Sure, all the information could probably be found for free, but then again anything can be found for free if you look hard enough. What such memberships do offer, is the ability to tap into a portal of information that has already been ‘bottled’ in a way that is easily accessible.

What type of content will be available?

The focus will be on generating revenue, and increasing your use of the internet in an income-generating environment, as well as using the available resources to help users in their online goals. Sure, as already mentioned, everything online is already available, but throw into the mix that the highly successful Tm Lowe is involved, then chances are that there will be some useful nuggets available; especially the content written by Tim himself.



Comments (2)

Dear Tim,

Yesterday 18th March 2015 – you forwarded me a flyer through the post stating-

I am interested in this offer at your domain name price – However, the URL which you have embedded on the web page when opened and scrolled down to the bottom to sign up
Dose not work – Click here to take a RISK-FREE TRIAL of the Digital Academy and claim your FREE ACCESS to the Cash Curator Micro-System RIGHT NOW!

Perhaps Tim, some of your little helpers could forward me the correct URL to access your product at your convenience.

Kind regards,

Geoff Parke
44 Woodridge
Co. Down
BT24 8 XB


I was just wondering if anyone has used the cash curator micro-system that Tim Lowe gives free with a Digital Academy membership, and whether it does what Tim says it does – e.g. earn a few hundred pounds a month with low investment?

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