Tims Partnership Deal, Tims-Partnership-Deal.com Workshop Review

Soon to be launching is a brand new niche in creating your own business, called Tim’s Partnership Deal. A collabouration between Tim Lowe, and the renowned horse racing tipster Bob Rothman.

What does the product offer?

Bob Rothman has over 20+ years experience as an extremely successful racing tipping expert, and together with Tim’s experience they are going to teach you how to create a full time living from home. Two successful individuals willing to teach others how they have created their success could be a winning combination.

How does the product work?

The product is a workshop offered by Tim Lowe, who together with Bob will teach you how to make a living from the world of horse racing. Bob is a tipster, who via the workshops will teach students how to set up their very own successful horse racing tipster service. Students will also receive access to a central website system where all the tools they need to run the business will be included.

Who is Bob Rothman?Tims-partnership-deal-with-bob-rothman

Bob is somebody who has had the bookmakers running scared for over 20 years, having taken millions of pounds from them as a gambler, and as a tipster. Now Bob is going to show you how you, too can generate an income; not by gambling yourself, but by using his tips to build your own business, and on the research we have done, Bob has done extremely well for himself, and he will be offering the same tools he uses to build your business.

What is the initial investment?

The initial investment will be on any letters, or emails you may have received, including any special offers; but as always with the products and services that Tim Lowe offers, there is a very generous money back guarantee.

What is the rate of return?

Bob, and Tim have stated that you will earn at the very least £25,000 in the first year of setting up this business, or your money back. The money back guarantee, is that if you have not made at least the £25,000, then Tim Lowe will refund your money, so it seems you have nothing to lose, but potentially a decent income to gain.


The conclusion is, that because this product/service comes with a full money back guarantee, not only the guarantee, but the guarantee coming from a well respected company, there is nothing to lose. The aspect to this, that instantly caught our attention, is that the addition of Bob Rothman teaching you exactly how to make the profits (and remember, that Bob himself has been running this same business for over 20 profitable years) then this could be something special.

The website to go to for full details is on the letter/email you will have received, or you can use the following website to register your interest:


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Hi. This certainly is an interesting one. Does all the money have t be paid up front, or can I spread the cost over some time. If I can do that I would be very interested in taking this up.

has anyone joined this yet??


If I read this right, the guarantee is that I would make at least 25,000 and there is no sharing that with anybody until after i make that amount?

I do work at the moment and would like to know what the tax liability is. I did read with gambling that there is no tax liability but as we are not doing the gambling ourselves will the income still be seen as being made from gambling activity and be tax exempt?


Hello @goodbyeandhello,

I have noticed your question regarding tax liability, and can confirm that, since partners will be providing a service to their members, their income will be taxable.

However, there are many ways to minimise your tax liability and, should you join the partnership program, Tim will be very happy to talk to you in person regarding the various options.

Would be interesting to see if anyone had made money from this yet? Has Tim and Bob delivered what’s in the sales letter?

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From: Simon Roberts