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TipAlgo is a rather unique tipster website which provides a huge amount of different services. These are all provided under one banner and have varying results.

What does the product offer?

I look at tipster services almost every day and it isn’t very often that something comes along which is truly different. If you do want to find this, you tend to have to broaden your horizons and look outside of the usual channels. It is through doing this that TipAlgo has been brought to my attention. The whole set up is pretty unique and it is a million miles away from what I am used to looking at. None the less, it is very exciting and I am keen to get into detail with TipAlgo.

There is a lot that I want to cover about what it is that makes TipAlgo different but I feel like the headlines for their marketing does a fantastic job of painting with broad strokes:

“Unbiased betting tips. Get instant access to the best tips available and increase your chances.”

The bit that is really worth focusing on here is the unbiased betting bit and the increasing of your chances. Put bluntly, TipAlgo completely breaks the mould by taking the human element out of a tipster service entirely. This seems like something out of a science fiction film and with a lot of services that are based around similar premises (there is always a human element) struggling, is there any evidence that this will be different?

There are a large number of services which are available when you sign up for TipAlgo so I don’t want to break them down too much. What I can say is that ultimately, you are actually getting access to potentially 22 different groups of tips. I use this term because the nature of TipAlgo means that there aren’t really individual tipsters. These are in terms broken down based around the types of bets.

In its most basic form, there are horse racing tips and football tips. As I have mentioned these are broken down by the betting market. In the case of horse racing this means a huge range, so much so that I won’t list them all here.

They do however start with a Bet of the Day and a Long Shot of the Day. These do exactly what they say on the tin. TipAlgo then moves through accumulators into some quite exotic examples including the Goliath bet. This involves placing a combination of accumulators all the way up to an 8 fold, meaning a total of 247 bets in one. There are also tips provided based on ratings as well.

The football aspect of TipAlgo is definitely more accessible. This is based around much more well known betting markets staring with home and away wins to goal markets. There are also a few more interesting tips that are a little bit more “outside of the box”. These take place over a number of different leagues etc. and whilst the markets are not the most varied things, there is still plenty of variation.

One of the main things that desperately must be considered when looking at TipAlgo is the amount that you will have to stake. There are a large number of bets issued on a daily basis and some of these involve quite a lot of money being staked. For example, looking at the results for last month, the Goliath horse racing bets made £2020.95 profit using £0.20 stakes. By the same token, Long Shot Singles lost £943.25. There are some very big numbers involved and you will definitely need deep pockets to make it work.

How does TipAlgo work?

How TipAlgo works is probably the most interesting thing about it. As I have mentioned before, the whole operational is entirely based around numbers. In fact, the team say that their website is 100 automated and that “everything is done using a custom made algorithm,”. What this means is that the whole thing is based entirely around statistics with the TipAlgo team saying that this increases your probability of winning.

On top of this, they also say that they are experts who are able to provide insight and news as well.

Unfortunately there is no information about what this algorithm looks at. I feel like I have said a thousand times before now that it is a problem for me when a service does nothing to tell you how selections are made. This still applies to TipAlgo, but I also feel that given that the nature of the service does make some sense here.

What is the initial investment?

I feel like I can say that at this point that TipAlgo has a lot on offer and that this is a very reasonable statement. Given this fact, you could easily be forgiven for thinking that you would pay through the nose for TipAlgo. In actuality, there are a lot of different options available if you want to subscribe.

These start with paying to simply receive certain “bets of the day” which will cost you just £2.99 per month. Alternatively, you can sign up for all of the football tips or the horse racing tips on their own for just £5.99 per month. Alternatively, you can sign up for both packages for just £9.99 per month. This is a very cheap price.

What is important to keep in mind is that whilst you can cancel your subscription at any time, there is a strict no refund policy in place with TipAlgo.

What is the rate of return on TipAlgo?

There are two main selling points in terms of the income potential of TipAlgo. The first of these is £391.09 per week, supposedly the average profit an TipAlgo member wins each week. The all time winnings for the service (since 2013), the all time winnings stand at £99,616.75. There are also claims of making £26,878.55 in a single day and just over £24,000 off one tip. Of course these kind of figures are not going to be attainable by everybody and will be very dependent on how much you are staking.

Conclusion o TipAlgo

I can honestly say that I have struggled to find where to start when writing up my final thoughts on TipAlgo. This is by no means a bad thing however. The fact of the matter is that I don’t believe that there are many negatives with TipAlgo. This doesn’t mean that it is without flaw however and this is one of the things that I need to address.

The biggest downside to the service in my opinion is size of bank that you need, particularly if you want to follow all of the tips that are issued. With an effective 22 different tipping services, it seems inevitable that you will spend a lot of money. For example to back a full Goliath bet to 20p per line, you would stake £49.40 per day. It is also worth keeping in mind that you are by no means under any obligation to bet along with all of the different betting types.

With that important point out of the way, I can start on the positives. Without a shadow of a doubt one of the strongest aspects of TipAlgo is the price. To get the sheer quantity of tips that are provided for £10 per month is incredible. I accept that this price comes as a result of the automated nature of TipAlgo, and there are some who may view this as a problem. If I put on my cynical cap, I can see how a service which is reliant entirely on an automatic algorithm can be intimidating and even off putting.

There are however certain facts which have to be looked at in the cold hard light of day. TipAlgo is ultimately profitable. In fact, some aspects of it are immensely profitable. The service is very affordable and as such, represents potentially some of the best value for money that I have seen for a long time. It is however somewhat overwhelming. Does all of this make for a good product though?

I am actually quite taken with TipAlgo however it is for reasons that are probably a bit peculiar. Many times before now, I have discussed a tipster service for a casual punter. That is to say somebody who is not gambling to make money, but enjoys the occasional flutter on the weekend. The ideal service for this would be inexpensive and varied and it is here that TipAlgo delivers in troves.

Allow me to paint a picture. It’s Saturday morning. You fancy a flutter and you really don’t mind playing to lose. You put on a Goliath bet at even 5p per line (which would cost you about £12) or a Lucky 63 or even just a couple of each way bets. That is an enjoyable afternoon of horse racing that might just make you beer money for the night (maybe even more). It’s a Wednesday evening which means European Football. You fancy a punt to make the game a bit more interesting, you look at what advice is there.

In these kinds of scenarios, you are not necessarily looking to use TipAlgo as a complete betting service. It is there to enhance something you already have an interest in, and at such a cost that you shouldn’t really miss it (£10 per month is nothing given the quantity of information available). Don’t get me wrong, by the same token it is quite apparent that if you wanted to you could follow TipAlgo seriously and have a decent betting portfolio in one place.

Based mostly one the above and the fact that it is difficult to paint TipAlgo as anything but fantastic value for money, I am going to absolutely say that this is worth a look. The truth is it has been some time since I have been as taken with a service and whilst I don’t believe that most subscribers will make anywhere near the claimed income, I can entirely believe that you will make some profit over the course of the year.

Quite how much this is will ultimately depend on how much you invest, but I don’t think that a lot is required to at least have fun.



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From: Simon Roberts