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Tipping Maestro is a horse racing tipster service which his being offered through the Betting Gods platform. Selections come courtesy of tipster Colin.  

Introduction to Tipping Maestro

Something that always strikes me when I do what I do is that there is at least some overlap between the approach I take and what tipsters might take. What I mean by this is that you have to have consideration for who is involved with a service, what does their form look like, how all of this might translate into performance. If I said that I was applying all of that analysis to a horse, I don’t think that you’d really question it. And the truth of the matter is that this analysis can prove incredibly important.

You see, as you might expect, tipster services tend to launch when they are on form. The results look incredibly impressive and unscrupulous vendors will often try to frame this as a “typical” result. Things like that are why it is always pleasing when you’re dealing with a service from Betting Gods. The performance for today’s review subject, Tipping Maestro, is very bloody impressive. And coming off the back of a decent run of form, you’re looking at almost £2,000 in profit between April and June. But you also get to see the bigger picture.

You see, without getting into all of the little details here, as promising as this sounds, Tipping Maestro isn’t entirely cut and dry. You have to take the rough with the smooth, and whilst I don’t think there is necessarily much that is that rough here… well, there are things that you have to keep in mind. It’s important not to get too focused in on that recent run of form. Something that I think both Betting Gods and Colin might agree with. Especially if they were referring to a horse…

What Does Tipping Maestro Offer?

One of the things that I like about Tipping Maestro is that there isn’t necessarily a lot of apparent rhyme and reason to it. Colin isn’t out there making ridiculous claims like an ability to pick out bets every single day. He isn’t saying that he’s picking his 3 best picks and combining them into a treble, but only when Mercury is in retrograde.

So what does all of this mean for you as a punter? Well, the first thing that I want to talk about are the logistics. Because there is a lot of Tipping Maestro that just sort of… melds together. So before I come to that, let’s talk about how Betting Gods manage the service. Which, as you might expect, is of the highest standard.

As is the case with most tipster services these days, you can choose to receive selections directly via email, however, there are other options to. Tipping Maestro has its own member’s area online too that you can log into if you are subscribed and view selections there. The best method in my mind though is to use Betting Gods’s app. This gives you the tips directly to your phone, with Colin saying that he will also be checking in through this medium.

Something that is worthwhile noting whilst we’re talking about the management side of Tipping Maestro is that Betting Gods do make sure that you get everything you need in order to get bets placed. This includes information on odds (more on this shortly), what to stake etc. You also get it at a reasonable time with Colin issuing selections between 7am and 9am. When there are no bets, you are advised of this promptly. It really is of a high standard.

Now, let’s talk about the bets themselves. First things first, Tipping Maestro is categorically not a service for you if you like to bet every day. In fact, it is very far removed from this. Whilst things have picked up as there is more racing, there being several days without any selections isn’t an uncommon thing. Personally, I like seeing this. There is little that frustrates me more than a tipster service that just seems to bet for the sake of it.

What this doesn’t mean though is that Tipping Maestro is a low volume service. On average, there are around 26 tips in a given month. But as Betting Gods point out “These will NOT be evenly spread through the month”. This can mean 4 bets on one day, then nothing for 3 days. Again, all of this is stuff that I think it is worth keeping in mind.

Sticking with the bets, let’s talk about what bets you are actually placing. Ultimately, Tipping Maestro appears to be a win based service. And whilst you are dealing with a range of odds, I feel like a lot of what Colin seems to do is focused on some quite moderate numbers really with the average odds coming in at 5.26. This isn’t reflective of all bets through with the actual range being form evens all the way up to 20/1.

When I was talking about how everything else pertaining to Tipping Maestro kind of melds together, at this point, I have to address the stakes and how they might be a consideration for you. With Colin recommended just 1 or 2 points per bet, I don’t think that Tipping Maestro is ever prohibitive. Nor do I think the average is excessive (especially with a 100 recommended betting bank). This does mean potentially putting down a decent amount on those higher volume days.

And finally, I just want to touch on the strike rate for Tipping Maestro as well. At the time of writing, this comes in at a very respectable 31.42%. When you look at the average odds, this is an impressive number. However, it doesn’t mean that Tipping Maestro is immune to losing streaks (even in a profitable May, there was an 18 point losing streak which saw a drawdown of 20 points).  

How Does Tipping Maestro Work?

As is always the case when it comes to services from Betting Gods, there is unfortunately not a huge amount of information provided about what the selection process entails. Something that has always been my biggest bugbear with them. Whilst some tipsters will choose to talk about their philosophy and what kinds of things they look at when betting, Colin does not for Tipping Maestro.

This means that you are coming into this a bit blind. It also makes it difficult to truly say that you can make an informed decision. However, there are some other points that are worth making as they do mitigate this lack of information to some degree. Firstly, there are a number of really quite generous trial periods available (including a free 15 day one if you spend a bit of time scrolling around on the page).

Furthermore, something that I think is worth mentioning is the reputation that Betting Gods have. They really have established themselves as an industry leader as far as tipster stables go. From my encounters with them in all the time they have been operational, I haven’t seen a single thing that suggests that they work with tipsters who don’t have some rationale behind their selections. As such, whilst we may not be privy to this element of Tipping Maestro, I do believe that it is there somewhere.

On top of this, Betting Gods are one of the few tipster stables I know of that are constantly updating their statistics, results, and profit numbers on a day by day basis. Whilst this isn’t necessarily talking about what the selection process is, it does allow for robust analysis of whether or not Tipping Maestro is a service that can work for you. Combine all of this with some very comprehensive proofing and it’s hard to make much argument that you’re coming in entirely blind.

What is the Initial Investment?

Ultimately, Tipping Maestro only has one pricing option which is a monthly subscription that is priced at £27 per month (plus VAT). However, when you are getting started, Betting Gods and Colin offer a number of those trials I mentioned before that allow you obtain substantially better value, despite a slightly higher outlay.

Firstly, there is a 15 day trial. As I mentioned, I have had pop ups offering this for free on the page, but you can also pick this up for just £1.99 (plus VAT). So it isn’t like you’re breaking the bank. Alternatively, you can sign up for 3 months for just £29 (plus VAT). The best value is a 6 month trial which is priced at £49 (again, plus VAT).

Whichever option you choose, there is a full 30 day money back guarantee in place for Tipping Maestro.  Whilst I fully believe that Betting Gods would honour this unconditionally, for additional piece of mind, it is also backed up by Clickbank as well.

What is the Rate of Return?

Now we come to the part of Tipping Maestro that is most exciting, and that is the profit potential of the service. Which, frankly, is pretty bloody impressive. Since October 2020, Tipping Maestro has seen a profit of £2,899.25. Given that this is based off £25 per point stakes, it means that we’re looking at a points profit of around 116 points. Now I’ll concede, those aren’t world beating numbers. However, that also isn’t too shabby at all.

But that isn’t where Tipping Maestro is at its most exciting in terms of profit and loss in my opinion. The betting bank has doubled in less than a year. That isn’t too bad a result. Nor is the ROI of 34.51%. What stands out though is the potential here, especially since Colin seems to be on a decent run of form.  

Conclusion for Tipping Maestro

I opened this with a lot of talk about form, and it’s probably about time to start looking at why this is important now. Between October and March, Tipping Maestro had made £1021 profit to £25 stakes. So around 40 points. Over 6 months, that is a bit disappointing with an average monthly profit of less than 7 points.

Since then, and in less time, Tipping Maestro has made almost twice that profit. And honestly, I can’t help but feel like it might be worth capitalising on this run. Because it doesn’t look like July is necessarily going to halt the progress of this profit. But my reasons for liking this aren’t entirely motivated by profit. I actually think that Betting Gods are onto something that does have that potential for long term results.

You see, Tipping Maestro is clearly a selective thing. There were 245 bets between October and the last day of June. Less than a bet per day on average. The staking plan also lends some credence to a sensible approach to betting. The main page for Tipping Maestro actually quotes Colin as saying “when I’m super-confident and everything is lined up I’ll have a 2pt win”. There is a very clear strategy here, and it seems to be paying dividends.

Now I will concede that I don’t think this is going to be a huge money spinner. I will be honestly quite surprised if the form that is on show is something that can be maintained. But here’s the thing, with the kind of consistency that I believe is ultimately on display here, and the fact that you have what appears to be a very genuine tipster working with a decent stable (in the shape of Betting Gods)… well, it’s promising.

But where I think there is a lot to be had here, it is simply in the value for money that is available. Here’s the thing. I always talk about the average costs of a tipster service being somewhere between £40 and £50 and how that impacts results. And the reason that is important to me is I generally calculate results based off £10 stakes (it means everything is judged fairly and at a number most people will be comfortable betting).

What this means is that at £50, a tipster service has to make at least 5 points of profit just for you to break even. Even putting aside the additional value you can have with a longer trial period, Colin needs to make 3 points of profit to put you in the black. Something that he has done consistently with the exception of a single losing month.

So, if you are looking for something that is pretty manageable, reasonably profitable, and has decent value for money on offer… well, I can tell you from experience that you could be doing worse than Tipping Maestro. It isn’t momentous, and it isn’t going to completely change the way that you bet, but I do think that even when the form drops off, there will still be some reasonable profits to be taken here.  


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