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Tipping Point is a brand new horse racing tipster service which is being launched through the Punthub stable of tipsters. There are some very promising results claimed, with significant historical proofing as well.

Introduction to Tipping Point 

One of the things that I have always maintained is important when it comes to a tipster service being successful is consistency. Now, I will straight up say that Punthub aren’t claiming that one of their newest services, Tipping Point, is a deliverer of consistency and that you are guaranteed a steady stream of winners, but looking at the historical proofing, you don’t really need that.

Because it is somewhat self evident. Honestly, it has been a whilst since I have looked at a tipster service that demonstrates as much potential as there seemingly is on display here. I don’t want to go into too much detail about Tipping Point here as there wouldn’t be any point in you reading on form here, but I do want to break down point by point why this looks so good over the course of things. 

What Does Tipping Point Offer?

As far as tipster services go, there are a lot of different reasons to be impressed by. Sometimes this can be for extravagant affairs, but other times, it can simply be because something seems solid. Tipping Point falls quite firmly into this territory with Punthub presenting a straightforward (ish, but I’ll get to that) service.

As you would expect, the logistics are a pretty typical affair. Selections are sent out directly via email the evening before racing, typically between 6pm and 8pm with the occasional update the next day in the late morning. Getting on to the bets early is the best way of maximising your profits, naturally, so you should look to act quickly when you receive selections from Tipping Point.

It is also worth noting (for reasons that will become very clear) that if possible, you should be betting through a bookie that offers BOG.

Moving on to the bets themselves, Tipping Point is all relatively straight forward in many respects. The majority of bets that are advised are straight win bets with the occasional each way bet advised. In terms of odds, there is a strong range here with Punthub’s proofing showing numbers ranging from a little under 3.0 going well up into double digits, ultimately averaging out around 6.0.

What I do want to talk about as being somewhat exceptional with Tipping Point is the volume of bets. You can feasibly expect to see as many as 15 bets being advised on a given day. This can start to add up when you hit a losing streak (which has happened a few times this month).

In spite of this, I do want to highlight the strike rate for the service. The longer term results that are provided by Punthub suggest that Tipping Point has had a strike rate of 25.4% on average since January 2018. In and of itself, this isn’t necessarily a particularly mind blowing figure (although it is pretty respectable given the odds involved).

What is really impressive for me though, coming back to eh statement of consistency, is the range of strike rates on a month by month basis. The lowest that Tipping Point has seen is 21.26% whilst the highest is 36.17%. 

So, with potential losing streaks, high volume betting, and that strike rate, what kind of staking plan does Tipping Point have in place to balance things out? It is a simple level affair with Punthub advising all bets as 1 point level stakes or 0.5 points each way when those bets come up. With a recommended betting bank of 100 points, I don’t think that Tipping Point carries to much risk in this regard.   

How Does Tipping Point Work?

Tipping Point is a Punthub product and unfortunately, this means certain things. Namely, a very distinctive lack of information on what the selection process for a service actually entails. Quite literally, all that they have to say about it, is that with a “remarkable 2 month trial”, it was easy to pass Tipping Point off to become a full service.

Now, with that having been said, there are some mitigating factors. I do know that Punthub are quite comprehensive in their screening process and the fact that you get full proofing for the time Tipping Point has been under their umbrella does mean that you can get an idea of what to expect.

None the less, this lack of information does remain a source of disappointing disappointment for me. This is something that frustrates me a lot when it comes to Punthub, however they operate the way that they do with considerable success. It is worth noting that due to the considerable amount of variance in the odds etc. behind Tipping Point there isn’t really any clear insight into what may be involved either.  

What is the Initial Investment?

Punthub offer two different options for those who are looking to sign up to Tipping Point. The first of these is a monthly subscription which is priced at £30 per month. Alternatively, and offering slightly better value, you can opt to sign up on a quarterly basis which is priced at £80 per quarter. It is important to note that both of these options come with no real money back guarantee. 

What is the Rate of Return?

The results from Punthub demonstrate that since the beginning of March, Tipping Point has demonstrated a profit of 119.95 points. June has incurred a very small loss which brings you down to some 117.5 points which, over the course of 4 months still works out to a respectable 29.3 points of profit per month.

Since January 2018, Punthub say that Tipping Point has produced a profit of 873.87 points to BOG and 582.3 points to BSP. What is really stand out about these numbers though is the ROI which come out at 42.05% and 28.02% respectively.

Conclusion on Tipping Point

I opened this review by talking about consistency, and that is a point that I want to return to. However, there are other considerations that I feel need to be made when you look at Tipping Point, and it is a consideration that is arguably a little unfair and can’t really be helped.

That is how long the service has been operational. So far, you are working with 4 months of results that are solid enough. But 4 months is not a particularly significant data sample. So, what exactly does all of this mean?

Essentially, the more data that you have, the easier it becomes to identify potential trends and patterns. Look at the first 3 months of Tipping Point, and you have a tipster service that has very clearly and competently gone about making money. Then you have June. Now, a loss of a few points is ultimately neither here nor there to any punter who follows a tipster seriously, but it does potentially throw a spanner into the works when it comes to that aforementioned consistency.

I will be honest and also say that it slightly concerns me that Punthub were so keen to launch Tipping Point after just a few months. Were they good months? You’re damn right they were, but was this launched because it showed potential to be a genuinely profitable tipster service in the long term, or because there was an opportunity to push a service as having limitless potential.

From looking at Punthub and their products for some time, I would definitely hope that it is the former rather than the latter.

This brings me to my real point about Tipping Point and that is the idea of a service that can be profitable long term. As it stands, I would like to see a few more months out of Tipping Point before I would be willing to get on my soap box about it. I’ve said it in lots of places, consistency is key, and 3 months doesn’t mean consistency.

On top of this, I do want to talk about an area where I think that Tipping Point does come in strongly and that is value (or should that be, potential value?).

The average costs of following a tipster are creeping up with many asking for £40 – £45 per month, often with results that are less impressive than Tipping Point. Given that Punthub are asking just £30 per month here, I can say with some surety that as long as there is a reasonable maintenance of results, you are getting value for money. That is something that you can’t say about a lot of tipsters.

So, would I recommend Tipping Point?

For me, this belongs on your watch list.

It would be incredibly naïve of me to say that there is nothing of merit to the service, as it would be to say that you should sign up immediately. If in another few months Tipping Point has leant into its potential, then I think it could be worth some consideration. Right now though, I will rely on experience and say that I have seen too many rushed tipster services fail after launching off the back of a few good months.  


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