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Tips From Phil Review

Tips From Phil is a tipping service provided by the eponymous Phil Brown. The tips provided cover the sports of both darts and snooker.

What does the product offer?

Tips From Phil is, as the name suggests, a tipping service in which tips come from Phil, in this case Phil Brown. A tipster who specialises in providing tips for both snooker and darts. Phil Brown claims that he is an avid fan of both these traditional pub sports and this is reflected in the marketing for Tips From Phil which is very much “bloke down the pub” in its approach. Phil Brown claims that Tips From Phil has produced a 73% strike rate so far.

How does the product work?

Phil Brown says that he has followed darts and snooker all his life (even getting a brief stint as a pro darts player) and that over the years he has accumulated a wealth of knowledge that allows him to utilise statistics to his advantage. This forms the foundation of Tips From Phil’s selections which are sent out by email.

What is the initial investment?

Phil Brown claims that he gives his tips away for free as he already makes a comfortable amount through his betting. What he does charge for Tips From Phil is an administration fee for upkeep and the like. This amounts to £15.99 for a 6 month period. This is also refundable because Tips From Phil is sold through ClickBank. This means there is a 60 day money back guarantee in place.

What is the rate of return?

Although there aren’t any specific numbers discussed in terms of a rate of return for Tips From Phil the headline for the product claims Phil Brown made “£1,000s a month”.


Phil Brown takes a refreshing approach to his marketing in so much as the sales pitch is not aggressive, the overall tone is friendly and warming and this goes a long way for Tips From Phil. It doesn’t however completely cover up the problems with the product, such as the way Phil Brown repeatedly refers to darts and snooker as unpredictable all the while claiming an ability to choose a winner almost 3 times in 4. I also don’t believe the claim of £1,000’s a month.

The fact is that darts and snooker are not traditionally sports that large amounts of money are taken on. This is generally reflected in the odds you see available. However Tips From Phil is cheap costing a little over £2.50 a month which makes the product worth some consideration on those grounds alone. Combined with a niche sport and a ClickBank money back guarantee I believe that Tips From Phil is almost definitely worth a look to the experienced bettor, particularly if you are looking to expand your current portfolio.



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From: Simon Roberts