Tips from Stables Review

Tips From Stables is a brand new independent tipster service which is being offered by a tipster known simply as “John”. He claims to be able to provide a profit through inside information.

Introduction to Tips From Stables

The tipster market in the UK is starting to change drastically. There is an increased focus on stables of tipsters or “tipster supermarkets” as it were. What this means is that genuine independent tipsters are pretty much few and far between. Whether or not you consider this to be a good thing or not is pretty subjective. There are strong pros and cons. But it is definitely something that I rather lament.

This is important to note because what I am dealing with for today’s review seems to be a genuinely independent tipster service. And as such, I will say without much shame that I am quite excited to be reviewing Tips From Stables. On top of this, John, the tipster behind everything seems to be a genuine enough guy. All of these immediately make it stand out a little more than the usual things that land on my desk.

So far, so good. Right? Well, maybe not so much. I’ll wholeheartedly admit that Tips From Stables looks great at a glance. But when you start to really look into things, it doesn’t quite start to add up quite so well. With this in mind, let’s dive straight into this and see whether or not John really is the real deal, or if this is just a bit of a flop.

What Does Tips From Stables Offer?

I feel like if you look at most elements of Tips From Stables, there simply isn’t a lot here that you won’t have seen before. That is not a criticism you should understand. In my experience, it can be very easy to over complicate something that simply doesn’t need it. So full credit to John there. But what does this mean for you as a consumer?

The first place I am going to start is the logistical elements. In no small part, this is because it is one element of Tips From Stables that is perhaps a little different. You see, the nature of Tips From Stables means that you are pretty unlikely to be receiving bets on a daily basis. But honestly, that isn’t something that I think is a negative here. It is just quite important to keep it in mind.

When selections are made available, they are sent out directly to subscribers via email. Another one of those more unique elements of Tips From Stables is the fact that John sends out tips both in the morning and in the evening. Once again, one can’t help but feel like this is down to the nature of the service (a subject I’ll be going into in detail a little later, but it is pretty much in the name).

One of the things that I think is quite refreshing about John and Tips From Stables is that there isn’t a lot of BS. He doesn’t include details of odds, but on the sales page for the service, you are told about Oddschecker, and he talks about the fact that Tips From Stables is profitable using betting exchanges. This means that he has at least given some consideration to these things, even if he isn’t necessarily doing the work.

Moving on to the bets themselves, from what I have seen you will be dealing exclusively with straight win bets. This means that you shouldn’t have too much problem getting bets placed etc. It also means that Tips From Stables is all very simple to follow which I don’t consider to be a negative.

I’ve already touched on the fact that this isn’t a daily tipster service, but I do want to talk a little bit about the volume of bets. You see, you will still see anywhere from 5 bets to 7 bets in a given week according to John. So this isn’t a hugely low volume service when you average things out.

One topic that is definitely worth discussing is the odds involved. Again, I have only seen very limited information, but there doe appear to be a pretty reasonable range of odds here. This appears to allow for a decent mix of both bigger winners and somewhat consistent winners as well.

This brings me to quite an important topic for Tips From Stables. One of the big questions with any tipster service is how often can you expect to win. What is needed can vary depending on the strategy involved. John claims that the strike rate for Tips From Stables stands at 30.1%. Unfortunately, this isn’t really proofed, although, I can believe that result.

Finally, I want to talk about the staking plan. It is recommended that you have a 100 point betting bank in order to get started with Tips From Stables. John says that this number allows for “an abundance of caution”, a sentiment that I can definitely get behind.

Given that you should only be staking 1 point per bet, this allows for a pretty significant draw-down. Especially when you also factor in that low volume of bets. Honestly, this is welcome and it shows that John has a pretty good idea of what to expect with Tips From Stables. A look at the results graphs do show that there are losing periods, but none look problematic.  

How Does Tips From Stables Work?

As I’ve already mentioned, and as the name strongly suggests, Tips From Stables is based around inside information. John says that he has been fortunate enough to work in horse racing for a number of years. Over this time, we are told that he has “built up a network of trusted contacts on the inside of the industry”.

Nowadays, John has recently retired and he says in one of his emails that he has “always wanted to get [his] service up and running”. So now, he is able to take the information that he receives from these contacts who work in “yards across the country” and provide subscribers with tips. It’s a tale as old as time in the tipster world.

One of the big questions that hangs over Tips From Stables is just how much faith you should put in these claims. The fact is that there isn’t really a lot of evidence that this is genuine. With that said, nor is there really any way of proving it is genuine. All that you can do in this kind of circumstance is decide how willing you are to gamble on it.

Honestly, all of this is pretty standard stuff. But what is really lacking with Tips From Stables in my opinion is proofing. John shows a nice little graph which shows his profit and loss going all the way back to February last year, and it looks good. So, he has more likely than not been keeping records somewhere. Unfortunately, we are not provided with these.

All of this is something of a problem for me. Because in the fact of a lack of evidence of… well, anything, if I’m honest, proofing goes a long way. At the very least you can look at the data and get some idea of what to expect for the future. How things have played out in the past, etc. All of these things just help provide some context that is sorely missing from Tips From Stables.

What is the Initial Investment?

If you want to sign up to the service, John has just one option available. This is a monthly cost of £39 which is… Well, it’s roughly in line with what I would expect to pay for a tipster service. In the case of Tips From Stables though, it does seem a bit steep (for reasons I will come to a little later). Fortunately, when you first sign up, your first 21 days are available for just £1 plus VAT.

It is important to keep in mind as well John is selling Tips From Stables through Clickbank. This means that there is a full 30 day money back guarantee in place, something that regrettably isn’t mentioned in the sales material.  

What is the Rate of Return?

The reason that almost anybody is reading this is because they want to know what will make them money. And this leads to the single most important point for any betting service which is how much money can I make? In the case of Tips From Stables, John says that between February 2019 and February 2020, he made £3,868.22.

In an email, he refers to making 17.19 points of profit per month (presumably as an average). This would mean 206.28 points over the course of a year which… Well, it isn’t terrible. But it isn’t necessarily great either. Quite how this adds up with the number above doesn’t make sense to me, but there may well be a simple explanation.

Conclusion for Tips From Stables

I’ll be honest and say that I’m pretty polarised by Tips From Stables. There are some elements here that seem to be a little bit cynical. By the same token, they could simply be the result of a newly retired gentleman setting out on a new venture and finding his feet. Quite which it is, I still don’t know, but let me talk you through my thoughts.

Being completely honest, the first thing that struck me on looking at Tips From Stables is how well packaged it is. The design of the website, the colours used, the logo etc. are all remarkably similar to the well known Betting Gods platform. Is this homage or deception? Who knows? I am not certain that it’s coincidence though.  

I also find the lack of proofing incredibly frustrating. John has several buttons on his website that take you to the “results”. He very clearly understands the importance of this. And there is a graph charting his claimed profits. So why the lack of a more detailed breakdown there? Again, an attempt to obfuscate information, or a simple oversight?

And one of my pet peeves is the lack of information on the money back guarantee. I am a strong proponent of consumer rights and in my experience, all the best genuine betting systems and services I have looked at have provided a money back guarantee. And they crow about it. It’s piece of mind for the customer. Again, you can be cynical about this, or offer the benefit of doubt.

But let’s just put all of that to one side for a moment and talk cold hard numbers. 17.19 points per month as an average isn’t bad. Especially if it can be attained with any sort of consistency. And based off the results that John has produced for Tips From Stables, this should be the case.

The problem that I really have is the cost. And I’m going to sound a bit hypocritical here so just stick with me. £39 per month isn’t a lot for a tipster service. So long as that service opens itself up enough to you that you can fully understand what you are getting yourself into. If Betting Gods asked that, I wouldn’t bat an eyelid because you get full proofing, a bit of a chat with the tipster, and the backing of a company with a solid reputation.

With Tips From Stables, I can’t help but feeling like you’re taking a bit of a punt. Honestly, I really want to believe that John is real and this is all above board. But it’s hard not to look at the timing of the release (just as UK horse racing is about to restart), the points I made earlier, just the wider betting service market, and not be a bit cynical.

So here is where I am with Tips From Stables. This is a service that I will chalk up as having some potential. It is worth keeping half an eye on to see how well John maintains it. If he is genuine and you see some more substantive proofing, a better breakdown of the results, and future results being added, it really could be worth some consideration.

As it stands though, and I know this is in no small part down to my cynicism, I couldn’t recommend Tips From Stables. Following any tipster service is always a gamble. It’s a part and parcel of the game. But any gamble that you make should always be as fully informed as possible. And here, I just don’t see how you can make that.


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I agree totally with your comments – I’ve found out the hard way not to trust tipsters who don’t provide proofing because anyone can just draw a graph. Worse, I tried to email him to get the proofed results but there are no contact details on this site! David

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