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Tipster Planet Review

Tipster Planet is a tipster website operated by the Betfan group. It acts as something of a proving ground for their potential tipsters.

What does the product offer?

Tipster Planet gives users access to over 100 different tipsters although not all of these will prove profitable. Betfan also give you the opportunity to sign up as a tipster if you believe that you can consistently provide profitable tips. The various services on Tipster Planet cover a huge range of sports from horse racing to football. All services are proofed with full details being available on the Tipster Planet website.

How does the product work?

Tipster Planet’s primary purpose seems to be as something of a feeder site to Betfan’s more well-known (and more expensive) sites. I happen to know that a few of the services from Tipster Planet have gone on to become fully fledged services on Betkudos and the like. Although the results naturally vary from system to system, there are usually a few on Tipster Planet that are showing consistent results.

What is the initial investment?

Subscribing to Tipster Planet costs just £9.99 per month which is very reasonable for a tipster service. As this is ultimately a Betfan product there isn’t really any money back guarantee in place although refund requests are handled on an individual basis.

What is the rate of return?

This depends entirely on which systems you use. At the time of writing the top 3 services on Tipster Planet are showing a combined points profit of 443.66.


Tipster Planet is a great opportunity for people to get on board with tipsters before they hit the big time. As I have said there have been a few examples (most recently Winners Galore) that have gone on to be fully fledged Betfan products and getting in early with these often brings a big advantage. Furthermore because of the sheer number of tipsters you can build a portfolio in a number of different sports from just one (very cheap) monthly subscription. This isn’t for everyone however, there are inherent risks in any tipster service and arguably more so when they are unproven. Personally though, I see this as arguably the best option for any casual punter as many major bettors will likely be put off by the uncertainty.



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