Tipsters Place – Anthony Moore Review

Anthony Moore is a tipster on the Tipsters Place platform who specialises in horse racing tipping. The service is still in its infancy but shows some potential for future profits.

Introduction to Tipsters Place

There seems to have been a surge in platforms that allow people to register and sell their tips without having to manage websites etc. and honestly, I only see this as a good thing.

The more tipsters that are out there and making money, the better it is for us as punters as there is so much more choice. Tipsters Place appears to be a new entrant to this market and Anthony Moore is in turn relatively new to them having provided selections since January this year.

Since then, he has turned a small profit, but this is from selective betting and as such, it ends up looking potentially quite good.

What Does Tipsters Place Offer?

So, where do you start with something like this? First of all, there are the logistics of the service. As is the case with a lot of platforms like Tipsters Place, they like to keep things “in house”.

This means accessing your selections through a member’s area on the website with a notification also sent to your email. In the case of Anthony Moore’s selections, these are typically issued the evening before racing, something which will allow you to get the best possible odds.

This is something that I think that you will definitely want to do if you are following Anthony Moore’s advice. It is worth noting that the apparent nature of the service means that you will not be betting on a daily basis.

Moving on to the bets themselves, there is a combination of win and place bets advised which is somewhat contrary to the advice from Anthony Moore on bookmakers (very few bookies accept place bets and you can generally get better odds on exchanges than you can from those who do offer it).

The proofing that Tipsters Place provide demonstrates a variety of odds tipped although the service does average out at odds of 3.23 which is a reasonable approximation of what to expect.

I have already touched on the fact that Anthony Moore claims to be selective when it comes to his betting advice but I feel this really needs to be qualified. In his blog, Anthony Moore claims that he aims to provide 12-20 tips per month, whilst the average so far has been much closer to 30.

Moving on to the numbers side of things, Anthony Moore does have a staking plan in place for his betting.

In a blog hosted on Tipsters Place, he essentially says that this involves staking between 1 and 3 points on a given bet based off how confident he is on a bet. With an average stake of 1.27 points, you can get a good idea of how often those bigger stakes are actually implemented.

The last thing that I want to talk about with Anthony Moore is the strike rate. This is one area where I think the service really shines through with Tipsters Place claiming that this stands at 40.2%.

That is a very strong result all things considered and I think it is a credit to Anthony Moore. The fact that Tipsters Place provide full proofing for the service demonstrates that these results are something that you can realistically expect to achieve too.

How Does Tipsters Place Work?

One of the things that I like about Tipsters Place as a platform is that they allow their tipsters to blog and write about their betting services, as well as providing a full bio. This means that you can get a decent understanding of what is involved with finding selections.

Anthony Moore in particular is quite clear about what this entails. He says that he  analyses horses, trainers, and jockeys in order to “maximise the returns for the customer based on statistics”. He also says that he aims to find value for money for subscribers. As well as this, we are told that Anthony Moore has been betting for some 7 years before signing up to Tipsters Place.

All of this is informative and whilst it doesn’t tell us the ins and outs, I would feel confident enough that based off this I could make an informed decision. When you pair it with the full proofing that Tipsters Place provide for the service, you can really get an idea of where selections are coming from and what you can expect from Anthony Moore in the future.

What is the Initial Investment?

There are three different pricing structures for Anthony Moore’s tips, each of which covers a subscription period. The least expensive option is to signup on a monthly basis at a cost of €25 (approximately £21.50).

Alternatively, you can sign up on a quarterly subscription for €67 (approximately £57.50) and finally, there is a 6 month option at €127 (approximately £109.50). All of these options come with a 7 day trial for just €1 which you pay before the full subscription. On top of this, there is also a 30 day money back guarantee in place as Tipsters Place handle payment through Clickbank.

What is the Rate of Return?

Honestly, I have been pretty impressed with Anthony Moore so far and I am quite comfortable admitting to this. Unfortunately, when you start to look at the results for the service, things do start to fall apart a little bit.

Now, I can appreciate that there is ultimately a pretty small sample size in terms of data for Anthony Moore’s selections, but the proofing from Tipsters Place shows that there is a profit of just 23.2 points since January. Now, to be fair to Anthony Moore, this isn’t entirely reflective of the results as the ROI stands at 18.18%.

Conclusion on Tipsters Place

There is quite a lot to like about Anthony Moore’s selections and service. I like that he is able to explain how he finds bets, I like that there is a decent and sustainable approach to the service. I also quite like the prices which come in below what I would typically expect to pay for a tipster service. There are undoubtedly some strong positives here.

I would be pleased to leave this review here but I cannot get past those results.

The bottom line for a lot of people is how much money you can expect to make and that is not unreasonable. 23.2 points over 3 months would mean just a little less than 7 points per month. To £10 stakes and a monthly service, this means that you would effectively be looking at less than £50 per month after subs. That is just not a lot of money at all.

Now I will admit that you can look at the ROI that is demonstrated, scale up your stakes and if you are in a position to bet a lot, then Anthony Moore’s selections through Tipsters Place don’t look too bad. But that is a relatively small niche.

Ultimately, I am of the opinion that there is a lot of potential behind this service. Looking at Anthony Moore’s blogs and information I am somewhat inclined to believe that he has some kind of understanding of what it takes to turn a profit.

What I would need to see before I could really recommend Anthony Moore’s tips is more money being made.

As such, I would recommend keeping an eye on this Tipsters Place service.


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