Todays Top Bets Review Glen Grimshaw

Todays Top Bets is a sports betting tipster service which is operated by Glen Grimshaw. There is a suggestion that you can demonstrate a significant amount of profit using relatively small stakes.  

Introduction to Todays Top Bets

When it comes to reasons why people like betting, there are a lot of different examples. Some people simply want to enhance a sporting event by having a punt on it. Others, frankly, just enjoy the thrill that comes with placing a bet. But in terms of the people that I talk to, and the betting community that I engage with… Well, we’re here to make money. We take betting seriously. It is more of an investment than having a punt. As such, when a tipster service lands in my inbox that talks about making hundreds of thousands of pounds… I pay attention.

Which brings me to Todays Top Bets, a tipster service that is incredibly eye catching. I’ll fully compliment Glen Grimshaw here and say that he really knows how to sell a service. As well as the supposedly massive profit potential that exists, the sales page is an incredibly slick affair. So much so that despite my inherent cynicism (which is borne from doing this for as long as I have), I did find myself looking at things and just… Well, getting a bit caught up in it all.

Of course, I am not a foolish man. And I have more than enough experience to know that good marketing does not a good tipster service make. So, I very quickly snapped out of that. The fact of the matter is that as slick as the packaging for Todays Top Bets may be, I can’t help but feel that perhaps Glen Grimshaw is… shall we say lacking substance in when it comes to the content. Furthermore, if I’m blunt, there is a lot here that is concerning. So, let’s get straight into it.

What Does Todays Top Bets Offer?

Fundamentally, I think that it’s pretty fair to say that Todays Top Bets is a relatively straightforward tipster service. Put bluntly, there isn’t anything here that is really new, as it were. But what Glen Grimshaw does very well, as I’ve mentioned, is market this as something that is different. Something that I’m not entirely sure I really agree with.

The fact of the matter is that this really is about as standard a football tipster service as you could expect to see. From the logistical elements right through to the bets themselves, Todays Top Bets does nothing that I haven’t seen many times before, just… Well, in better circumstances, if I’m honest.

Firstly, let’s talk about those logistics and how Glen Grimshaw manages the service. He describes the process as simply repeating 3 steps. Opening your email, placing your bets (which we are told will take you just 3 minutes, a point of contention I will be picking up shortly), and then collecting your profits. That really does sound simple, and it portrays Todays Top Bets as a service that follows pretty much every norm that I would expect from a modern tipster.

But let’s talk about the content of those emails. Because frankly, it errs on the side of lacking in my opinion. For example, Glen Grimshaw suggests that he places all of his bets through Betfair. He then states that he uses multiple bookmakers. And yet, distinctly lacking from the emails advising of selections for Todays Top Bets is advice on odds and bookies. Which should be there given that research is seemingly being done anyway, right?

Of course, this leads me to my all too common point of recommending an odds comparison site. The fact that Glen Grimshaw is either unwilling or unable to offer advice on odds tells me a lot. But it doesn’t mean that if you choose to follow Todays Top Bets that you can’t get the most out of the service. Sure, it might eat into your “3 minutes of work”, but for an increased yield of as much as 20%, it’s worth it.

So, what sort of bets are we placing? Well, despite the myriad of betting markets that exist for football, Glen Grimshaw is mostly concerned with backing a team to win(making that point about maximising returns even more important) and as such, you will typically be looking at bets that are a bit higher than evens.

In terms of frequency of bets, there is a fair old amount really. Glen Grimshaw says that Todays Top Bets subscribers will typically see selections “4 or 5 days a week” with the weekend making up the bulk of these bets. It seems that you’ll typically see just a small handful of bets on those days, which does help make it all manageable.

Now we come to something that is quite interesting to me. The staking. Now, to be clear, it isn’t that Todays Top Bets is doing anything differently from anybody else. In fact, it is a straight forward level staking affair, but it stands out (for reasons that I will cover shortly) that based off the little evidence that is provided, Glen Grimshaw appears to back his bets to £50 per point.

Unfortunately, you don’t really seem to get any advice about a betting bank etc (or at least, I haven’t seen this). That is quite concerning to me because whilst it seems like there is a decent strike rate in place, I’m not really convinced. As such, I would fully expect to need a fair old cushion in order to follow Todays Top Bets.

And on the topic of strike rates, there is something of an implication to the evidence provided that you can expect to see somewhere in the region of 80%. That is a magnificent number that I fully don’t believe to be true. Because there is very little in the way of context for the results provided and you’re effectively just taking Glen Grimshaw’s word that Todays Top Bets has actually performed this way.

How Does Todays Top Bets Work?

One of the things that is somewhat refreshing about Todays Top Bets is that Glen Grimshaw is very upfront about how his system supposedly works. We are told that there are 4 factors that ultimately bring everything together.

Firstly, Glen Grimshaw says the he combines the best selections from his “most reliable sources”, with each source ranked based on “their historical performance and reliability”. For my money, this suggests that there is a strong element of inside information, whilst doing a very good job of neither actually stating that and resultantly, not be accountable.

Secondly, we are told that Glen Grimshaw limits daily bets too ensure that only the most valuable matches are focused on with Todays Top Bets. This is really important to me because it doesn’t’ actually tell you a single thing about the service. Sure, if I didn’t know any better, I might be impressed. But to me, it stinks more of obfuscating information than providing any insight of worth.

The third and fourth points are interesting. Firstly, Glen Grimshaw says that he says that every bet is treated equally once they are finalised. This supposedly means getting the best available odds. Something that is just generally good advice, and yet, there isn’t really a lot of advice for this. Meanwhile, the final point for Todays Top Bets is that “The method has to work for everybody”. A vague statement that… Once again,

One of the things that really stands out to me is the lack of proofing that exists for Todays Top Bets. There is that little bit of evidence that I alluded to before, but Glen Grimshaw has supposedly been sending people selections since 2017. Furthermore, he says, he has personally helped more than 100 people make £10,000. Given the supposed longevity of the service, you would really hope for something demonstrating all of this. Instead, it is simply conspicuous in its absence.  

What is the Initial Investment?

If you want to sign up to Todays Top Bets, there is only one option available. This is a one time payment of £47 (inclusive of VAT) for which Glen Grimshaw says that you will get access to his selections for 6 months. This is all handle through a proprietary payment system). It is interesting to me that this isn’t a recurring subscription and there’s no real mention of how you subscribe past this.

Glen Grimshaw makes no mention of any money back guarantee or refund policy either. One would take this to mean that such a thing isn’t available. This isn’t something that is necessarily a problem with a service that has proofing or decent context, but that is something that is lacking with Todays Top Bets, and as such, it isn’t an ideal situation.

What is the Rate of Return?

There is one number more than anything else that stands out about Todays Top Bets, and that is the headlining claim that Glen Grimshaw has made more than £200,000 through his betting. Now, rather frustratingly, there is no context for this. I do however believe that there is a likely scenario that exists here.

Firstly, there is that point about Glen Grimshaw betting since 2017. So, I believe that this result is likely to be based off some 4 years of betting. I also don’t think it’s unreasonable to look at the fact that the bets shown as evidence use £50 stakes. All of this allows me to make an educated guess that you’re looking at some 4,191.25 points of profit. This works out at around 1,047 points per year, and about 87 points per month. All averages, of course.

What really stands out at me about this is that in that limited evidence provide, Glen Grimshaw has a profit of 27 points in around 2 weeks. This puts him way off the calculated average income, and creates a position whereby the numbers aren’t necessarily adding up. I know that it’s just one week of many, but tipsters will usually pick their best run if they’re going for just a small data sample. As such, I’d expect Todays Top Bets to perform better than this.

Realistically though, I don’t believe that any of the claimed incomes are reasonably attainable, nor do I really buy into the various claims that are made in the testimonials. The really interesting number here is a claim of an average monthly profit of 32 points per month. Again, this only adds to the fact that Todays Top Bets just doesn’t really add up. A concerning point.

Conclusion for Todays Top Bets

On the surface of things, Todays Top Bets is a great looking option for a tipster service, but honestly, all I see here are things that worry me quite a lot. First and foremost, if I’m honest, there is the fact that Glen Grimshaw doesn’t really seem to be able to talk about what his selection process. The fact is that it’s all well and good saying that you have sources, but that is just such a load of rubbish in my opinion…

Here’s the thing. There are some tipsters out there who could say that they have sources, and I might believe them. But unfortunately, for a tipster who has come out of the blue, is running their service without any sort of real reassurance (think things like a money back guarantee or proofing), and has so much that just doesn’t really add up. That just doesn’t instil confidence.

On top of that, and I know I’ve literally just spent so much time ranting about this, but I cannot overstate the important of it. The numbers in terms of profit just don’t add up. All of this makes the whole thing just… Well, if I’m diplomatic about it, it feels incredibly questionable. Because what you are really doing is taking Glen Grimshaw’s word that he has been able to make £200,000 through betting. Even though it doesn’t entirely make sense.

As I said way back at the start of this review, I think if you take betting seriously, you see it as an investment. Todays Top Bets just doesn’t really feel like an investment. The fact of the matter is that if you’re investing in, for example stocks, you look at a hell of a lot more than what the person running the company says. So, why would you do that with your betting?

The other way of looking at it is what I always call “the bloke down the pub scenario”. If a bloke in the pub asked you for £50 in order to get bets from him that were all but guaranteed to make you money, and he offered no other insight, would you take him up on that offer? I can’t speak for everybody reading this, but I would definitely give it a miss.  

And the worst of it all is that I can’t see any reason why it should be like this. At the end of the day, Glen Grimshaw has supposedly been in this game for a long time. So he should be in a position to provide evidence that his service has been profitable. But of course, that information is just incredibly conspicuous in its absence.

So, keeping all of this in mind, I really don’t think that I’d look to recommend Todays Top Bets. the fact of the matter is that the best thing that you can say here is it is cheap. Which of course is not a reason to buy something at all. Because, like I’ve said many times before, if you aren’t paying a lot for a bad product, you’re still paying for a bad product.

The bottom line is this. I would genuinely love Glen Grimshaw to prove me wrong and demonstrate that his service can actually produce a decent profit. I would love nothing more than to be able to recommend something that carries a profit potential of more than 1,000 points per year. But I just don’t believe that Todays Top Bets is that product. And I simply cannot overstate that this is probably worth giving a very large berth to.


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