Today’s Winning Selections Review

Today’s Winning Selections is a betting system. Quite what the system is is never touched upon once. There is just the promise of a 93% success rate. This is obviously a very suspicious start.

The website is operated by one Jonathan Wood who claims that with his magical betting system you can make at least £27, 836 a year. A staggering claim that is never backed up. Mr. Wood claims to have previously had a six figure salary although the only evidence he is able to provide of this is a very clearly manipulated image of a pay slip. One feels that Mr. Wood would have been better off leaving out rather than trying to include.

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It then goes on to say that the system will generate “thousands of pounds going into your account GUARANTEED”. Though the initial price point is not that high at £8.45 a distinct lack of any evidence combined with the previously mentioned manipulated image does not instill any confidence.

The program does offer a complete refund and Mr. Wood claims he will refund you £100 of his own money should you not succeed, but it is hard to find anything legitimate about this website to back up the claim.

The product is allegedly only open to 30 buyers in order to keep the system a secret and to stop the exploits it utilises being closed down but since there are 6 “customer” reviews currently displayed on the page that would suggest that there are in fact 24 buyer places available, unless you choose to view this as a blatant marketing ploy.

Overall this seems to be something to avoid. There is very blatant evidence of tampering on at least one image which casts any doubt on the “proof” of successes which only contain screenshots of an online account. The fact that such a high success rate is guaranteed with no explanation whatsoever of how it is achieved must be considered a little bit suspect, and finally Mr. Wood’s guarantee that he will refund you £100. Even taken at face value that it will be no quibble one is forced to consider how much money will have been lost before this is refunded.



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