Tom Nelson Racing Review

Tom Nelson Racing is an email based horse racing tipster from Tom Nelson and provided through Betting Gods. The service that uses a proprietary staking plan in order to minimise the risk.

What does the product offer?

Tom Nelson Racing is a service offering subscribers daily tips on horse races across the UK and Ireland. Betting Gods claim that Tom Nelson Racing will typically receive around 2 selections per day, typically before 10am. All advice that Tom Nelson Racing provides is either a win or an each way bet stakes starting at 2 points and going as high as 6 points. According to Betting Gods, Tom Nelson Racing has achieved a strike rate of 44.02%.

How does the product work?

There is no information on what method the eponymous Tom Nelson uses to make selections which is disappointing. What is clear however is that Tom Nelson Racing uses a combination of straight forward and somewhat riskier bets in order to provide a mix of odds and ensure a relatively consistent profit.

What is the initial investment?

Tom Nelson Racing comes with a 30 day trial which is available for a one off cost of just £4.95. After that subscriptions for Tom Nelson Racing are monthly, quarterly and lifetime and come in at £29.95, £69.95 and £149.95 respectively with all subscriptions offering a 60 day money back guarantee.

What is the rate of return?

Since its launch in July Tom Nelson Racing has gone on to achieve a total profit of 282.17 points using the recommended stakes.


At the core of Tom Nelson Racing is the staking system. This is where the majority of profits come from and as such there is also something of an inherent risk because of the increased exposure of the bank. That having been said there is a more than respectable strike rate which somewhat negates this (the lowest month achieved a still fair 40%). Tom Nelson Racing has not lost a month to date and in my opinion represents a strong entry into the horse racing market, especially when you consider the costs involved which are half of the current wave of Betfan releases. This combined with a 30 day trial period and a 60 day money back guarantee means that the only downside is that I feel that a rather substantial bank would be required, just in case of a big losing streak.



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Comments (6)

For promotional purposes, I decided to try this service. When I joined mid March 2015 they were already 14 points down. Come the close of March another 18.7 points were lost. Yet if you go to the website, they claim a profit of over 17 points for March. Also they are posting the names of incorrect winners. For instance, they claim a 0.5 point win bet on Gabrial for the Lincoln. The tip was in fact for Gabrials Kaka in the same race. On occasion, the tips received and the stake involved smacked of desperation in an attempt to claw back an increasing deficit. Not a service I shall be passing on. After I pointed out the various discrepancies to Darren at Betting Gods, my subscription was immediately cancelled without my say so.

Darren @ Betting Gods

Just wanted to respond to John’s comment regarding an error in the results in relation to Gabrials Kaka and Gabrial.
Once John made us aware of this error we corrected it immediately – despite the Betting Gods name we’re only human after all!

John’s subscription was cancelled (and refunded in full) at his own request.

This service uses slick promotional strategy. They shout from the rooftops when any of there services has a few winners yet never say a word about bad runs. I joined 3 services on a month trial. After 3 weeks I had lost well over half my bank. Tom Nelson was an absolute disaster (note he tips up e/w in alot of races even in 7 horse races), ValueTips performed very poorly also and premier greyhound tips broke close to even. Darren and the site seems genuine and they may their results on the site say they were doing well but 3 services for 3 weeks for me was abysmal. Make up your own mind but I don’t have any confidence in them at all as a result if my experience there.

I have followed since November 2015. November +14, December -35, January -21 so far. Bank roll management is reckless with 15 to 20 points a day. You can easily lose 50 points in a few bad days. Today we lost 11 points. The selections are certainly not value, lots of short odds which are usually beat. I’m really disappointed in this service. My results just don’t reflect a tipster supposedly averaging 27 points per month.

I tried High Rollers but didn’t live up to claims,losing 40 plus points in 2 weeks,must say I like what Darren promotes

Hi I joined High Rollers on 24th November and I am at the moment just over £1000 in profit to £5 a point stake.On the 11th Feb the profit reached a high of nearly £1500 but recent results have been a little dissappointing but hopefully they will bounce back shortly.It is still the best service I have joined.

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