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Tom Tragett’s Trading Program Review

Tom Tragett’s Trading Program is a product from Agora Lifestyles in which Tom Tragett shares the methods that he personally uses in order to successfully trade long term on Forex.

What does the product offer?

Tom Tragett’s Trading Program is a downloadable guide in which Tom Tragett provides full insight into the methods of trading that he uses. Tom Tragett’s Trading Program comes is broken down into a multiple step program with each step essentially being its own module on the training method. Through following Tom Tragett’s Trading Program, Tom Tragett claims that you will be able to show you trading fundamentals, how to  spot “when history is repeating itself” and what to look for in Forex markets for 2015. He also teaches users about a card game that allegedly will teach you the skills that you need to become a successful trader as well as an “analysis toolbox”. Also included with Tom Tragett’s Trading Program is a “raft of bonus material to make sure you have everything you need”.

How does the product work?

There are a number of different aspects to Tom Tragett’s Trading Program, none of which I can go into in any substantial detail for obvious reasons. What I can divulge is that Tom Tragett’s Trading Program involves looking at certain triggers and points as well as external influences on Forex markets. An example of this that Tom Tragett does provide is looking at what Mark Carney (head of the Bank of England) has to say about the value of the pound (and how this helped him to make a profit).

What is the initial investment?

Tom Tragett’s Trading Program typically sells for £247 however at the time of writing it is being offered at a 50% discount meaning you will pay just £123.50. Being an Agora Lifestyles product, Tom Tragett’s Trading Program does come with a 30 day money back guarantee.

What is the rate of return?

Tom Tragett and Agora Lifestyles make frequent reference to Tom Tragett’s Trading Program making over 1000 pips a time however I don’t believe that this will be the case very often as the same examples are wheeled out again and again.

Conclusion on Tom Tragett’s Trading Program

Tom Tragett has put out a number of products through Agora Lifestyles with very mixed results and Tom Tragett’s Trading Program seems to fall into this same category. It would be wrong to dismiss the methods that are taught and there is definitely some stuff that is usable. The big question for me is one of value. Whilst Tom Tragett’s Trading Program is a solid enough product it is quite expensive. Arguably the most interesting aspect of Tom Tragett’s Trading Program is that it is the only Forex product that I have seen that looks at long term trading which is something that is not often explored.

Whether or not Tom Tragett’s Trading Program is worth buying depends on what you want out of it. If you are looking for an interesting look at long term trading, then it is worth considering but I wouldn’t buy it with the intention of frequently making “thousands of pips of profit”.



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