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Top Football Tipster is a brand new to market tipster service which is being offered through the Betting Gods tipster stable. As the name suggests, it provides tips for football, however there is also a unique element to the service.

Introduction to Top Football Tipster

It is always a good thing in my opinion to see new tipster services coming from within the larger tipster stables, at least, when they are of a decent quality. The fact of the matter is that anybody can launch a tipster service off the back of a couple of good weeks.

What is genuinely impressive is offering a tipster service which has been proven to be consistent for any period of time. Enter Betting Gods and their latest tipster service, Top Football Tipster.

The service has been proofed through the tipster group for some time (since September of last year) which places it firmly into the realm of well tested. That isn’t the part that makes this service stand out though, so much as the consistency of the results.

Top Football Tipster has seen pretty respectable profits month on month, and that all seems to be down to an element that is very different to anything else that I have seen on the market before now. I don’t want to oversell Top Football Tipster at this point as there is a lot to consider, but I will say that it definitely represents an interesting option.

What Does Top Football Tipster Offer?

In terms of how it is operated by Betting Gods, Top Football Tipster is a pretty typical example of what you can expect from a modern tipster service. Each day, selections are issued to subscribers, typically in the morning between 9am and 11am.

As is the case with all products from Betting Gods, there are a large number of ways of accessing the bets from Top Football Tipster. They are sent directly out via email (as you would expect), however they are also uploaded to a special Top Football Tipster member’s area, as well as being provided through Betting Gods mobile app (which is available on Android and iOS).

The bets themselves are an incredibly mixed bag, however as I will explore, I believe that this is a large part of why Top Football Tipster is able to work as it does.

There are a number of betting markets which are covered, as you would no doubt expect from a football tipster service, however this runs to more than just backing things like backing a team to win, over/under goals markets, and both teams to score Top Football Tipster also involves a number of lay bets as well.

Naturally, this does mean that a betting account is required through a betting exchange. It is worth noting that Betting Gods’s proofing does demonstrate that Top Football Tipster isn’t a particularly high volume service which is likely to be a blessing.

This segues nicely into the staking plan for Top Football Tipster which is… Well, it’s risky to say the least. Bets are advised to be backed at anywhere from 1 point all the way up to 10 points on a given bet.

Factor in that this does include lay bets and you have some potentially massive liabilities. Fortunately, this doesn’t see to be too common an occurrence according to Betting Gods’s proofing. None the less, a betting bank of 200 points is recommended in order to follow Top Football Tipster. This appears to provide just enough of a buffer that you can cope with the losses.

Now, I was fully expecting at this point that you would need a lot of balls in order to follow through with Top Football Tipster. After all, potentially putting a quarter of your betting bank down on one bet is a lot to ask, especially if you aren’t a disciplined bettor.

The strike rate for Top Football Tipster stands at 72.28% according to Betting Gods however, a result that is mindbogglingly good if I’m honest. I would expect this off a half decent lay betting service, but the fact that this combines back and win bets and is still able to maintain this consistency is representative of what you can expect.

How Does Top Football Tipster Work?

The fact that Top Football Tipster is a Betting Gods product does mean certain things. Namely that there is a lack of information on the service. There is plenty of data which somewhat makes up for it, but there is no getting around the fact that there is no information on the selection process.

This is rather disappointing as whilst some selections are quite obvious choices (laying a draw between Liverpool and Crystal Palace or BTTS for Tottenham v Barcelona) there are a lot of less obvious choices. These are mostly centred on Middle Eastern and Asian football.

With this having been said, whatever the approach is, the brief for Top Football Tipster is quite clear. Win often and the rest takes care of itself. I don’t doubt that this is a big part of why the lay bets are included.

The fact of the matter is that there aren’t really many bets advised that have longer odds etc. so they don’t even stand out much. Building on this, I think that the strike rate more than adequately reflects this fact in my opinion. Whilst this does have some impact on the overall profit and loss, it still stands the service in good stead.

What is the Initial Investment?

There are just two options if you want to subscribe to Top Football Tipster. The first of these is a monthly subscription which is priced at £39 (plus VAT). Alternatively, and representing better value, you can sign up for Top Football Tipster for the full year at a cost of £399 (plus VAT).

This is a one time payment however which is somewhat costly I will admit. It is worth noting that when you sign up for both of these options, there is a 1 week trial which is priced at just £1. On top of this, as is the case with all products from Betting Gods, Top Football Tipster comes with a full 30 day money back guarantee which is backed up by Clickbank.  

What is the Rate of Return?

Since it launched in September of 2018, Top Football Tipster has produced a points profit of 168.14 points. This sounds like a pretty respectable number, something which the average monthly profits of 28 points backs up.

Furthermore, Betting Gods say that this also means bank growth of 84.07% which is a strong figure given the time scale. Looking slightly less impressive is the ROI of 9.18%, although I still don’t think this is bad by any stretch of the imagination.

Conclusion on Top Football Tipster

I have to hold my hands up and say that I am quite impressed with Top Football Tipster. It has a lot of what I like to see from a tipster service, and it manages all of this whilst adding its own approach which is refreshing.

So where do I start? I think I want to open up with looking at what is arguably the biggest downside to the service which is the staking plan. You can really end up betting a lot of money, just on a few bets. If this turns out to be a lay bet as well, there is a possibility for some very substantial liability.

With that out of the way, the rest of the results are massively impressive. The strike rate means that you simply aren’t going to be losing bets that often. This is a fantastic thing as it really allows you to build your bank on a consistent basis.

Now, this isn’t recommended by Betting Gods, but if you were to combine this with compounding, you could do a good job of boosting that ROI of 9.18% (another area that could be seen as a weakness).

There isn’t a lot of getting around the fact that Top Football Tipster is a bit unconventional.

In spite of this it is a very strong football tipster service if you can get on board with it. There may be an argument for it being a touch pricey, but I can sill see value in Top Football Tipster and as such, I would recommend giving this some serious consideration.

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