Top Football Tipster Review

Top Football Tipster is a sports betting tipster service that focuses on providing free football tips to users. These are made up of a variety of different bet types with a pretty clear view to maximising value.

What does the product offer?

It is not very often that I am left genuinely impressed by a tipster service, however Top Football Tipster may just pull that off. The bit that really threw me off as this realisation dawned on me was that the service has impressed for a number of reasons, but it is far from the best. I have seen much more profitable services, better strike rates, better odds, more interesting betting types. I could go on about individual elements but to understand why Top Football Tipster is impressive, you have to see it as the sum of its parts.

There are a lot of different features to look at with Top Football Tipster but I will start with what I feel is undoubtedly the most important, the tips. There are a variety of different tips available however these can mostly be broken down into 3 different groups. These are Tipster’s Double, Tipster’s Accumulator and £20 to £1000 challenge. All of these are pretty self explanatory however I will look at them in more detail.

The Tipster’s Double updates frequently and aims to build your ban through doubles at odds of around 2.0. All bets are advised at level stakes and it is important that there is some discipline if you want to make this aspect of Top Football Tipster profitable. Because of the odds that you are betting at with Tipster’s Double, you need an average strike rate of more than 50% in order to make profit. Fortunately, Top Football Tipster has done a fine job of this attaining an average of 59.3%.

The Tipster’s Accumulator side of Top Football Tipster aims to provide at least one accumulator per week which is typically over the weekend. These aim to take advantage of bookies that have generous offers (for example having stakes returned as a free bet if you miss by one match). They look at matches from across Europe and use a variety of different bets in order to generate value. This is a little more advanced than Top Football Tipster’s double service however there is a big button at the bottom of selections that automatically take you to the recommended bookies.

Top Football Tipster’s £20 to £1000 service is a little more diverse than the others and aims to do exactly what it says on the tin. This is achieved through some rather ballsy stake increases and reinvesting all of your profits in the next bet. This does however mean that theoretically, a user could get to £1000 in less than a dozen bets.

This isn’t all that there is to Top Football Tipster however. There are a number of different tools that the team provide. There is a (somewhat sporadically updated) blog that looks at football betting, a bet calculator and I feel most importantly, their betting school. This covers pretty much everything that a beginning bettor would want to know, from betting types to

How does the product work?

The selection process for Top Football Tipster is something that is actually covered in a lot of detail which makes a refreshing change. The selection process is based around a number of different aspects and whilst it wouldn’t be possible to explore all of these in detail, I do intend to summarise.

Basically there are two approaches to selections which are statistical and none statistical. The statistical aspect of Top Football Tipster involves looking at historic data, home and away records and the goals history. Mostly involve quantifiable factors that remain constant. The none statistical elements of Top Football Tipster are external influences on a game or aren’t necessarily a “value”. There is a lot to consider here and it can range from a key player being rested to the current position in the league and even things like recent form.

This does mean that a lot of the selections that are made end up coming across as a bit obvious. I would rather have obvious tips that win however than value tips that end up making a loss. This is something that I have seen happen far too often and honestly, Top Football Tipster makes a refreshing change from this.

What is the initial investment?

Top Football Tipster is an entirely free service and this is one of the things that really makes it stand out. Furthermore, the approach that the Top Football Tipster team have mean that you don’t even need a necessarily substantial betting bank. Obviously, if you want to bet £100 per point then you will need a decent bank, but I’d be inclined to say that you shouldn’t need more than 50 points.

What is the rate of return?

Whilst there are results available for Top Football Tipster (as well as having all previous bets available to view), there is unfortunately no income figures. All of that having been said, I have looked over the results for Top Football Tipster and I have to say that I would have a rather tempered expectation. There is definitely some profit to be had here, however this is unlikely to be substantial.

As a side note, I also feel that I should mention the £20 to £1000 challenge. Whilst it is possible that you can make £1000 from £20, I would view this a bet that is worth a punt rather than having any real expectation of making £1000 from £20.


I may be guilty of looking at Top Football Tipster through slightly rose tinted glasses given the fact that it is a free service but I do think it is a solid offering. I mentioned earlier that Top Football Tipster is one of the better tipster services that I have looked at and I stand by this statement, however I do feel that perhaps I should qualify it a little better here.

Top Football Tipster isn’t something that I would recommend to any serious bettor. Anybody looking to make a substantial income through the selections is going to have to bet substantially and this will undoubtedly have an effect on things like your morale and ability to stick with the service. With this in mind, I see Top Football Tipster as perfect for the casual punter.

£20 on a double will give you a bit of beer money whilst the weekend accumulators will open up the odd night out. The fact is that the return potential is somewhat limited and whilst this is disappointing, the cost (or lack thereof) involved with Top Football Tipster means that you don’t have any subscription fees to cover. This is the polar opposite of some of the tipster services I look at which may well produce 60 points per month of profit, however you have to spend 5 points per bet to achieve this.

Overall, I think that Top Football Tipster is well worth a look for almost anybody with an interest in football betting. It is a solid offering and covers almost everything that you would expect. Even the few problems with Top Football Tipster are rather overshadowed by the positives. With no cost, and no real risk involved, I would definitely look to get on board with Top Football Tipster personally.



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Nice review, and spot on with every point you made. There have been a few changes since this post was written though, they now post Singles as well as doubles, and they have changed their results section to now include monthly profit/loss and ROI% as can be seen here It’s not as pretty as the old results which had a nice graph showing a win/void/loss percentage, but it’s much more informative as you can now see exactly how much profit the tips actually make each month.

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