Top Level Profit Review

Top Level Profit is a new to market sports betting tipster service which is being offered by one Ian Harper-Bell. He claims tat he can make you a profit with his selections over the coming Premier League season.

Introduction to Top Level Profit

Every year as the football season begins to warm up, two things happen. First of all, I get far too excited (or equally as often, disappointed) by the goings on in the transfer window (especially for my beloved Manchester United). I also see a massive uptick in the number of football tipster services.

This year has been no different, and I suspect that next year will be the same. But with claims of making £23,481 in a season from betting on the Premier League, it is also rather difficult to ignore services like todays subject, Top Level Profit.

Honestly, Ian Harper-Bell makes some very bold claims about his service, how much money he has made through betting, and more importantly for me, how much you or I could make. Now, there is also a hell of a lot that is missing, and these factors concern me a lot. So, is Top Level Profit your must have betting service for the upcoming season, or another likely flop? Let’s see.  

What Does Top Level Profit Offer?

Honestly, there is a lot to process with Top Level Profit. Much of this comes down to those aforementioned “bold claims” that Ian Harper-Bell makes, and I can say here and now that there is a lot here that is polarising. As such, there is a lot of ground to cover, starting with what you actually receive.

Ian Harper-Bell says that in his opinion “every game has a winnable bet”, and as such, he likes to bet on every game in the Premier League. That is a massive undertaking for a number of reasons and honestly, it slightly concerns me, but I will get to this a little later.

We are told that the reason that every game has a winnable bet is down to the huge variety of betting markets that exist. This means that you if you are following Top Level Profit, you will also be covering a huge amount of these markets. Ian Harper-Bell actually says the following:

“We look at everything from the half time market, full time results, over/under different amounts of goals, goal scorers, first team to score and many more”

Fortunately, this range of bets doesn’t get too far into the exotic and more niche markets and so you shouldn’t have too much of a problem. None the less, the sheer volume of bets may ultimately prove problematic for some people. You are looking at 10 bets per week, every week.

In terms of how you receive bets, Ian Harper-Bell says that he issues an email to all Top Level Profit subscribers before the weekend starts. These bets cover all games from Friday through to Monday, however midweek games are issued slightly differently. We are told that for these, you will receive bets the evening before kick off.

What is interesting is that Ian Harper-Bell says the following: “I use the Betfair Sportsbook for most of my bets, but some punters do not have access to this. So for fixtures where my chosen bet isn’t available on the exchange I offer up an alternative.”

From this, I find it hard to discern whether or not this is in fact an exchange based betting system or you should be using bookies. It isn’t like the emails that I have seen cast any real light on this matter either. Realistically, a bookmaker with BOG should be preferred, but this lack of information is a consistent theme throughout Top Level Profit and it is a very real problem.

One of the few things that Ian Harper-Bell does provide information on is a relatively well explained staking plan. This involves using a 30 point betting bank to get started, with bets recommended to be backed using £25 per bet. This means a £750 starting bank.

Once you are £1,000 into profit, you are supposed to withdraw your initial £750 and stake £50 per bet up until you hit the £10,000 profit mark. At this point, Ian Harper-Bell says that you should look to move over to £100 per bets which is the cap for the service.

One thing that isn’t discussed anywhere is the strike rate for the service. Ian Harper-Bell simply skips over all of this. There is also no proofing that is provided that would allows us to try and calculate such a figure for Top Level Profit.

This is hugely disappointing to me at least as Ian Harper-Bell says that he has been betting using the same method that he does for Top Level Profit for the last 5 seasons. As such, you would expect an experienced bettor to keep records that he can share (and with a claimed 20 years as a professional sports bettor behind him, Ian Harper-Bell definitely falls into this category). The fact they aren’t, is another point of worry for me.

How Does Top Level Profit Work?

With so many games to bet on, and so many betting markets to cover, you could easily be forgiven for thinking that Ian Harper-Bell has a clear plan in terms of how he approaches betting for Top Level Profit. Of course, there doesn’t appear to be. Or at least, if there is, it isn’t shared with us.

That worries me so much. The truth of the matter is that there is absolutely no evidence that Top Level Profit is a legitimate tipster service in my opinion. There is no proofing that we can look at to see what kind of bets have been placed, what kind of thing to expect for the future etc. Nor does Ian Harper-Bell talk about his selection process.

I don’t expect a massively detailed breakdown of things, but I do feel that as a consumer, you should be able to make an informed decision about what you are buying into. In the case of Top Level Profit, we are effectively told “Nah mate, honestly, I’m dead good at this me. You just have to take my word for it though”. That just isn’t good enough.

What is the Initial Investment?

In terms of the costs, there is just one option that is available for Top Level Profit. That is a one off payment of £39.99 (plus VAT) for which we are told that you will get access for the full season. Supposedly, this is a limited time offer and significant discount on the “actual” value which Ian Harper-Bell claims is £399.

It is worth noting that Ian Harper-Bell is selling Top Level Profit through Clickbank which means that there is a full 60 day money back guarantee in place. This is relatively prominently advertised (which is about the best thing I can say about the service at this point).

What is the Rate of Return?

This is the reason that we are all here ultimately. To make money, and if you believe Ian Harper-Bell, you can make a lot of it with Top Level Profit. Using his staking plan, he claims that in the last 5 years, he has failed to make less than £20,000.

He also says that he has twice hit his target figure of £25,000. The clear implication here (at least in my opinion), is that this kind of number can be achieved again. Once again, I cannot stress enough that these numbers are entirely unsubstantiated (as is the £23,481 that is claimed in the headline for Top Level Profit).

What is interesting about this to me, is that despite a relatively well detailed staking plan, none of these numbers actually have any context without proofing. This is yet another element of Ian Harper-Bell’s service that sets alarm bells ringing.

Conclusion for Top Level Profit

There is no denying the fact that there is money to be made through betting on football. What I will say is that it is surprisingly difficult to achieve this. Naturally, Ian Harper-Bell will tell you that he is well qualified to lead Top Level Profit subscribers to this kind of profit. This is all well and good, but I would love to see him walk the walk as well as talk the talk.

And that is the real problem that I have with Top Level Profit. There is absolutely no evidence to back up any of the claims that are mad. Honestly, I cannot immediately recall any product that I have looked at that does such a good job of avoiding telling you anything about the service.

The only thing that Ian Harper-Bell really discusses is that staking plan, and I have a very good idea why that is. See, claiming a profit of £25,000 is pretty easy to do. But to make the staking involved seem appealing to people is a bit of a talent. The plan that is involved with Top Level Profit does a very good job of slowly ramping up the stakes so that it seems appealing.

After all, if you’ve made £10,000 worth of profit in a season, where is the harm in staking £100? Likewise, when you hit that £1,000 profit mark, you withdraw your initial betting bank and you’re playing with the bookies money at that point. It all makes sense and certainly sounds relatively risk free.

But, if you’re betting on every game (that’s 10 a week), at £25 per game, that won’t take you long to lose your betting bank if you happen to hit a rough patch. And at that point, you’re still betting with your own money.

Sure, Ian Harper-Bell can make it seem like a dead cert, but he doesn’t prove it and that brings me back to that lack of evidence. If you can talk about how you find those bets that can win on every game. If you can actively demonstrate that you have in fact won more than £20,000 for the last 5 years, well, that goes a long way to proving that your service works. But Ian Harper-Bell doesn’t.

I could keep going on about this and honestly, it does become a bit like a loop, but it is very pertinent in my opinion. There are far too many tipster services out there that simply throw out claims willy nilly, and if you, as a tipster, aren’t willing to back those claims up with any sort of tangible evidence, then I just don’t see it as being a viable option.

This is especially applicable when you look at the fact that there are so many genuine and competitive tipster services on the market. They may cost more, but as I’ve said plenty of times before now, if you aren’t paying a lot of money for a bad product, you are still getting a bad product.


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Be careful if you think you can rely on the Click Bank 60 day money back guarantee. I have just tried to claim this for Top Level Profits and they have refused me citing that I need to contact the vendor. This I will do but I am now beginning to think that the Click Bank Guarantee is worthless. Good Luck to all.

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