Top Level Profits Review

Top Level Profits is a brand new to market sports betting tipster service that comes courtesy of one Ian Bell. Unlike a lot of football tipster service, it looks exclusively at the Premier League.

Introduction to Top Level Profits

Tipping is a funny old industry in many respects. People have massively differing opinions on how much weight should be placed on differing aspects of a service. Some for example, will consider form to be much more important than historic results. There is merit to this.

A lot of people made a small fortune betting the other year when Leicester won the Premier League. The season after however, you would have been taking a pretty big punt favouring them over any of the big 6 in the league.

In differing circumstances, different things work. Top Level Profits takes a very unique approach in so much as I have never seen service that is so uniquely niche. Ian Bell talks a pretty good talk I have to be honest, but then this is also a very slick marketing operation, something which often comes unstuck very quickly.

So where exactly does Top Level Profits fit? Let’s get stuck in and find out.

What Does Top Level Profits Offer?

As always, I want to start by addressing logistics first. In focusing entirely on the Premier League, Top Level Profits is inevitably going to be different to most of its competitors. This means that whilst Ian Bell does still issue his selections, they are a long way from a daily basis. In stead, you will receive an email before the weekend starts. This will cover a bet for every game including Friday and Monday fixtures.

Furthermore, Ian Bell says that once midweek fixtures start to become a thing, Top Level Profits subscribers will also get details of bets “the evening before kickoff at the very latest”.

top-level-profits-reviewSo, what can you expect from Top Level Profits? Based off what Ian Bell says (which I will get to), then variety is definitely going to be the name of the game. This means that there are a massive assortment of betting markets covered. Ian Bell talks about straight forward bets like backing a team to win before looking at things like half time and full time results, goal scores, goal markets and a host of other bet types.

Ian Bell says that he starts off every season with a 30 point bank using £25 per point. Once this has grown and £1,000 of profit has been made, the initial £750 betting bank is withdrawn and you would move up to £50 bets. This increases as the profits that you make through Top Level Profits increase topping out at £100 per bet when you hit £10,000 profit.

The astute amongst you will notice that there is some discrepancy in terms of how the stakes grow here. Namely that Top Level Profits’s staking plan means 10 times the bank means double the stake per point..

Rather interestingly, there are no claims made about the strike rate for Top Level Profits. Given that Ian Bell talks extensively about his previous results, this is rather disappointing. Perhaps not at all surprisingly, there isn’t even any form of proofing provided which would allow us to calculate this figure either. None of this bodes well for Top Level Profits.

How Does Top Level Profits Work?

Ian Bell says that he has been a professional sports bettor for the past 20 years, and that it is his sole source of income. He also says that he has tried “just about everything on the market and created many more strategies that are still not on the market”.

He talks about focussing exclusively on the Premier League so that he “can keep track of everything that is going on with every team” and that by combining this knowledge with his 20 years of betting experience, Top Level Profits can be successful.

Realistically, this doesn’t actually tell us anything. About the only thing that can reasonably be extrapolated is that Top Level Profits looks at a variety of betting markets as Ian Bell believes that there is value to be had in every game, if you are betting in the correct manner.

This is a very rational sounding statement however with no evidence to back it up or provide context, I remain cynical about whether this is based on experience or marketing spiel.

What is the Initial Investment?

Ian Bell seems to imply that the real value of Top Level Profits is £297 per season. We are however blessed as he is currently offering the service at a tenth of the price meaning just £29.70 per season (in case you missed it, there was some sarcasm in that statement).

This sounds very reasonable on the surface of things however it is important to keep in mind that there is no evidence backing up the claims made by Top Level Profits.

Because Ian Bell is selling Top Level Profits through Clickbank, this does mean that there is a 60 day money back guarantee in place on the product. This is well advertised which is one of the few positives behind Top Level Profits.

What is the Rate of Return?

Top Level Profits is built on the idea of making £25,000 per season according to Ian Bell. In spite of this, last season this number was not met with £23,481 being taken instead. The sales material for Top Level Profits talks about this number like it is something that are guaranteed to get with it quoted in most of the headlines and sub headers etc.

Conclusion on Top Level Profits

Betting entirely on the Premier League is a bold strategy, however as mentioned, I do think that there is a rather interesting logic to the claims that Ian Bell makes. After all, Opta can show you a host of stats these days, and from there, well the sky is the limit on paper. That is the important part. On paper.

As it happens however, Ian Bell doesn’t even give us any evidence on paper, let alone in practice. There is simply a mention of professional betting and a vague reference to understanding the game etc. For my money, this isn’t nearly enough evidence. There is no proofing, there is no real explanation of how selections are made.

Truth be told, everything that is discussed in a very hypothetical context and that bothers me greatly.

I don’t expect a tipster to come in giving us all of the information on how they do business. That wouldn’t be fair. But Ian Bell should give us something. Instead, the focus of the service seems to be on how easy it is to make money, how you can start small and end up making  big money (using a staking plan that I would like to add seems to have no rational compounding to it). None of this bodes well.

Arguably the nail in the coffin is the fact that Top Level Profits is being sold through a very well known to me Clickbank marketer. To the extent where I recognise their name on products and that tells me a lot.

I could be very wrong here in saying to you that Top Level Profits is a service that I would avoid. Sometimes that does happen, but I can say with confidence that this is being marketed by somebody who has a pretty consistent history of not getting close to the results claimed, if they make a profit at all.

With that in mind, I am going to say that as interesting an idea as it seems, Top Level Profits just doesn’t look like it is a good investment.


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I notice you reviewed this product in August 2018 so the profits Mr Bell made would have been for the 2017/2018 season. I’ve just had some marketing material to try to sell me the system for this coming season, in which he said he made £23,481 last season, which obviously was the 2018/19 season. Strange that the profits for 2017/18 and also 2018/19 seasons were exactly the same £23,481!

Same email received here seems another pile of rubbish being hashed out.

This site appears to be a sc*m. They were very tardy in sending selections and these then dried up just after the 60day refund period expired!! Avoid like the plague!!!

Same happened to me. Selections overall were poor, & no profits were obtained. Fortunately , I had used PayPal & managed to obtain a refund through them

Thanks for the information guys
I will steer clear of this site

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