Top Marks Review, Offered by Sports World Publishing

Top Marks is a horse racing tipster service which is being offered through Sportsworld Publishing tipster stable. It claims to have provided a decent profit since launching in November 2017.

Introduction to Top Marks

Some services are sold off the back of flashy claims and ridiculous statements. Things along the lines of “This new service blows everything out of the water. Betting will never be the same again! ARE YOU READY TO TELL YOUR BOSS TO STICK HIS JOB AND RETIRE TO THE CARRIBEAN!?!”. These services are highly questionable and I can’t recall ever encountering one that I recommended.

Top Marks is not like this and fortunately, nor are Sportsworld Publishing. The focus is on realistic and professional horse racing betting and that is no bad thing. Sure, it isn’t necessarily glamorous and sometimes, things might be stretched a little here and there. By and large tough, I am always much keener on their type of product compared to those that make promises that they simply can’t deliver. With this in mind, let’s look at Top Marks and see whether or not it is any good.

What Does Top Marks Offer?

Sportsworld Publishing are pretty no nonsense in their approach to betting and this is reflected in how Top Marks is operated. The tipster behind the service identifies selections on a daily basis. These are then sent directly out to subscribers via email, usually in the morning with Sportsworld Publishing  aiming for around 9.40am. All very much as you would expect.

The quality of email that you receive is acceptable. There is definitely enough information provided to get your bets placed however it is worth noting that the volume means that detail isn’t really an option here.

top-marks-reviewTalking of the bets, in terms of the proofing that has been supplied by Sportsworld Publishing, all that Top Marks has issued to date is win bets. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. One thing that must be addressed is the volume.

I have mentioned this and as you would expect, this is rather high. It is not uncommon to see more than 10 bets in a given day. To create slightly more context here, the daily average number of bets works out at 5.5 which over a month means that you are investing quite a substantial amount to generate your profit.

Leading on from this, I want to talk about the staking plan. High volume services have (in my experience) won and lost on how they manage a betting bank. In the case of Top Marks, the approach is straight forward. The proofing from Sportsworld Publishing shows that all bets are backed to 1 point level stakes which is a sensible policy in my book.

It is worth keeping in mind however that even to £10 stakes, this could mean that following Top Marks involves betting £120 plus per day.

Fortunately, the high volume of bets is accompanied by a rather respectable strike rate. In the five months that Sportsworld Publishing have been proofing the service, there are 242 winners from a total of 671 advised bets.

This works out as a strike rate of 36% which is slightly higher than the strike rate mentioned in the sales material which stands at 34%.  Given that there is a decent range of odds on offer (going as high as 18/1 winners), this is a pretty strong figure.

How Does Top Marks Work?

One of the things that is good about Sportsworld Publishing is they are quite open about what their services involve. In the case of Top Marks, they say that the service is based on their own private handicap ratings.

These ratings are said to be unique due to the fact that they take into account numerous factors that ordinary ratings overlook. Examples given by Sportsworld Publishing of this include “Jockeyship, trainer form, current form and betting”. Quite what this last part means isn’t explored. Also key to making Top Marks work is taking the best odds that are available at the time bets are issued.

What is the Initial Investment?

There is only one option if you want to subscribe to Top Marks which is a monthly one. For this, Sportsworld Publishing are asking £30 per month with payment handled directly via Paypal.

It is worth noting that when you sign up, there is an offer at the time of writing which means that you can get your first month for half price meaning just £15. It is worth noting that there is no real money back guarantee offered for Top Marks, however Sportsworld Publishing do say that refund requests should be made by email or telephone and they will be given immediate attention.

What is the Rate of Return?

The overall profit for Top Marks supposedly stands at 312.51 points of profit since November. Unfortunately, there is no full proofing to back this up. What is worth noting however is that Sportsworld Publishing’s proofing for the service show a profit of about 98 points since March 2018 which is roughly in line with the wide income claim. These are not bad results by any stretch of the imagination.

Conclusion on Top Marks

Sportsworld Publishing carry with them a pretty decent reputation and that definitely helps in terms of weighing up the validity of Top Marks.

When you consider that two thirds of the claimed results aren’t proofed, this is an important factor. Being a genuine product is however only a part of the bigger picture in terms of a quality tipster service and it is only when you consider some of these bigger pictures that Top Marks really starts to come together in my book.

First of all, the important part which is the results. Top Marks isn’t necessarily ground breaking but you are looking at an effective profit of a little under 20 points per month based off the proofed results. If you go with the results from day one, you are looking at 35 points per month on average. These are not inconsiderable results.

Of course there are some downsides. The volume of bets means that the overall ROI will not be huge (around 15% without getting out a calculator), however it is respectable. It is also interesting to note that Top Marks peaked at around 310 points overall profit in June this year. At the time of writing, the profit stands at 312. This plateau is something of a concern and represents the possibility that future profits may suffer.

The only thing left that I really think is worth weighing in on here is the value for money. Top Marks is not expensive and using average profits, it has done pretty well.

The problem with averages however is that they often show results that are a long way from typical. With this in mind, I am a little reluctant to recommend Top Marks as it currently stands. That doesn’t mean that I think that it is a bad product but almost 2 months with no profit or loss show that in real terms, following Top Marks may prove to simply be a loss.

I wouldn’t however be inclined to dismiss this as I do believe that there is still potential. It just might be a case of revisiting the service in a few months.


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