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Top Notch Tips Review

Top Notch Tips is an email based horse racing tipster service provided by an unnamed tipster in conjunction with the Betting Gods group.

What does the product offer?

Top Notch Tips is a horse racing tipsters service that operates seven days a week providing 2-3 tips daily. The service is email based and subscribers can expect tips to be received by 10.30 on the day of the race. All bets for Top Notch Tips are back to win with 1 or 2 point staking recommended by the tipster. At the time of writing this Top Notch Tips has achieved a strike rate of 37.4% but despite this is showing a profit.

How does the product work?

The Betting Gods claim that Top Notch Tips uses a betting system that relies on the tipsters commitment, patience and discipline. They also add to this that the unnamed tipster behind Top Notch Tips has the ability to identify trends and weaknesses in the betting markets. I would speculate that this suggests some kind of form analysis and rating although this is only speculative.

What is the initial investment?

Top Notch Tips comes with a one month trial for £4.95. After this the service is available weekly, monthly and quarterly at a rate of £7.95, £24.95 and £59.95 respectively. As Betting Gods use ClickBank as their chosen payment platform there is also a 60 day money back guarantee in place.

What is the rate of return?

Since September 2013 Top Notch Tips has produced a profit of £1297.20 using £10 stakes. This represents a 129.72 point profit.


I am not sold on Top Notch Tips. The profits average out at £144.13 per month. Take away your monthly subscription cost and this becomes less than £120. For what you are paying I think that there are substantially more profitable tipster services available. For those who remain interested though there is very little risk involved in taking a one month trial and playing on paper to see how things go.



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