Top Racing Tips Review

Top Racing Tips is a relatively long standing horse racing tipster service which is operated by one Jack Ashcroft. It is somewhat unique in that it is operated entirely through Twitter.

Introduction Top Racing Tips

I can’t really recall having ever looked at something like Top Racing Tips before in a professional capacity. Sure, I have looked at tipsters who have Twitter accounts (a must have these days it seems).

I have also looked at tipsters who have some unique methods of delivery (I should probably say that Tweeting tips isn’t anything new. The structure of Top Racing Tips is very unlike anything I have seen before however), but I will come to this a little later on. In and of itself though, I wouldn’t ever invest time and effort on a tipster solely due to a novelty factor. What is really important to me here are the numbers that Jack Ashcroft says that he is achieving through Top Racing Tips. There are some seemingly very strong results there. Can these be built on and maintained? Let’s see.

What Does Top Racing Tips Offer?

As mentioned, Top Racing Tips is a lot different to premium tipster services that I (as well as I would imagine, most people) are used to looking at. The fact that the Jack Ashcroft’s service is based entirely on Twitter means that there isn’t necessarily a whole lot of information to go off. I have delved pretty deep into the metaphorical archives and whilst I can talk about some things, there are areas where the format of Top Racing Tips means that information simply isn’t available.

From everything that I have seen, Top Racing Tips is as near as makes a different a daily tipster service. Jack Ashcroft tends to deliver his selections the evening before racing which is all well and good. What should be noted here however is one of the first things that stand out to me here. Whilst the bets are decent enough, there can be very quick shifts in odds.

This means that when Top Racing Tips sends out tips, odds drop, and as such, you need to be quick off the mark if you want to maximise your profits. Building on this, it can also mean disappointed punters if you miss something. The bets themselves have a decent structure and you shouldn’t have any problems following Jack Ashcroft’s advice from a technical standpoint. This is one thing that does stand out about Top Racing Tips.

There is a varied staking plan in place for Top Racing Tips which Jack Ashcroft provides when you sign up for the service. I don’t want to go into it in detail here, however I do want to point out how much you can potentially be staking. Bets of up to 12 points may be advised on each horse. This can become expensive when losing. This means that you really have to have a very good grasp and understanding of your betting bank.

I finally want to talk about how often you will win. Top Racing Tips is not operated through a website and as such, there are a lot of things that it can be easy to overlook that you are missing. One such thing is proofing. Whilst Jack Ashcroft will occasionally send out bets for a few weeks at a time, these usually highlight a particular win or a shift in trend. As such, there is little way of working out how often you can expect to win through Top Racing Tips on any longer term basis.

How Does Top Racing Tips Work?

Another problem with having just a Twitter Bio to tell people about yourself is that there is no reliable way of informing people of your betting strategies.

This naturally applies with Jack Ashcroft. We are told absolutely nothing about what the selection process entails. I have often said that this is a problem in a lot of respects. As a consumer, you should always have some understanding of what you are getting into so that you can make an entirely informed decision.

Sometimes, proofing can go a long way toward this, however this isn’t really there for Top Racing Tips either. I do think that there is some mitigation however.

Jack Ashcroft has a very substantial following on Twitter with Top Racing Tips Premium having 482 followers and Top Racing Tips Gold having 418 followers. This suggests to me that whilst we cannot necessarily make an informed decision based off numbers or strategy, I think that it is reasonable to put some faith in these numbers.

What is the Initial Investment?

Because there are two different premium Twitter accounts associated with Top Racing Tips, there are two very different price points. Jack Ashcroft doesn’t actually state prices on his Twitter however I have carried out some digging around. If you choose to simply receive Jack Ashcroft’s Premium Selections, this appears to be priced at £20 per month. If you want to sign up to Top Racing Tips Gold, this is more expensive at £35 per month.

What is the Rate of Return?

Jack Ashcroft’s claims of income are quite substantive. There is simply no other way of describing it. Over the last 141 days, he claims that Top Racing Tips has made more than 100 points of profit every month since June. This means 812 points in 141 days. This would naturally make Top Racing Tips one of the most profitable tipster services that I have ever seen, full stop.

I do however feel that this number must be qualified in a few ways. First of all, there is the fact that it seems to be based off Jack Ashcroft’s odds. These will always be “the best”. Secondly, there is the fact that some of these stakes would have been particularly high value bets.

Conclusion on Top Racing Tips

If you were betting £10 per point on Jack Ashcroft’s betting advice, you would probably be very pleased with your summer. For most betting services, I wouldn’t say that this is really a stretch financially either. Unfortunately, Top Racing Tips is not really most betting services. One of the biggest complaints that I want to talk about with the service is the staking plan that is in place.

Complaint is probably a bit extreme, but the fact remains that using a quiet reasonable stake quickly becomes a £120 bet with Top Racing Tips. That won’t suit everybody.

With that out of the way, I want to talk about some of the positives. First of all, Jack Ashcroft has been running Top Racing Tips through Twitter for a number of years.

The numbers that are subscribed are testament to the belief that people have in the service. And whilst there may not be proofing, Jack Ashcroft provides pretty frequent updates on his bets and how they perform. This also adds weight to the notion that Top Racing Tips has long term staying power.

With all this out of the way, I want to talk about the way that Top Racing Tips operates. The fact that everything is through Twitter just won’t work for some people, and I can see why. This also impacts the odds sometimes, however I have talked about that and don’t wish to dwell on it.

Realistically, I don’t think that Top Racing Tips is a bad product. It is a decent quality service and the longevity on social media suggests that it will work well in the future as well.

The fact of the matter is that for all the ways I have seen tipsters justify themselves and their abilities, 2 years on Twitter is about the most difficult test that I can imagine. It is about as much as any other service out there and I think that it is fair to say that it is probably worth some consideration if you are willing to play the long game.

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From: Simon Roberts