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Top Rated Bets Review Betfan

Top Rated Bets is a long running horse racing tipster service operated by a tipster referred to only as Ian. The service is provided by Bet Kudos who are a part of the Betfan group.

What does Top Rated Bets offer?

Top Rated Bets is a horse racing tipster service in which Ian shares his selections with a view to making his subscribers one of the “magical 2% of successful people” in the betting industry. As far as services go, Top Rated Bets provides a relatively straight forward service to users providing daily selections for races across the UK. Selections are sent out via email, typically on the morning of the race with as many as 9 (and sometimes more) bets offered each day. Staking is a level affair with 2 points presently being placed on which are mostly simple back to win affairs although there are some each way bets as well. As mentioned, Top Rated Bets is a rather long standing tipster service having launched in 2013 with 2015 currently showing an average strike rate of 21% which is some way from the advertised “recent performance” strike rate of 35%.

How does Top Rated Bets work?

According to Ian, he uses his own set of ratings whenever identifying selections for Top Rated Bets that are actually based off form. Outside of this, information is disappointingly scarce with the only other information stating “those [selections] that surpass our criteria for a bet… become my selections for the day”.

What is the initial investment?

Top Rated Bets is a subscription based affair with Bet Kudos currently charging £33 per month or £66 per quarter to receive selections. Neither of these figures include VAT and unfortunately (as you would none the less expect) there is no real money back guarantee provided for Top Rated Bets. As a Betfan company, Bet Kudos say that they do not typically offer any refunds however they will review any requests that are made.

What is the rate of return?

Top Rated Bets has been operational for over 2 years and in this period it has made a total profit of 149.26 points of profit to advised stakes. This means that if you were betting 1 point stakes you would have made less than 75 points in this period.

Conclusion on Top Rated Bets

Personally, I simply don’t see Top Rated Bets as making enough money to really warrant the costs. Since it launched the system has had 8 losing months or 33% which isn’t a reassuring figure. This combined with the lack of profit just doesn’t paint a picture of a strong service.

In fact, if you were to have backed all of Top Rated Bets selections since the launch period and paid monthly, you would have to bet over £5 per point simply to break even on subscription costs. In order to make this a viable income option the costs go up again to around £25 per stake however that would only make you slightly more than £100 per month. None of this suggests a service that warrants the pretty high price and as such I Would leave Top Rated Bets well alone.



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From: Simon Roberts