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Top Rated Tips is a horse racing tipster service which is operated by a tipster referred to simply as Mike. The service is managed by the tipster management group Tipstrr.

Introduction to Top Rated Tips, by Tipstrr

As a tipster stable, Tipstrr have a lot of tipsters on their books with wildly differing performances. Because of this when looking at their offerings I tend to look for stuff that stands out a little bit. There are a number of potential of things that can make a service stand out, but in the case of Top Rated Tips it is almost entirely fiscal.

I know as well as anybody that one month does not a service make, but Mike has guided Top Rated Tips to several months which have seen profits of over €1,000 with relatively small stakes. This is no small undertaking and whilst these storming months are not the be all and end all for Top Rated Tips, they represent something a little bit different. Which I like.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at whether or not Mike and Tipstrr are offering something genuinely different or whether or not Top Rated Tips is destined to lose out in the long run.

What Does Top Rated Tips Offer?

Logistically, what you are getting from Mike in Top Rated Tips is a pretty straight forward horse racing tipster service. Selections are issued to subscribers on a near daily basis. These are sent out directly via email as well as being uploaded to a special member’s are a on the Tipstrr website. There is also an app which is currently work in progress which will allow you to follow tips throughout the day.

top-rated-tips-reviewEmails are usually sent out to Top Rated Tips subscribers at least 24 hours before the off.

The bets that Mike recommends through Top Rated Tips are almost exclusively win bets. In fact, out of almost 920 bets, just over 100 of them have not been. Almost all of these remaining bets have been each way and there is the very occasional small accumulator involved.

These back a wide variety of odds however Tipstrr take great pride in pointing out that Top Rated Tips “goes above and beyond expectations for a horse racing tipster working in the odds range of 3/1 to 10/1”. The average odds of the win bets is actually 5.07.

There is a staking plan of sorts in place for Top Rated Tips however in the main, you can expect to see level bets advised at a full €25 stake. All tipsters from Tipstrr advise bets on an “out of 10” arrangement and in the case of Top Rated Tips, 798 bets have been the full 10 point stakes which are advised at €2.50 per point. 109 have been 5 points with just 1 or 2 attributed to other point values.

This can get expensive as some days will see as many as 12 bets. Whether you assume level stakes or follow Tipstrr’s staking structure, this is still quite a significant amount of money.

All of this brings me to the strike rate for Top Rated Tips.

It is fair to say that the average odds are somewhat longer than is the norm and as such, I feel that it is acceptable for the strike rate to reflect this. Unfortunately, the strike rate at the time of writing stands at 23% which is a disappointingly low number. It is some what from the “near one in three win average” which is quoted by Tipstrr for Top Rated Tips in their sales material.

How Does Top Rated Tips Work?

Rather unfortunately we are not really given any insight into how Mike makes his selections for Top Rated Tips. Tipstrr do not typically give anything up in this regard simply saying that “This tipster does a fantastic job of [keeping] members p to date with a combination of regular posts and social media interaction”.

Whilst it is disappointing to see that there is no information provided, this kind of access to the tipster as well as full proofing and stats over 12 months does go some way to mitigating this.

Being entirely speculative, it appears that there is very much a value element in play here. The average odds stand at 5.79, however this is down mostly to a combination of shorter odds (around 3.5) and some quite long odds rather than any consistency. When longer odds are involved, it is generally safe to assume that this is because a tipster has rated a horse as better than the odds offered by the bookies. Again, this is entirely speculative however.

What is the Initial Investment?

There are 4 options for those who are interested in Top Rated Tips. The first of these is a 1 week period which is priced at £20. This is best suited if you are looking to give Top Rated Tips a run out as it is much more expensive than the monthly cost. Per month, Tipstrr are asking for £39. There is better value to be had in the longer subscriptions with the quarterly option costing £89. Finally, you can sign up for 6 months for £169 meaning that you are effectively paying just £28 per month.

There is unfortunately no money back guarantee in place with any service which is offered through Tipstrr. It is worth highlighting however that new customers can get 5 days of tips from Top Rated Tips for just £1 at the time of writing.

What is the Rate of Return?

Including an initial 2 month period in 2017 were Top Rated Tips went immediately into the red, the service has made a profit of €3584.08 using €2.5 per point and mostly 10 point bets.

top-rated-tips-profit-claimsThere is no getting around the fact that this isn’t a bad result as these numbers could probably scale up pretty easily. This isn’t the full picture however. At the time of writing this, Mike has rather unfortunately led Top Rated Tips to a loss of €1208,25 to the same stakes in just 2 months. This is a substantial loss for anybody to have to recover from, especially if you signed up just before this.

Conclusion on Top Rated Tips

Historically, I would be inclined to say that the results for Top Rated Tips have been pretty strong if I am honest. With the exception of the last two months (which of course do have to be taken into consideration as well) Mike has had losses of less than €200 whilst having several months that have produced more than €400 per month.

Some months have been blinding in fact with 563.3 points and 417.99 points both being achieved in a single month(using €2.5 per point). These are incredibly strong results.

I have already mentioned the down turn and honestly, it is hard to ignore the fact that it exists. It is a massive loss and I can imagine that there are probably a few people who have incurred losses that they cannot recover from without doubling down and creating a new betting bank (which I certainly wouldn’t if a tipster had lost me a grand in 2 months).

I am loathe to judge this too harshly however as Mike could simply be hitting a bad run. The unfortunate truth is that it does happen.

On the back of all of this, I cannot recommend Top Rated Tips at the time of writing. This is an important distinction to make as historically the results have been very strong. With this in mind, I would probably be inclined to keep an eye on Top Rated Tips and wait for a reasonable upturn.

Typically, I wouldn’t encourage anybody to wait for a service simply because there are so many out there that are making money it is often not worth waiting for one to turn itself around. In the case of Top Rated Tips however, the previous results may just warrant it.


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