Top Tennis Tips Review

Top Tennis Tips is a sports betting tipster service that provides subscribers with daily tips for tennis games from across the world.

What does the product offer?

Top Tennis Tips is a tipster service that specialises in providing tennis tips to subscribers on a daily basis with selections being made available a day before a game as well as being updated every few hours. The service is very much prodigious with Top Tennis Tips producing as many as 350 picks per week for Premium subscribers. Selections come from ATP, WTA,  and ITF games with Top Tennis Tips selections being for win bets. As well as providing you with selections based off their own research, Top Tennis Tips also allows you to create your own system which you can back test on the Top Tennis Tips website. Top Tennis Tips is available with two different accounts available with there being fundamentally being little difference in term of the selection process The only difference is that whilst the Basic package only covers ATP and WTA games, the Premium package also coves ITF games.

How does the product work?

Selections for Top Tennis Tips actually come courtesy of a specially created artificial intelligence. The team behind Top Tennis Tips say that they fed their software information based on analysis of over 400,000 past professional tennis matches. They then set about teaching the AI to interpret this data to ultimately show how one player should do in any given game. This information is then presented as a selection with a percentile chance of the prediction being correct.

What is the initial investment?

As I have mentioned there are two tiers of access to Top Tennis Tips which are available as a Basic and Premium account. A Basic account will cost you $39 per week and should generate about 50 picks with a probability of over 70% coming in according to Top Tennis Tips. The Premium account costs an extra $30 per week bringing the cost up to $69 with around 350 picks per week. Both options come with a one week free trial and as they are sold through Clickbank come with the usual 60 day money back guarantee.

What is the rate of return?

Whilst there is no proofing, Top Tennis Tips claims to have produced a ROI of 30% to date. This is based on single bets and suggested odds.


Top Tennis Tips has a lot going for it as far as services go with one possible problem which is the lack of proofing. That having been said, there is some justification for this given the fact that Top Tennis Tips has made over 8505 predictions this year alone, not to mention that different people will pick different bets. The biggest downside is the price. There is no skirting around the fact that even the basic set up will come in at almost $160 per month which is a lot of money in anybody’s book. With that in mind, I would say that Top Tennis Tips is best suited for those who can afford to make a pretty sizeable investment. That doesn’t mean however that a more casual bettor can’t take advantage of the free trial to see if there is money in Top Tennis Tips for them.



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From: Simon Roberts