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Top Tennis Tipster is a brand new to market tennis tipster service which is operated by the Betting Gods stable of tipsters. Whilst it is still a fledgling service, the results show some promise.

Introduction to Top Tennis Tipster

Whenever I look at a brand new service, I always find that I struggle a little to know where to start. Take Top Tennis Tipster, for example. Here is a service which has some unbelievable results, all of which I am very keen to share across this review.

But, by the same token, Top Tennis Tipster is also less than 6 months old. How much stock do you put in short term results? What is the likelihood they will be replicated? These are all the kinds of things that I think about and would usually be somewhat concerned about. Fortunately, Top Tennis Tipster is sold through Betting Gods, a tipster stable with a solid reputation.

top-tennis-tipster-reviewThis goes some way to allaying said concerns, and as such, I am somewhat  exuberant about the prospects that Top Tennis Tipster presents.

What Does Top Tennis Tipster Offer?

Betting Gods have a very standardised approach when it comes to their tipster services and how they operate. Selections are issued on a near daily basis, however they can be sent to Top Tennis Tipster subscribers any time between 11am and 10pm.

They are issued through a wide variety of different methods. As you would expect, Top Tennis Tipster subscribers will be sent out via email. They are also uploaded to a member’s area as well as being sent to a Betting Gods app.

One of the things that should be said is that there is a lot of variety in terms of the bets with Top Tennis Tipster.

There are a number of different types of tennis matches which are covered ranging from Challenger events, doubles and of course, ATP and WTA events. Whilst there are a number of different betting markets, I feel that it is noteworthy that Top Tennis Tipster doesn’t ever stray into some of the more outlandish markets. There is however a decent amount of variety in terms of the odds that you are backing.

The volume of bets is something that I do want to discuss for Top Tennis Tipster somewhat independently. Betting Gods say that you can expect to see between 80 and 100 bets per month. This is a large number, but it isn’t the full picture either. The bets advised aren’t necessarily spread evenly and some days are weighted much more than others, sometimes getting into double figures.

It should go without saying that this kind of quantity of bets always runs the possibility of leaving your betting bank over exposed. Fortunately, the staking plan which is in place for Top Tennis Tipster is a reasonable affair. All bets are advised to be backed to level stakes of 1 point. With a recommended betting bank of 50 points and a high losing streak of 8 bets, you should be able to back Top Tennis Tipster comfortably.

The final thing that I want to talk about here is the strike rate. This is by no means the be all and end all when it comes to a tipster service of course, but it does help when a service has a strong one. In the case of Top Tennis Tipster this stands at 57.76%, an incredibly strong number. Now it is worth keeping in mind that this is a young service, but I do believe that it bodes well for the wider future of Top Tennis Tipster.

How Does Top Tennis Tipster Work?

Betting Gods are a large tipster stable and as such, they have a very specific way of marketing their services. One of the things that I undoubtedly find disappointing is that you don’t receive information on what the selection process entails. In the case of Top Tennis Tipster, we are told almost nothing at all. Now, the way that the bets play out suggest that there is some kind of structured selection process (certain bet types being consistently used in specific situations etc.) but I have been unable to break it down.

Unfortunately, I don’t find that this is mitigated by particularly extensive results that allow a broader picture of what to expected. It is worth keeping in mind however that I genuinely believe that Darren (who runs Betting Gods) is unlikely to take a service on unless he has reason to suspect it will perform in the longer term.

What is the Initial Investment?

There are just two options if you want to subscribe to Top Tennis Tipster. The first of these is a monthly subscription which is priced at £29 per month.

Alternatively, you can sign up on an annual basis for £229. Furthermore, at the time of writing, both of these options allow you to sign up for your first 15 days at a cost of just £7. It is also worth noting that as is the case with all Betting Gods products, there is a full 30 day money back guarantee in place.

What is the Rate of Return?

Since Top Tennis Tipster went live in June 2018, it has produced an overall points profit of 59.09 points. This doesn’t sound terribly impressive, but it is just shy of 12 points per month, a number that I believe to be entirely acceptable.

Here are the stats on the website:

top-tennis-tipster-profitsThe ROI for the service stands at 9% which is more than any bank will offer you, and putting jokes aside, isn’t terrible. What really jumps out at me however is the fact that Top Tennis Tipster has doubled its betting bank in 5 months. This is a tremendous feat in my opinion.

Conclusion on Top Tennis Tipster

It is difficult to sit down and assess something like Top Tennis Tipster in my opinion. This isn’t because the service is inherently good or bad, but because you have such a small sample of data to draw from.

I can think of one tipster stable in particular who I consider to be notorious for making massive pushes on 3 months of results. 6 months down the line, a fair number of those services are gone. Betting Gods are not like this, and that helps settle some nerves, but it would be naïve to ignore as well.

With this in mind, I believe that the biggest question that surrounds Top Tennis Tipster is whether or not there is enough going on here to warrant the costs. Given that it is the bottom line, I am forced to come back to the results. A 9% ROI is not bad by any stretch of the imagination, but it is also a long way from impressive in my book. Furthermore, I find that the points profit is slightly stronger, but still not the best.

I have already discussed that I am impressed with how quickly Top Tennis Tipster has doubled its bank, and it is a well deserved respect. But do I wonder whether or not this kind of feat can be repeated? The results are pretty consistent, and as such, I wouldn’t necessarily doubt that the betting bank can double again. Whether or not this can be achieved within the 6 month time frame is a very different question in my opinion.

Given that this is based on quite a small betting bank, I don’t believe that it lends a lot of weight to the positives column of Top Tennis Tipster..

As much as I want to like Top Tennis Tipster, and I really do, I think that the only way that I can see it working well enough is through compounding. Because the wins are frequent, but they are low odds, this might ultimately prove to be the most profitable approach. Whilst this undoubtedly makes Top Tennis Tipster somewhat more profitable, there does come with it an increased risk to some degree.

With all of this in mind, I am quite comfortable saying that I am not entirely sold on Top Tennis Tipster. There are definitely some positives to take away from the service, but some positives don’t really warrant a £30 per month subscription.

If in another 6 months we can see the same kind of consistency that has been displayed to date, then Top Tennis Tipster may be worth some more serious consideration, but that is then. Here and now, I am afraid it is a bit of a miss from Betting Gods in my opinion.


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From: Simon Roberts