Top Win Tipster Review

Top Win Tipster is a new to market horse racing tipster service which according to the creator, Luke Thomas, is able to generate a substantial amount of profit from low starting bets.

Introduction to Top Win Tipster

One of the headlines for Top Win Tipster is what immediately jumped out at me. “Are you sick and tired of all those bogus claims from so called “Tipsters” that NEVER live up to the hype?… Don’t Worry, I Have The Solution!”.

This is a massive claim to make for a tipster service to make, and if you are going to make such a claim, then you better make sure that your service is able to back things up.

top-win-tipster-reviewThere are a number of additional claims that are made that I will detail over the course of this review that aren’t dissimilar. As such, I will be holding Top Win Tipster and Luke Thomas to quite high standards. After all, if you are going to say that other tipsters fail, then you really better be able to deliver. 

What Does Top Win Tipster Offer?

According to Luke Thomas, his tipster service is incredibly easy to use. It isn’t a lay system, or requires you to be at the track. He also claims that Top Win Tipster doesn’t require huge stakes, lots of times, and that it isn’t “one of “those” software programs that just kick out garbage!”.

Ultimately, there is a lot to be said for the service but I feel like it is quite reasonable to say that in spite of these claims, Top Win Tipster is actually a very typical example of these sorts of tipster services. What this means is that you can expect selections to be issued on a daily basis, you simply have to place the bets that are recommended.

Now, on the subject of bets, I will be honest and say that despite the sales material, what Luke Thomas is offering through Top Win Tipster isn’t really anything that is new or particularly interesting.

This is a relatively low volume tipster service, with most days producing between 2 and 5 bets. One thing that stands out about Top Win Tipster though is the fact that you are mostly backing horses at very long odds. For example, Luke Thomas provides a brief amount of “proofing” for Top Win Tipster which shows that there are just 6 days of results. These see horses winning at odds ranging from 13/2 to 33/1.

All of this sets Top Win Tipster up in a very particular light and it is one that I don’t believe comes with any surprises.

Ultimately, you aren’t going to realistically win bets very often when you are looking at the kinds of odds that Luke Thomas is quoting. What should really be taken aware however is that there are no real claims made for Top Win Tipster. We are told that it is “unrealistic to win 100% of the time”, a factual claim that isn’t actually backed up in any way.

As such, there is no real strike rate from Luke Thomas, nor is there any proofing from which a number could be feasibly calculated.

Finally, I want to touch on the staking plan for Top Win Tipster. Luke Thomas makes mention of the fact that you should back all of your bets to win at level stakes, but this is all of the information that you are given.

One would presume that this means level stakes of 1 point per bet, however this isn’t something that is actually qualified anywhere. Nor is there any advice on a betting bank, however, looking at the longer odds and anticipating a lower strike rate, I would look to have a betting bank of some 150 points in order to follow Top Win Tipster.

How Does Top Win Tipster Work?

Not at all surprisingly to me, there is no real information in terms of how Top Win Tipster actually works. We are however told a lot of  things by Luke Thomas (which I frankly believe to be BS). He starts by saying that he is “NOT here to waste your time” and that he isn’t going to spin a rags to riches story.

He then spends time talking about videos in which experts show you “ super cars and footballer style mansions that have only been leased for the day, while the paid actor tries to pitch you some BOGUS “magic software” … that will infact NEVER make you a single penny!”. I want to come back to this quite a little later as there is a heavy degree of irony to it.

Really, the closest that you get to any insight into what you can expect from Top Win Tipster is a claim whereby Luke Thomas says the following:

“OK, here’s the deal… Over the years (and with a lot… and I mean a lot of trial and error) I have developed a SIMPLE but VERY PROFITABLE method that will allow you and anyone else to earn an incredible income from betting on the horses.”

This doesn’t actually mean anything and as far as I can see, the focus here is clearly on trying to sell you the notion that Top Win Tipster is a genuine product by disparaging others rather than actually demonstrating any worth as a tipster. This is backed up by statements such as “All those scamming crooks just don’t have a clue when it comes to horse racing!” and “No one on this entire planet can offer you a system anywhere near as successful as Top Win Tipster”.

What is the Initial Investment?

If you want to sign up to Top Win Tipster, there are two different options that are available. The first of these is a 30 day subscription which is priced at £15 plus VAT (supposedly a 50% reduction on the “real” value of £30 per month).

It is worth noting that this isn’t a recurring fee and you will have to repurchase this every month. There is also an option to sign up to Top Win Tipster for a full 6 month period which is priced at £60 (this represents a 66% reduction on the supposed “real” cost of £180).

Both options come with a full 60 day money back guarantee in place which to credit Luke Thomas is well advertised in the sales material for Top Win Tipster.

What is the Rate of Return?

The headlining number for Top Win Tipster claims that using just £5 bets, you could turn profits into £750 per week.

This number is entirely unsubstantiated and appears to be mostly based around a select few number of bets that were all big winners. This number is repeated several times throughout the sales material, however it should be pointed out that Luke Thomas provides no real evidence to back up the claims for Top Win Tipster.  

Conclusion on the Top Win Tipster service

Given that the marketing approach Luke Thomas takes with Top Win Tipster, you would very easily be forgiven for expecting this to be a service that is all above board. After all, if you are going to spend your time slating other tipster services as highly questionable, then you should probably make sure that your own housekeeping is in order. Not at all surprisingly to me, this isn’t the case with Top Win Tipster at all.

Luke Thomas wildly gesticulates with his claims, all whilst fundamentally being guilty of the same things he accuses other tipster services of. For example, I mentioned earlier that I would return to his point about sales videos with ridiculous claims of sports cars and mansions, and to be fair, these videos aren’t technically included with Top Win Tipster.

What you do get though is a question of what you could do with an extra £750 per week. This is followed by pictures of an Aston Martin, a tropical beach, a yacht (replete with its own hot tub built in) and of course, a very large and upmarket home (maybe not quite a mansion by definition, but it is bloody close).

On top of this there is the fact that there is no evidence whatsoever that Top Win Tipster can deliver on the claim that is made. As mentioned, this appears to be down to a select few days which are also the only “proofing” that is provide for the service. Even if you take these numbers as factually correct, there are still a large number of questions that stand in my opinion.

When combined with everything that I have seen of Top Win Tipster, this is clearly a service to be avoided. Yes, it is cheap. Yes, there is also a refund policy in place, but what does that matter if you aren’t actually going to make any profit from the service?

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From: Simon Roberts