Tortoise Betting Method Review

Tortoise Betting Method is a new product that as supposedly been created by an independent tipster referred to simply as Dan. The sales material claims to offer low risk bets that can make a substantial return.

What does the product offer?

The headers for Tortoise Betting Method are a little bit different to what I am used to. There is no talk asking how £1,000 per week could change my life. There are no ludicrous numbers thrown about. In fact, there are some points made in the sales material that I find to be genuinely interesting. The creator, Dan, makes some very solid points about betting theory. Unfortunately, this is about where the interesting aspects of Tortoise Betting Method end as I will explore over the course of this review.

So, what are you actually getting yourself into with Tortoise Betting Method? Dan is marketing his service as a low risk alternative to most tipster services. In fact, the name of the service comes from the parable of the Hare and the Tortoise. Supposedly, Dan favours the tortoise and let it’s slow and steady approach in the story influence his own betting approach. From this, Tortoise Betting Method has been born.

Whilst all of this sounds somewhat poetic, the logistics of Tortoise Betting Method are far more important in my eyes. Dan is offering his selections on a daily basis, all of which are sent out via email. These will  typically arrive with Tortoise Betting Method subscribers in the morning before races start. On occasion, you may receive an email saying that there are no bets as well.

Unfortunately, Dan doesn’t advise on what odds you should aim to get for his selections. This is actually rather disappointing in my eyes. The best that you can probably do if you are using Tortoise Betting Method is to opt for a best odds guaranteed bookie to maximise profit. The bets themselves are all very straightforward with the service comprised exclusively of win bets. They are also rather varied in terms of odds going from evens all the way up to 7/1.

This only really leaves the numbers side of Tortoise Betting Method to look at. In terms of the staking plan, the service is exceedingly simple. Level stakes are not just recommended, but are actually necessary in order to keep with the whole ethic of Tortoise Betting Method. The strike rate is claimed to be between 25% and 35% per hundred bets. This is a reasonable variable and whilst there is no proofing supplied, these numbers seem reasonable.

How does the product work?

It is rather disappointing that there is no information on what Dan’s selection process involves. Especially when you consider that a big part of Tortoise Betting Method is that it is supposedly so risk. I would arguably doubly so when you consider that the strike rate isn’t exactly something to write home about (nor is there any proofing either). Whilst I would never expect a tipster to give away their full selection process, I maintain that they can provide enough information to allow subscribers to make an informed decision.

There is another key to Tortoise Betting Method which is how you monitor your bets. Rather than working anything out on a monthly basis, Tortoise Betting Method is based predominantly around “every 100 bets”. For example, when you calculate your profits, it is how many points of profit you’ve made for those hundred bets. The strike rate quoted is so varied because it is how many winning bets per 100 and so on.

What is the initial investment?

Once again, the 100 bet pattern with Tortoise Betting Method comes into play when looking at how much the service will cost you as well. Rather than paying a monthly subscription for the service or a one off cost, you pay to receive 100 bets. Each of these costs you just £20 (plus VAT) although this price is claimed to be for a limited time only. That having been said, there is no mention of what the costs will go up to in the future so I suspect that this is simply a marketing gimmick.

Because Dan has chosen to sell Tortoise Betting Method through Clickbank there is a full 60 day money back guarantee. Something that I do find rather concerning however is that this fact isn’t really mentioned. This is something of a red flag for me.

What is the rate of return?

The 100 point structure comes into play with Tortoise Betting Method when considering how much money you can make. According to the sales material for the service, for every 100 bets that Dan places, he makes a profit of 58.3 points on average. Using the recommended level stakes, this equates to an ROI of 58.3% which is a very substantial figure. Unfortunately, I am forced to refer back to the fact that there is no proofing, or in fact any evidence, that Tortoise Betting Method can deliver on this result.


Tortoise Betting Method looks like a small independent service and you could easily be forgiven for thinking that. Actually, it is operated through a company called Awesome Betting. These have cropped up a few times for me and as a company, they have produced generally negative results. This unfortunately casts a pretty significant shadow over Tortoise Betting Method.

In fact, if you start to look at Tortoise Betting Method with an analytical eye, it is clear that there is a lot of evidence missing that demonstrates that any of the claims made are actually plausible. This combined with a lack of proofing and the fact that we have no real understanding of how these supposedly low risk selections are made is a massive red flag.

In spite of all of this, I do think that there is something to the 100 point method of measuring results that Dan employs with Tortoise Betting Method. It is certainly something that I would keep in mind when calculating how successful my betting has been in the future. I also like that you only pay for what should theoretically, be profitable.

Unfortunately, an interesting method of keeping records doesn’t a good system make. For my money, there simply isn’t enough about Tortoise Betting Method that suggests that this is a genuine product. If however you don’t mind a risky gamble, then this may prove to be worth a look. There may well be some fantastic value in Tortoise Betting Method, but this does take a pretty substantial leap of faith which I personally can’t take.




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From: Simon Roberts