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Trade on Football Review Pete Nordsted

Trade On Football is a new sports betting service which is offered by Pete Nordsted as a part of his Trade On Sports product. As the name suggests, the service will teach you how to trade sports betting profitably on betting exchanges.

Introduction to the Trade on Football service

With so many products on the market these days it can be difficult to know what to look for when it comes to betting. There are a lot of tipster services plying their wares with very mixed results. There are also a large number of betting systems which claim to show you how you can pick winners.

Both of these options ultimately rely on other people though. This is where Pete Nordsted and his service Trade On Football have piqued my interest. Because the service helps you with trading, it creates the unique situation where you can ultimately learn how to be in control of your own betting choices.

trade-on-football-review-pete-norstedThis is a much more appealing thing in my opinion, and as such, I am keen to see whether or not Trade On Football can deliver.

What Does Trade On Football Offer?

There is actually quite a lot involved across the whole of Trade On Sports and as such, it is not as simple as talking about what you can expect from an overall service. This is in no small part down to the fact that there are effectively 3 different services, for which we will be focussing on Trade On Football for this review.

Each of these take a slightly different approach with Pete Nordsted and his business partner Matt Haynes looking at different sports. In terms of what exactly you are getting, with  Trade On Football the core product comes in the shape of an online app which provides you with insight into where to trade.

I have chosen to look at Trade On Football first as this is Pete Nordsted’s personal area of expertise and it shows in the end result. The software allows you to input information about the first goal that has been scored a game.

From there, the software then provides you with areas where there is potential for profit due to price movements. There isn’t anything particularly ground breaking about what Trade On Football is doing with Trade on Football, but if it is well executed (which it appears to be), there is potential for a decent long term source of income.

I have mentioned that you input the details of the first goal into the software and that does provide some restrictions on what markets you can trade on. Trade On Football will only highlight value in match odds, next goal, and over/under markets.

This kind of restriction isn’t particularly problematic to me, however if you are looking for more, Pete Nordsted does offer an upgraded “gold” package for Trade On Football which offers a lot more (and I will look at below). In both cases, you also get access to a Telegram room (an online chatting app) which puts out strategies as and when they become active.

Moving onto Trade On Football Gold and the additional services that you get, there is a fair amount. As well as the core product, you also gain access to a special pre-match profit app. This looks at price movements before games and indicates where there is potential for price movements. This also comes with its own separate Telegram Room for pre-match trading.

As well as this, Pete Nordsted says that Trade On Football Gold allows you to access a lot of additional information that the Silver Package doesn’t including shot statistics, shot target averages, and a momentum monitor which shows “where there is a lot of action”.

How Does Trade On Football Work?

The fundamental ideas behind Trade On Football aren’t anything new as I have touched on before. In terms of the core package, you tell the software whether the home or away team has scored, at what window of time it was scored in, and the league that the game is being played in.

From here, the software looks at five years of back results and shows you what the historical statistical likelihood of an event occurring are. Trade On Football uses this and compares it with the Betfair price and highlights where there is value.

The Gold Package definitely takes this a little further, however it should be highlighted that the fundamental principles aren’t actually really any different. There are simply a larger number of different statistics and numbers that you can look at. This broadens the availability of trades quite substantially and should ultimately, allow for greater profit potential from Trade On Football.

What is the Initial Investment?

As mentioned, there are two different packages if you want to subscribe to Trade On Football and as such, there are also multiple price points. For the Silver package, Pete Nordsted is asking for £25 every 4 weeks.

For the Gold Package, Trade On Football is £39.95 every 4 weeks. This is a very important distinction to make as it means that you will ultimately be paying out this sum 13 times in a year. There is also an option to get everything that the wider Trade On Sports Platform offers at a cost of £44.95 every 4 weeks.

Payment for all options is handled directly via Paypal which means that there is unfortunately no money back guarantee in place.

What is the Rate of Return?

In terms of the income potential of Trade On Football, there isn’t a whole lot that is really discussed which at first glance doesn’t bode well. The fact of the matter however is that with trading products, the results can vary so massively that I think it is quite reasonable. Being realistic, I think that there is potential for profit to be had, however this is very much conditional on how much effort you are willing to put in. This should be tempered with the point that the more time you spend with Trade On Football, the more risk.  

Conclusion to Trade on Football

By and large, I am very impressed with Trade On Football. There is a lot to like here, ranging from ease of use, to profit potential, to flexibility. That latter part is something that I want to start by picking up on. There is no getting around the fact that usually, trading can be a time consuming affair and Pete Nordsted seems to know that.

Here is a video from Pete Norsted himself:

By setting the service up the way that he has, whilst you cannot avoid having to be at your computer to trade, you can at least pick times that suit you due to the flexibility of the software. That is something that I feel a lot of traders overlook.

As well as being flexible, I also like that Trade On Football is so straight forward to use. I can’t think of many examples of trading software which are nearly as simple as Pete Nordsted’s product. It can be a little time consuming I will admit, and in the heat of a game, that isn’t necessarily ideal. With that having been said, it is worth keeping in mind that Trade On Football is a very new thing and there are a number of improvements that are already listed on the website. As such, I believe that things will only get better.

If there is one area that I am not entirely sold on, it is the overall approach. It is very easy to create patterns based off historic data or place significance on statistics without good reason. Now, there are some examples that will clearly hold up because there are more factors at play than something simply having happened in the past.

However, and I see this as a pretty substantial however, it is also not a bad place to start. Especially considering the wide range of leagues that Trade On Football provides data for.  

Pricing for Trade On Football is reasonably fair and I believe that there is genuine value for money to be had here. Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean that I think you will get rich with Trade On Football. Truth be told, I think that most people will probably not make masses of money. What it does offer however is a reasonable chance at a second income and that is almost exclusively down to the fact that you can pick and choose when to use Trade On Football based around your schedule.

Honestly, I am quite impressed with what Pete Nordsted has put together here.

Factor in that Trade On Football is only one part of the wider Trade On Sports and I am very keen to see what will happen here. Getting on board with decent products early is a rare opportunity and there is the potential for this here.

Of course, there are no guarantees for the future, but Pete Nordsted’s name is well respected and I believe that Trade On Football will still be very much alive and well in a years time. It is definitely worth a look and I am eager to see what else the platform brings us.

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The Issue I have with Trade On Sports, Goal Profits and any sports trading platform is that they are all around this £40 per month figure even during off season or COVID-19 times. The other more important issue is that during the learning curve you are encouraged to use small stakes. The pre match trading of TOS looks very good but you really need a large bank to make a meaningful income as you do with any of these sub based products. If you are experienced and have a large bank then it is probably worth the money if not then be prepared to spend many months around the break even mark not including the price of the subs.

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