TradeShark Betfair Tennis Trading Review

TradeShark Betfair Tennis Trading is a very long standing tennis trading guide from Paul Shires. He claims that he is able to teach anybody how to become a successful tennis trader on Betfair.

Introduction to TradeShark Betfair Tennis Trading

When I was made aware of TradeShark Betfair Tennis Trading, I was somewhat taken aback. This is a service that has been operational since 2009? Surely, I thought to myself, it must be some out of date rubbish.

The kind of website that simply sits dormant online for an eternity because it has a decent URL. I can say that I was rather surprised however to discover that TradeShark Betfair Tennis Trading does in fact still appear to very much be up and running. In fact, Paul Shires is actively updating his blog even in October of this year.

tradeshark tennis reviewWith this in mind, it would make it the oldest live products that I have looked at, and as such (I am pre-emptively surmising) should represent one of the better examples. After all, things don’t tend to be operational online 9 years later if there isn’t a very good reason for them to do so.

With that also in mind, let’s see whether or not TradeShark Betfair Tennis Trading can live up to my probably quite naïve expectations.

What Does TradeShark Betfair Tennis Trading Offer?

One of the things that I immediately like about TradeShark Betfair Tennis Trading is that Paul Shires is quite concise about what exactly it is that he is offering. To some degree, it is right there in the title. It is a comprehensive guide to tennis trading on Betfair. Job done right? Well, no actually, because there is quite a bit more to what ultimately, looks like quite a tidy package.

At the centre of everything is of course the training guide that TradeShark Betfair Tennis Trading is named for. This covers a broad variety of topics which I believe highlight Paul Shires’s claim that he has been tweaking and working on the content since 2009.

Everything is concise and well presented and by and large, I don’t think that you will have any problem following the advice given in TradeShark Betfair Tennis Trading. It can seem heavy at times, especially once you move on to some of the more advanced topics, however this doesn’t need to be the end of the world.

This allows me to neatly segue into the second part of TradeShark Betfair Tennis Trading…

This is rather understated by Paul Shires, however I do feel that it warrants mention as I see it as probably the better part of the value. Essentially, when you purchase TradeShark Betfair Tennis Trading, Paul Shires says that he will become your mentor for life. This means access to him and his experience as a Betfair trader.

From what I have seen, he appears to be a genuine and approachable guy and so I don’t have reason to doubt that this support will be the real deal.

As well as the wider trading guide, you also receive access to a number of betting strategies. Realistically, these could easily be tied in with the core TradeShark Betfair Tennis Trading product and there is plenty of synergy there.

For me though, they do represent a different element. These strategies have been developed by Paul Shires and when combined with the training that you receive, should allow you to start trading in a relatively short space of time.

As well as all of this, there is an option to receive emails directly from Paul Shires in which he provides you with daily selections on which to trade, access to a Skype group with Paul Shires and a number of other traders, and a rundown on the top 100 ATP and WTA players. These are updated each December.

How Does TradeShark Betfair Tennis Trading Work?

TradeShark Betfair Tennis Trading teaches a lot and whilst I could sit here and reel everything off, I don’t believe that that would be reasonable. Firstly, because Paul Shires has clearly (and still clearly) worked hard on the content and freely discussing his approach wouldn’t be fair. Secondly, and tying into that, I don’t believe that I could necessarily do it justice.

It is important to keep in mind that this isn’t a betting system, and as such, TradeShark Betfair Tennis Trading doesn’t have an “if a then b” approach to betting.

The whole idea here is that Paul Shires shows you how to become a successful trader, ideally to the extent where you are able to trade for yourself. This is also where his support and mentorship comes into play as well.  The long and short of TradeShark Betfair Tennis Trading is that by the end of the training, you should be fully equipped to act independently in your tennis trading.

What is the Initial Investment?

Given what you get, I think that TradeShark Betfair Tennis Trading is quite reasonably priced. A one time payment of £29 buys you full access to the guide, as well as access to everything that has been mentioned to date. Furthermore, it is worth noting that you will receive all of Paul Shires’s updates to TradeShark Betfair Tennis Trading in the future too.

Payment is handled directly via Paypal and there is no mention of a money back guarantee, and as such, I would presume there to be nothing in place.

What is the Rate of Return?

How much can you expect to earn through TradeShark Betfair Tennis Trading? This is a truly quite difficult question to answer. Paul Shires does not talk too much about his own income through tennis trading, and ultimately, this isn’t a direct money making product.

There are however a few examples of winning trades peppered throughout the sales page and the blog, and I think that it is probably reasonable to say that with time, you can make money through TradeShark Betfair Tennis Trading.

Conclusion to TradeShark Betfair Tennis Trading

I like Paul Shires, and I like what he has done with TradeShark Betfair Tennis Trading.

His content is engaging and well put together and that is something that with a few exceptions you don’t really see. It is also interesting to see a trading programme which focuses on tennis trading. I can think of some really very good courses that focus on horse racing and even some that deal with football, but tennis is a little bit more niche.

This means to me that for most traders, it will help them in so much as you can get another skill set to make money.

Now there are a number of other things that need to be said and considered. First of all, TradeShark Betfair Tennis Trading will teach you how to trade. Realistically, you might see a very long period of time before TradeShark Betfair Tennis Trading proves profitable.

With that having been said, you are learning a skill that in theory, can last you or the rest of your life and allow you to make money pretty much any time there is a tennis match on. That is a strong positive.

Really, I think that you get a lot for your money.

The training itself is decent but what really stands out for me is everything else that you get with it. It isn’t very often that I look at a service and believe that somebody is entirely genuine however Paul Shires very much appears to be that person.

The fact that he has been working on TradeShark Betfair Tennis Trading for as long as he as demonstrates that in my opinion.

The icing on the cake for me comes in the form of the pricing. TradeShark Betfair Tennis Trading is not expensive given that you get all future updates to the service, as well as access to Paul Shires and his mentorship. As such, it is hard not to identify this as a product which provides value for money.

Now as always with products like this, it has to be said that TradeShark Betfair Tennis Trading won’t suit everybody. This is very much a long term investment and some people simply won’t have the time or inclination to follow up on what TradeShark Betfair Tennis Trading shows you.

For those people who are looking to make the commitment however I think that you could do significantly worse than this.


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Thanks for the kind words. You’re right a hell of a lot of work has gone into the product and as it has grown that work has grown too! Thankfully I enjoy what I do immensely.

Paul (TradeShark)

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