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Trading Slayer Review

Trading Slayer is a piece of binary options trading software designed by James Ruskin. He claims that it is able to minimise risk using his Volatility Skew Principle.

What does the product offer?

Trading Slayer’s software automatically links up with your account through Trading Slayer’s chosen broker, in this case Redwood Options. James Ruskin, says that his software is able to predict the market with a 97.2% accuracy rate and can trade on Forex, stocks and metals. Trading Slayer is completely compatible with Meta Trader 4 and is “100% plug and play”.

How does the product work?

The algorithms that Trading Slayer uses are allegedly built upon a system that James Ruskin developed for Forex trading whilst working at a financial advisory firm. He claims that his system completely simplifies the process of binary options trading and notifies you when to call or put with a visual alert. At the centre of Trading Slayer is James Ruskin’s “Volatility Skew Principle” which he says allows him to minimise the risk. Unfortunately there is no real explanation as to what it is or how it works which I always find a little disconcerting when something is a major selling point of a product.

What is the initial investment?

James Ruskin offers Trading Slayer for free but you do have to sign up with his approved broker. In terms of an initial trading bank you can allegedly start with as little as $100.

What is the rate of return?

There are a number of figures bandied about in the promotional video for Trading Slayer. James Ruskin opens by saying that he has made $2,409,212.58 in 12 months. He also says that you can expect to double your money every day before finally settling on the more realistic 35-85% return on investment.


Trading Slayer seems to be part on an emerging trend whereby sellers of binary options trading software are increasingly generating their profits through affiliate programs with brokers. This works well for consumers as there is no real financial commitment, as is the case here. In terms of Trading Slayer I would like to hear a little more about this Volatility Skew Principle as it makes up a massive part of James Ruskin’s sales pitch but really, he never says anything about it which is a little disconcerting. If you are looking to break into trading binary options you can do a lot worse than free software. However research into Redwood Options shows that they are a relative newcomer in terms of binary brokers so caution is advised.



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From: Simon Roberts