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Traffic Tagger Review

Traffic Tagger is a product by Matt Garrett of that automatically tags any posts made on your WordPress website in a fashion that optimises them for search engines.

What does the product offer?

Traffic Tagger is a WordPress plugin that according to the creator, Gary, allows you to generate traffic for your website by using tags for your posts in a way that is pleasing to Google. He claims that whilst many people tag their articles etc. they can actually do more harm than good if the wrong kind of tags are used or even if you tag too much. Ultimately, Traffic Tagger will help you to build auto pilot traffic and increase your search ranking on Google. Traffic Tagger also comes with a bonus in the form of three fully customisable WordPress plugins.

How does the product work?

Traffic Tagger works by searching posts you make for keywords. It then uses these as “Tag Power Pages”. These pages then form the foundation of a funnel that uses their page ranking to direct traffic back to your blog and ultimately, the pages that make you money.

What is the initial investment?

Traffic Tagger sells for a one off payment of $47. Matt Garrett also provides a money back guarantee stating that if you don’t believe that Traffic Tagger is worth 10 times what it cost in the first 30 days, you can claim a refund.

What is the rate of return?

This is a difficult thing to gauge as Traffic Tagger isn’t a direct money making product. Matt Garrett claims that he installed Traffic Tagger on an unused blog and within 2 weeks was able to increase Google activity by 150%. This was all carried out without uploading any new content.


I actually came across Traffic Tagger via a recommendation from internet marketer Sarah Staar and looking at what Matt Garrett claims Traffic Tagger can do, it certainly looks to be a decent option. Matt Garrett makes no attempt to hide that Traffic Tagger will not rocket your website to page one, in fact he states that using WordPress tags can increase your search engine traffic by 20%. If you can achieve anywhere near this figure for $47 then I think that Traffic Tagger would be a rousing success, especially as it also frees up some extra time by automating a somewhat laborious task.



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