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Trap Nap Review

Trap Nap is a greyhound racing tipster service. The service is pay to win so there are no subscription fees.

What does the product offer?

Trap Nap offer emails when they believe they have identified a potential winner. There are only “a handful of “Trap Naps per week” and many of them are “identified quite late” in order for the creators to ensure that they are fully confident in the selection. Before the actual tips are sent out users are sent an email giving them the option to opt in or out for that particular tip.

How does the product work?

The creator of Trap Nap claims to be part of a large network of professional bettors. It is through this alleged network that Trap Nap obtains tips on winners. The basis of Nap Trap is that some trainers will “prime” their dogs to win for a certain race. Trap Nap passes the details of these naps to users allowing them to profit.

What is the initial investment?

As stated above Trap Nap is a pay to win service so the amount will vary from week to week. The creators of Trap Nap say that you will never pay more than £10 +VAT per selection. It seems unlikely that the cost of Trap Nap will ever exceed more than £150 per month. It is worth keeping in mind that you will only pay this amount if you win.

What is the rate of return?

There are no claims made about a rate of return but as Trap Nap is pay to win you can probably expect some profit, especially as staking advice is provided so it seems likely that Trap Nap will keep this in mind when providing this.


There isn’t much to lose with Trap Nap other than your stake. This gives it a keen advantage over many of its competitors in that you are not paying costly monthly subscription fees for a losing streak. As mentioned above the costs may soon mount up on a monthly basis but since you are only paying once you have won this shouldn’t present a concern.



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From: Simon Roberts